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Jakob Newman We would like to congratulate Jakob Newman on his commitment to Brandeis University. Here are Jakob’s recruiting story and interview after his commitment. Good luck as a Judge! 1. Share your recruiting story and status! This was a very interesting process for me. When I entered high school, I really did not expect to play college baseball and no one around me thought I would either. I entered high schools as a catcher, but pitching really saved me and I ended up being recruited primarily as a pitcher. After the countless showcases and games during the summer, I essentially narrowed my list down to five schools, and when I heard that I could get into Brandeis academically, I almost immediately pulled the trigger. 2. What school are you going to, and why did you choose them? I am going to Brandeis University. I am going there because it is in a competitive D3 conference, it has amazing academics, it’s located in a city I am really interested in living in, and it is near family. 3. How did SportsForce help in the process? SportsForce made me realize that playing at a strong academic D3 was possible and did a great job helping me get the work done that I needed to do. I was really lost as to where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do and if playing in college was even possible. SportsForce lit the way for me and showed me what my realistic goals were and how I was going to go about achieving them. 4. What advice would you give to other players and parents with the recruiting process? I would say to other players that playing college baseball is not as daunting as it sounds. Truly anything can be accomplished with the right work ethic and with realistic goals. Also, do not be totally consumed in the stats and numbers. Make a relationship with coaches, be impressionable, and play your hardest. 5. How excited are you about your future in college? I am extremely excited. It has been a dream of mine to play at the next level and I am ecstatic to get started. 6. Would you recommend SportsForce to any other student-athletes? Why? I would because SportsForce has really great methods of communicating with coaches and data that helps you know who is responding and who isn’t. They also do a great job of putting things into perspective and making the recruiting process straightforward and meaningful.   Our Mission at SportsForce Baseball:  We are on a mission to help our select number of qualified and evaluated players maximize their recruiting offers and make the best college decision. Started by CEO & founder Andrew Beinbrink, SportsForce Baseball is a nationally recognized college recruiting advisory group with over 40 former college coaches, players, and MLB scouts in 10 different states. During the last 11+ years, we’ve helped over 1,000 players make their college commitments. Read below, why we are different from every recruiting group in the country. Why SportsForce is Different:  * View our Home Page Video Unlike most recruiting companies, we do not just partner with anyone for our hands-on recruiting programs.  Instead, we only partner with qualified players who meet our Five academic, athletic, and coachability selection factors. We evaluate between 10,000-12,000 players each summer and fall at top showcases and selectively advise, and advocate for only a limited number of players each year by directly contacting college coaches to help them maximize recruiting offers. Each of our expert college recruiters is limited to how many players they will advise so there is the best combination of hands-on guidance and personal recruiting outreach to college coaches. Social Media Exposure: We also utilize our growing Twitter following at @SportsForceBB  which is followed by over 500 NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and JC coaches nationwide and growing fast. To Get Evaluated by Our Expert College Recruiting Staff: Option 1: Complete our Recruiting Questionnaire Option 2:  Email us at Options 3: DM us on Instagram @SportsForceBB or Twitter @SportsForceBB and share recent video, stats, or measurables (velocity, 60, exit speed, pop time, etc…) for our scouts to evaluate. Find out if Your Son’s Qualifies for One of Our Hands-On Recruiting Programs? Twitter Recruiting Education & College Needs Posts:  We post ongoing recruiting education and post NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and JC needs year around. Follow us on Twitter @SportsForceBB account and join over 500 hundred NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA, and JC coaches nationwide that follow us and growing fast. Tagging us: If you have some good video to share with us, make sure to tag us @SportsForceBB or DM us and we will review it.

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A lot of the questions we receive here at SportsForce Recruiting have to do with athletic scholarships.  As you are probably finding out the hard way, the college recruiting process can be very difficult and confusing. A lot of the confusion comes from athletic scholarships and what is actually available for student-athletes in their perspective sports.

Many families are very stressed over finding athletic scholarships! To help families alleviate the stress, and have a better understanding about athletic scholarships, we have created our Athletic Scholarships Available Guide.

