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Sport: Basketball Positions: Point/ Shooting Guard Height: 6’1” Class: 2010 School: Escondido High School Escondido, CA

Escondido upset the No. 1 ranked Torrey Pines this past week with senior guard Joe Hudson leading his team with a career high of 40 points in the game. The final score was 69-64 with Hudson contributing more than half of Escondido’s points. He also made 9 of 10 free throws in the game. Hudson has been averaging 25.4 points per game and has nailed 72 three pointers on the season. Hudson is considered one of the best shooters on the West Coast, according to ESPNU, and can score from any spot on the floor. He has good burst speed and agility to separate himself from defenders. The 6’1″ captain is committed to Wyoming.

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The Gonzalez Sports Academy is celebrating its Grand Opening Wednesday, January 27th. The facility which is owned and operated by the Gonzalez family and world class athletic trainer, Bob Foley boasts state of the art equipment and training tools for athletes of all sports and levels.

The Gonzalez Sports Academy (GSA) offers:

29,000 square foot indoor facility
Speed & Agility Area
Two (2) 180 ft long running track
Weight Training Area
Four (4) Batting Cages
Strength & Conditioning
Two (2) Pitching Mounds
Juice Bar
Three (3) Professional size Volley Ball Courts
Gift Shop
Five (5) acres of outdoor training space

The Grand Opening promised a chance to explore the facility and try out the training areas as well as a meet and greet with some pro-athletes including Adrian and Edgar Gonzalez, Tony Gwynn, Jr., Dave Roberts, Paul Molitor, Zeke Moreno and Nick Hundley. For more information on the GSA visit:

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SportsForce Alumni Cameron Gypsyn is making a name for himself across the pond as he has become as stand out for Team Northumbria. Cameron is at Uni in the UK and has been training with the Newcastle Eagles 1st team (professional) and playing with the 2nd team. Also, he is at Great Britain national under 20’s team camp with main team assistant coach Tim Lewis. The Daily Chronicle reports on his standout season, below.

TEAM Northumbria star Cameron Gypsyn jets back into Tyneside this week – still on course to become a dual international for his adopted country.

The California-born forward holds a UK passport and has already represented Team GB in volleyball.

But Gypsyn tried out for Tim Lewis’s Team GB under-20 basketball squad last month.

And it is understood the TN rookie impressed at a talent identification camp showcasing the best of the country’s emerging hoops stars.

“Cameron has settled in well to the EBL second division and his numbers have made a few people sit up and take notice,” said skipper Chris Pearce.

“He was invited down to the talent camp after Team GB got in touch with our coach Greg Modzelewski.

“And now we’re just waiting to hear how he got on.”

Gypsyn is due to fly into Newcastle tomorrow after spending the festive period back home in the USA.

And TN’s versatile 6ft 7in close-season capture will be thrown straight back into the EBL action as Modzelewski’s men prepare for a gruelling double-header on the road.

“We’re away at Kent and Brixton this weekend, so it’ll be quite a shock after the Christmas break,” added Pearce.

“The bad weather hasn’t affected our practice schedule too much, though, and we’re in pretty confident mood.

“We’re traditionally strong heading into the second half of the season, but we have plenty of work to do if we’re going to climb the table.”

Full Article at Chronicle Live

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Each year the first week of February and the National Signing Day for college football becomes the pinnacle of years of hard work for many of the most prestigious football programs in the country. This year the world of college football has been shaken up by notable coaching changes and even health issues and the lure of the NFL. At SportsForce we are heavily involved in the recruiting goals of numerous top student-athletes. Because of this unique relationship we build with student-athletes and families are able to learn firsthand of many of the recruiting decisions and thoughts that families have when deciding what college is the right fit for them.

The USC Trojans (9-4) were recently voted the college football program of the decade and captured two national titles under Pete Carroll’s reign. With the departure of Carroll to the Seattle Seahawks, the University of Southern California should be prepared to lose some of their top- ranked or at least potential recruits. Recalling Lane Kiffin back to USC leaves much to be desired and could prove to be disastrous. His one-year stop at Tennessee (7-6) was quite disappointing, especially if you consider the reputable and expensive coaching staff. Following the uncertainty at the coaching position both Dillon Baxter and Kyle Prater were second guessing their decisions to play for USC, but Lane Kiffin deserves credit for persuading them to stay. Lache Seastrunk, a once potential high-profile recruit for the Trojans cancelled his visit altogether and for the moment looks as if he is headed to another PAC-10 powerhouse in Oregon.

Florida (13-1) faced a similar scenario as Head Coach Urban Meyer announced his resignation due to health reasons in late December, but a day later decided to take an indefinite leave of absence instead. The expected return of Meyer must have been a key factor for Ronald Powell, the top ranked recruit in the 2010 class, when he picked Florida over USC. It is believed that Sharif Floyd, another highly sought after recruit may have discussed college choices with Powell and chosen Florida so the two can play alongside each other. The pairing should provide the Gators with an extremely solid defensive line for the next couple of years.

Not only will these coaching changes play a role in determining the outcome of the recruiting class, but it also may be a factor in whether college players chose to stay for another year or enter the draft. When Notre Dame let Charlie Weis go, it probably made it easier on Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate to leave as underclassman. As signing day quickly approaches keep a close eye on how these coaching changes and uncertainties are affecting player decisions and team dynamics.

