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Are you Academically Eligible to Play NCAA Sports?

Matt Hunt, the founder and CEO of College Hunt Educational Consulting, recently presented a live online workshop where he went over the Do’s & Dont’s of Academics as you prepare for the college selection process. In this workshop he goes over the requirements needed to be academically eligible. (See the video of the workshop down below) Matt prides himself in being able to help high school athletes reach their goal of becoming collegiate athletes. His focus is making sure that athletes make the right decisions off the field as well as on it. Matt’s experience of being a counselor at Rancho Bernardo High School has attributed to a wealth of knowledge regarding eligibility at the NCAA level.

Are YOU Academically Eligible to Become an NCAA athlete?

Academic Requirements

  • 2.0 minimum GPA
  • Completed the required 16 core classes
  • All core classes are classified as College Prep
  • GPA/ Test Score index requirements met

*If you have achieved the 4 requirements listed above, then the NCAA would declare that you have met the requirements to be deemed academically eligible.


Listed below are the UPCOMING changes to the academic requirements listed by the NCAA effective after August 1st 2016:

NCAA DIV I Academic Eligibility Requirement Changes Effective After August 1st 2016

  • A minimum core course GPA of 2.3 is required
  • Slight changes in GPA/ Test Score index
  • Ten core courses required before the beginning of senior year

*It is especially important for current sophomores and freshman to mind the change in policy as it will have the most effect on their academic eligibility.


Have a question or are looking for some potential help with the college selection process?

Matt is currently conducting a limited number of college planning consultation calls with families that are serious and committed to attending college.


Click here to schedule your consultation call or you can reach out to Matt directly at




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Why the Fall is Soooo Important

So you are a student-athlete that really really wants to get recruited and play at the college level, but you might not be doing some of the basic things to help you make your dream a reality. We see it happen over and over again…

* The BIG QUESTION we ask you today:

Do NCAA Coaches know your fall schedule & how to see you play?

5 Common answers players and parents give us:

1. I just play in tournaments and that’s where the college coaches are so I’m good right…
2. My coach will let coaches know and they take care of it all…
3. I don’t really have a college target list put together so…
4. I don’t know what to send coaches and who to send my schedule to..
5. I don’t know what colleges I am a good fit for….

These are all very poor reasons or excuses why coaches don’t know your fall schedule.

* College coaches don’t have the time to keep track of every potential prospect. They need to be contacted, reminded, followed up with and assisted in the recruiting process big time.

3 Steps to Take:

1. Find or list your fall schedule (events/games, dates, locations)
2. Create a target list or have your target list evaluated
3. Make sure you are focused on the right showcases, camps and schools to target (many families waste lots of TIME & $$$$)

The fall schedule and communication is just one of the keys to success as part of a complete college game plan to ensure your success.

Have a question or are looking for some potential help?

It all starts with an honest NCAA evaluation by an expert who knows what college recruiters are looking for and where you stand, an evaluation of what level of college is right for you.

Learn about scheduling your NCAA evaluation & consultation by following the link provided


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