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to take a closer look at specific sports and breakdown what scholarships are actually available and the competition for these scholarships.

We’re going to start off by taking an in-depth look at College Baseball Recruiting.

While there are a decent amount of baseball scholarship opportunities available at the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA levels, there is also an abundance of talented high school baseball players competing for all of these different scholarship opportunities.

Below is a chart that shows all of the schools that offer baseball and the baseball scholarships that are available at each level:


Schools Offering Baseball

# of Scholarships per School

Total Scholarships Available















24 *

12264 *




20590.5 *

 *Number of scholarships varies

 *** Division 3 schools don’t offer athletic scholarships ***


Baseball Participation by the Numbers:

  • 473,500 baseball players at the high school level
  • 10,400 go on to play DI baseball (About 2% of all HS players)
  • 20,200 go on to play DII or DIII baseball (About 4% of all HS players)
  • 6,300 go on to play NAIA baseball (About 1% of all HS players)
  • 15,300 go on to play at Junior College (About 3% of all HS players)

In summary, only about 11% of all high school baseball players actually end up playing some level of college baseball.

So, not only is the recruiting and athletic-scholarship process confusing, but it is also super competitive!  That is why it is very important for you to understand where you stand in the college recruiting process and what schools you should be realistically going after when you are creating your college target list.

A few tips for maximizing your scholarship opportunities:

  • Scholarships aren’t based solely on talent
  • Schools also make their “target list” and look for athletes that will be a good fit
  • Many schools are looking for athletes that have a good academic standing
  • “Full Ride” scholarships are VERY RARE – partial scholarships are more likely
  • There are many more opportunities outside the top Division I schools
  • If you are looking to walk on, there are still scholarship opportunities available
  • BE OPEN to all levels of competition to maximize your opportunities

Remember, even though the recruiting and scholarship process is difficult and confusing, it doesn’t mean you have to go through it alone!  We are here to help provide you with expert guidance and the tips and tools necessary to maximize your opportunities.


Over the last five years SportsForce Recruiting has helped over 1,000 student-athletes and families successfully navigate the college recruiting and athletic scholarship process while saving families on average $50,000 in college expenses.

Learn How We Help Families

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Junior Seau’s style of play transcended and revolutionized the linebacker position to what it is today. His illustrious 20 year career has left an unforgettable mark in NFL history, as well as San Diego. Before the NFL was what it is today, there was no player that could match the intensity, enthusiasm and larger than life presence that Junior brought.

On the field Junior terrorized opposing offenses. A highly decorated sack machine in San Diego, Seau made multiple Pro-Bowls and helped the Chargers reach its very first Super Bowl appearance in 1994. His sack celebration is one of the most memorable celebrations in NFL history, and one that quarterbacks still have nightmares about. Although many players will often imitate his intensity, no one will ever duplicate the irrepressible spirit of Junior Seau.

He was, and for some still is, the face of the San Diego Chargers. But better yet, he epitomized San Diego. Although he had a larger than life persona on the football field, off the field he humanized himself to the community. Seau dedicated his time to help the youth tackle the trials and tribulations of life, as well as mentor aspiring athletes by guiding them away from trouble. He always opened himself up, and was more interested in how others were doing. Junior was selfless and that’s what was so intriguing and likeable about him.

Junior Seau will be forever remembered as a man that gave everything to his team, his city, and for his family. On May 2nd, 2012, San Diego lost a son, leader, and legend. Selfishly we miss and want Junior back. Although now he is at peace, his smile will continue to shine bright over San Diego. Thanks for the memories, Junior.

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ACDC may be back in black, but the Los Angeles Dodgers are back in blue!

The Dodgers have been on fire since the beginning of the season. Their record currently stands at 13-4 and they are tied with the Texas Rangers for the best record in the Majors. But of course, the number one question on everyone’s mind is how the Dodgers will finish the end of the 2012 season. Will they make it to the playoffs this year for the first time since 2009? Can Matt Kemp grab his first NL MVP trophy this season, after narrowly losing out to Ryan Braun last year?