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Sport: Basketball Positions: Guard Height: 6’2” Class: 2010 School: Foothills Christian, El Cajon, CA

Foothills Christian guard Troy Leaf broke the all-time leading scorer record for the San Diego Section. Leaf broke the record in a loss to Hoover this past Monday, scoring 21 points on the night and bringing his total to 2,982 points. Leaf has been averaging 29.5 points per, 6.1 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 2.9 steals per game on the season. Leaf is committed to UC Santa Barbara. Leaf is currently out with a separated shoulder, but is within grasp on becoming one of only six players in the state to break the 3,000 point mark.

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Sport: Girls Basketball Positions: Shooting Guard Height: 5’10” Class: 2010 School: Torrey Pines High School San Diego, CA

Torrey Pines senior Heather Serven has been putting up some impressive numbers this season, despite the Lady Falcon’s still trying to find their footing. Serven added 32 points to the score in a Torrey Pines loss to Poway this past week. Earlier this month, the Lady Falcons defeated Rancho Bernardo easily, 70-35 with Serven leading the team with 18 points. Serven was also a stand out in the Kiwanis Tournament in December where the Lady Falcons finished third overall and Serven was named to the All-Tournament Team. Serven scored 23 points in a 65-52 loss to James Logan and 28 points in the match against Chaparral which Torrey pines won.

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Sport: Basketball Positions: Guard Height: 6’6” Weight: 175 Class: 2010 School: Price High School Los Angeles, CA

Allen Crabbe, an extremely talented guard scored 22 points put up 34 points to give No. 7 Price High School as win over No. 15 ranked power house Garh High. Price beat out Garh 77-65. Price and Crabbe also overpowered Bay Area team, Renaissance Academy. The teams met again after playing each other in the CIF Southern California Regional Finals two years ago, but Price proved to be too much for Renaissance as Crabbe scored 22 points and nabbed 10 rebounds. Crabbe also scored 33 points in Price’s loss to Serra earlier this week. Crabbe has been putting up big numbers all season and finished out with 20 points in a win over Hoover High School on early season play. Crabbe is committed to Cal Berkeley.

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Sport: Girls Basketball Positions: Small Forward Height: 5’9” Class: 2011 School: Poway High School Poway, CA

Katie Kuklok, a standout junior forward from Poway made even more of a name for herself when she nailed a 3 point shot in the last 36 seconds of Poway’s match up with LCC. The three pointer secured the win for Poway who edged out the CIF defending champs LCC 48-47. Kuklok helped to bring back the team after falling behind in the 4th quarter, she also led her team in scoring with 16 points. Kuklok was also instrumental in come from behind win over Westview High School with 21 points and four rebounds.

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The SandStorm Lacrosse Festival returned to Indio, CA this past weekend for the third year in a row. This year’s festival brought top competition that made up 45 teams from all over the country, including Minnesota, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Connecticut and New York to the Empire Polo Fields the showcase some great talent over the two days. Among the many teams Triple Threat, a San Francisco-based program in the Coachella Division and Denver based Team 180 for the Indio Division returned to defend their titles and with hopes of the 3rd consecutive year of wins in the Coachella and Indio divisions respectively.

The Coachella Semi-Finals were hotly contested between Team 180 12′ vs. Xteam Black and Triple Threat Green vs. West Coast Starz 11’ as the previous winner battled hard to keep their titles. Team Triple Threat Green held on to their reign, winning the championship for the 3rd consecutive year. Team 180 2013 also won the title for the 3rd year in a row for the Indio Division beating out Bear Lax Blue from the Bay Area. For the La Quinta Division, The Minnesota Storm defeated Bear Lax White in the finals to take top honors.

See below for highlights from the tournament. It is not too late to order a game DVD. Click here to visit our store and select your game(s).

Players whose games were filmed also have the option of selecting the Sand Storm Tournament college recruiting video package.

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Are you really bringing your “A” game every day? How would you know? You see, it isn’t just about getting the workout done, it is about believing in your body and mind, and about knowing you’ve prepared yourself to achieve all you are truly capable of achieving. Athletes, both young and old, often treat nutrition as an afterthought to their workout. Showing up to a practice on an empty stomach or eating junk food prior to a grueling strength training session means you are showing up with a “C” game mentality and you’re sabotaging your body, your mind, your game.

In my previous article, I talked about the importance of eating five small meals a day to maintain proper blood sugar levels and to allow for optimal energy. The amounts and types of food that an athlete puts into their bodies directly influence the body’s ability to digest, absorb, and use nutrients. The energy needed for muscle repair, growth, development, and recovery during the season is not going to come from a one-time bar or protein shake; it can only come from consistent and optimized nutrition during pre-season, early season, in season and game day. You might get away with cheating for a while, but eventually, you will see the results from your lack of discipline in your athletic performance on game day. Likewise, when you give your body the right kinds and amounts of fuel, you are less likely to get injured, heal faster if you do get injured, and have more energy available for both the short burst energy expenditures and longer energy use.

Now for a lesson in nutrition and how the body gets energy from nutrition for exercise, otherwise known as metabolism. Another way to think of metabolism is as the chemical reactions that occur in an athlete’s body everyday at a cellular level where energy is being stored and released to allow muscles to do their work. All cells use ATP (adenosine triphosphate) as their major fuel source and when the bonds of this molecule are broken, the result is the release of large amounts of energy. The human body is such an amazing machine that it is constantly forming, breaking down, and then reforming these bonds as a continuous energy source used in muscle activity, repair, and growth. There are a total of three energy systems in the body that are capable of generating ATP and each of them are used in different types of sports activities: the phosphagen system, the anaerobic system, and the aerobic system. The length of the activity and type of activity the athlete is performing determines which of these systems the body uses.

The next article will expand on the foods that support these energy systems. Till then, eat well, train well, and bring your “A”game!

–To learn more about athlete nutrition and Optimal Nutrition visit:

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