One thing is apparent though; the Dodgers are starting off the year with a vibrant energy that can be felt echoing through the rafters of Chavez Ravine by not only the fans…but EVEN the opponents as well. New owners mean a fresh start with young athletes that are trying to take the Dodgers back to Red October, but can they actually get there?

Last year Dodgers CF Matt Kemp almost made it into the 40/40 club as only the 5th player to ever reach this prestigious mark, falling just 1 home run short. This hasn’t deterred Kemp in the slightest. During the offseason he has been working 10x harder and has come back in full “beastmode” to start the year. Heck, forget the 40/40 club, Kemp says he’s shooting for the 50/50 club (which to date has exactly ZERO members).

But one man doesn’t make a team and Kemp wouldn’t be doing so well if we failed to mention Dodgers shortstop Dee Gordon. With his help he’s making it easier not only for Kemp to drive in runs but also batting partner Andre Ethier as well. Dee Gordon should also be praised for his speed on the base paths, which has allowed Kemp and Ethier to drive in runs at an exceptionally rapid rate (both have 22 RBI’s so far on the season).

With reigning Cy Young award winner, Clayton Kershaw leading a dominant pitching staff, The Dodgers expect the rest of the team to join Kemp and Ethier in going full “beastmode” and reaching the playoffs for the first time in 3 years. How far they’ll go in the playoffs is yet to be determined, but one thing is certain, Dodger Blue is back!

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We all know about the Luck’s, RG3’s, Blackmon’s, Trent Richardson’s, and the other college football stars of the world that will be selected early in this year’s NFL Draft. Here are a few players who didn’t dominate the headlines of college football, but will hear their name called earlier than some think come Thursday.


1.  Fletcher Cox (Defensive Tackle, Mississippi St.) Here’s a guy who very well may be the first surprise pick in round 1. There’s been a lot of hype behind Dontari Poe after the combine as well as Michael Brockers after LSU’s great season, but Mississippi State’s Fletcher Cox will most likely be the first defensive tackle off the board. The most productive and disruptive of the top defensive tackles, Cox has the athleticism to match. At 6’4 and just under 300 pounds, Cox ran a spectacular 4.79 40 in Indy, along with long 34 ½ inch arms. This gives Cox all the tools needed to be a great 3-technique tackle in a 4-3. Cox could benefit from teams’ desire to add disruptive defensive lineman ala the New York Giants and should land himself a spot in the top 15, possibly even the top 10.


2.  Stephon Gilmore (Cornerback, South Carolina): After perennial top pick Morris Claiborne, this years cornerback class is a bit of a toss up and South Carolina’s Stephon Gilmore could potentially end up as the second CB off the board. While bigger names like Dre Kirkpatrick and Janoris Jenkins are often ranked ahead of Gilmore, both players have character and off the field issues that could knock them down some draft boards. Measuring at 6’0 ½ 190 and running a scorching 4.40 in Indy, Gilmore has everything teams want in a shutdown corner and may very easily hear his name called in the top half of round 1.


3.  Cordy Glenn (Offensive Tackle/Guard, Georgia): While not looked at as one of the elite offensive tackle prospects, Glenn’s massive size at over 6-5 340 and athleticism that allow him to play multiple line positions could make him a very attractive option for teams looking for offensive line help. Glenn initially entered the draft process being looked at as a guard, but showed the athleticism and ability to play right tackle at the Senior Bowl, where he put up a great performance. Glenn is now seen as a road grader right tackle prospect that also has the ability to move inside to guard if needed. Glenn’s size, athleticism, and versatility make him a very attractive option to teams in need of offensive line help. Glenn should go somewhere in the mid-first round, with the potential to go as high as #10 to Buffalo.


4.  Stephen Hill (Wide Receiver, Georgia Tech): Coming into the combine as a fairly unknown name, Hill burst onto the scene, measuring in at 6’4 215 and running an incredible 4.36 40. Hill is undoubtedly raw and his ability is relatively unknown due to Georgia Tech’s run heavy offense, but any team that needs a pass catcher will take a serious look at those physical numbers. Due to his massive potential, Hill could see himself go as high as the mid-first round and likely won’t slide past the early second round.


5.  Josh Robinson (Cornerback, Central Florida): Another Indy combine darling, Josh Robinson broke onto the scene running the fastest 40 in Indy with a 4.33 along with an explosive 38.5” vertical. At a very solid 5’10” 199, Robinson is an elite athlete with fluid hips as well as big time return ability. Although very raw, there’s always a team willing to take a gamble on those type of measurables, especially in the increasingly pass-happy NFL.  Robinson shouldn’t go any later than mid-round 2 and may even sneak into the back end of round 1.

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In truly dramatic fashion, Bubba Watson won the Masters in Augusta over the weekend. Drama in golf? I know what you’re thinking…a Tiger Woods meltdown? Nope. Try a thrilling play-off win against Louis Oosthuizen of South Africa, who made only the fourth double-eagle in the 76-year history of this major!

Watson was so deep in the woods Sunday afternoon that he couldn’t even see where he was going. With his golf ball nestled on a bed of pine needles, he hit a gap wedge that shot out toward the fairway and hooked some 40 yards and onto the green. His incredible shot in the play-off sat 10 feet from the hole, simply setting up an easier par for the win. Watson made this win all seem so easy; he even said to reporters, “I got in these trees and hit a crazy shot that I saw in my head, and somehow I’m here talking to you with a green jacket on.” So how did a golfer whose never had a swing coach and rarely hits the ball in a straight line win this legendary tournament?

His style of play is called “Bubba Golf”. When he’s off the course, he’s posting videos of his own stunts on Twitter, and his dream car purchase was the “General Lee 01,” the original car in the TV series “The Dukes of Hazard.” Now he’s the Master’s Champion and it’s time to move up; Watson is now ranked number 4 in the world. What’s astonishing is that this self-described goofball looked more determined than ever to win this tournament. This is coming from a player whose father was the only teacher Watson ever had. He never took many lessons, and his father only showed him how to grip the club and swing it; Bubba figured the rest out himself. It’s a good thing too, because he still doesn’t have a coach.

When one of the most unorthodox players in golf doesn’t want a teacher and wants to keep playing “his way”, you know you’re in for a fun ride.

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Well, now we know why it’s taken so long. Cross him and he will destroy you. Roger Goodell will do everything in his power to maintain the integrity and image of the NFL. He has done so with his iron fist ruling heard worldwide on the infamous Bounty Gate. Like a gangster in the night, Goodell puts a bullet to the heart of the Saints organization, handing suspensions and fines to coaches and front office staff. Let’s take a look at the damage:

–    $500,000 Fine. In addition, Saints forfeit their second-round picks in the 2012 and 2013 NFL drafts.

–    Head Coach Sean Payton is suspended without pay for the 2012 season, effective April 1.

–   General manager Mickey Loomis is suspended without pay for the first eight regular-season games of the 2012 season. $500,000 fine.

–     Former Saints (and current St. Louis Rams) defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is suspended indefinitely from the NFL. Commissioner Goodell will review Williams’ status at the conclusion of the 2012 season and consider whether to reinstate him.

–    Assistant coach Joe Vitt suspended without pay for the first six regular-season games of the 2012 season. $100,000 fine.

The two worst being Head Coach Sean Payton’s year long suspension, and no eight million dollar salary for the year. The other being former Saints Defensive coordinator and bounty gate mastermind Gregg Williams being suspended indefinitely. I think it’s safe to say he will never be a coach in the NFL again.

Who knew Roger Goodell had it in him? Supposedly he had known about the Saints bounty program in the past and gave fair warning for them to stop. With Goodell being fairly new as NFL commish, the Saints didn’t take him seriously and continued to run “business as usual.” Don’t try to undermine the commissioner, in his statements about the ruling, Goodell said, “No one is above the game or the rules that govern it.” Were these suspensions harsh? Absolutely not. The time fits the crime.

The message has been sent to every team in the NFL and they better listen. Don’t cross the boss. If there were any plans for teams to continue their bounty programs, they better take a hard look at themselves, or they better start posting their resumes on Because the punishments will be equal if not harsher. He’s trying to bring justice and integrity to a game that is taking over as America’s pastime. One message the other 31 teams should take away from this: Roger Goodell may not be the guy with the biggest arms, or the man with the greatest charm, but mess with him and he will cause you a lot of harm. Roger Goodell is Batman, and justice will be served.

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With Peyton Manning signing with the Denver Broncos earlier today, we asked our “Expert” panel of bloggers to give us their take on what this means for the Mile High City in a new segment we call, “The Nickel Blitz”

Were the Broncos the best destination for Peyton to land?

Jeff Morgan: Probably not.  The 49ers or Texans made the most sense from a pure football standpoint.  You put a healthy Peyton on either of those two teams and they have to be considered instant frontrunners for the Super Bowl.  However, there are far worse places Peyton could have ended up.  The Broncos have a young, strong core on defense, and a few solid weapons in the passing game.  Signing with the Broncos may not make them instant favorites, but they are definitely in the conversation when it comes to potential Super Bowl teams.

Dave Vinluan: From a team perspective San Francisco would have been the best spot for Peyton. But from a Peyton Manning standpoint, Denver was the best fit. Miami will be running the offensive system Green Bay runs with Joe Philbin as the new Head Coach. Tennessee and San Francisco are more run first teams that don’t give too much control to the quarterback. There’s no way Jim Harbaugh gives complete control to Manning. And this leaves Denver, with John Elway doing everything he can to solidify his ridding of Tebow, I believe in John Elway’s mind he is doing a public service to Denver by getting rid of Tim Tebow. Elway would give complete control to Peyton, making it a perfect fit for him.

Taylor Benson: I honestly thought Peyton would end up with the Titans; it really seemed like the best fit for him. With the 49ers in the final race this week, things got exciting. All the talk about Peyton joining the recent offensive additions the 49ers just made, while also working under Jim Harbaugh sounded like a surefire trip to the Super Bowl. Maybe the Broncos is what Peyton really wanted. We’ll have to wait and find out what he says…

Evan Rowley: No, The Browns are dying in the AFC north, and since I’m an Ohio native I don’t like the two consequences that came from this move: One, the Browns still need a QB.  And Two, the Broncos have another good one.

Jason Fawcett: I don’t believe so.  I think they have one of the best offensive lines in the game, a great defense and a team filled with some young stars in the making.  However, I still think the best place Peyton could have landed was San Francisco with the 49ers.  Their team is built to win a championship right now.  While Denver has a nice defense, the 49ers have the best defense in the NFL.  Peyton has never been a great outdoors quarterback, and while the 49ers also play outdoors, I think they’re weather is much more suitable for Peyton.  Furthermore, the Broncos have an absolutely brutal schedule this year.  While the AFC West is a pretty weak division, the NFC West is the weakest division in football.  Two years ago a team made the playoffs with a 7-9 record and last year the 49ers had basically wrapped up the division by Thanksgiving.  On the other hand, the Broncos have the 2nd hardest schedule in the NFL and the only game they play indoors this year will be in Atlanta, which isn’t an easy place to play.  Outside of the division, they also have to play the Houston Texans, Pittsburg Steelers, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, the New England Patriots, and a Cam Newton improved Carolina Panthers.  That is just plain scary.

Does Manning still have the “it” factor?

Jeff Morgan: That’s the $100,000 question isn’t it?  The fact remains that everyone, included the Broncos will have to be in wait and see mode.  We just don’t know how fully recovered Peyton is from his neck injury.  Let’s not forget that he hasn’t played contact football in well over a year.  How he responds to that first big hit might be the most important question in determining if Peyton still has “It.”

Dave Vinluan: As far as I’m concerned, Peyton hadn’t lost it prior to surgery, and I don’t expect him to lose “it” anytime soon. Manning is a great football mind, always studying, and finding out weak areas in opposing defenses. What needs to be seen is if his surgery affects the way he throws or how he reacts after being hit. I haven’t heard of any problems with his throwing mechanics so far, so I don’t expect there to be dramatic changes in his deliver or velocity. The timing with new receivers may take time, but I’m sure Peyton will make adjustments just like he always does. I still believe Peyton has what it takes to compete at the highest levels.

Taylor Benson: Only time will tell. We’ve heard reports that he’s rehabbing great, while others say that his throwing motion is just not the same and his strength is nowhere near 100%. If Peyton really spent the last few weeks making the best decision for himself, then we could very well see him back and looking as fresh as ever. As long as that Broncos’ defense does their job, we won’t be seeing “Manning Face” down on the field.

Evan Rowley: Yes.  Next question

Jason Fawcett: Peyton definitely still has the “it” factor.  The Peyton Manning sweepstakes has dominated the news cycle for the last couple of weeks.  He’s a sure fire future hall of famer and could possibly be the greatest quarterback of all time.  Even with March Madness in full swing and crazy upsets happening over the weekend, Manning was still the top story.  He’s a meticulous worker and will no doubt do everything in his power to be as successful as possible.  With the severity of his neck injury, I’m always worried that he might be one hit away from retirement.  However, I don’t think Elway would have signed off on acquiring him if he wasn’t given the assurances from his doctors on his overall health.  He also personally witnessed Peyton throw at Duke and I believe he can assess a quarterback’s arm with the best of them.  Peyton still has to have “it” if he was willing to make such an aggressive push for him.

Is it Super bowl or bust in order for this move to be considered a successful one?

Jeff Morgan: This one will depend of the terms of his contract, but I have a feeling the Broncos are going to give him a pretty massive deal here.  If that’s the case, you got to think that the Broncos will have to win the “big one” in the next 3 years or so for this signing to be considered a true success.  Anything short of a Super Bowl title, and you can look back at this move as a failed experiment

Dave Vinluan: Yes, after what Denver accomplished in a very weak AFC West division and being one game away from the AFC Conference Championship, expectations should be high. Although every team’s mindset should be Super bowl or bust, after this move I wouldn’t be surprised if the front office and fans in Denver are thinking Super bowl(s) or bust.

Taylor Benson: For this move to be considered successful, The Broncos would have advance to the Super Bowl. Will it actually happen? Who knows. It’s too early to tell, and die-hard Bronco fans are probably trying to order their Super Bowl apparel already. It could be the year for the Broncos though, and we’ll have to stay tuned to see how Peyton does in the Mile High City.

Evan Rowley: Absolutely.  I can’t help but notice the underlying similarity between the Bronco’s new GM (Elway) and Manning’s current situation.  Much like Manning, Elway was at the end of his career in Denver and hadn’t been to the Super Bowl in years when he won back-to-back Championships before retiring.  I’m sure Elway made this a well-known fact in courting Manning to come take the reigns from Tebow. (Who Elway loves to hate).  If Manning doesn’t make the Super Bowl AND win it….this move was unsuccessful.

Jason Fawcett: That all still depends on the final numbers of the contract.  I know they had a lot of cap room, so as long as they don’t completely limit their future’s financial abilities I think this can be considered a successful move without a super bowl.  With Tim Tebow playing the quarterback position, I don’t think that they were going to win many more playoff games, much less the Super Bowl.  Tebow was a great leader, who inspired his teammates greatly last year and did some amazing things.  With that being said, I think teams were going to be ready for Tebow with a full off-season to prepare for him.  The same thing happened with Michael Vick last year and the Dolphin’s Wildcat offense a few years ago.  If Manning can provide stability at the position and make the Broncos a contender in the AFC West and playoffs I think this will be a successful move.  He’ll bring excitement to Denver, and as long as the Bronco’s don’t sacrifice their future by giving him too crazy of a contract this will be remembered as a great day in the Denver Bronco’s history.

How will the Bronco fan base react? Embrace him? Or boo him because Tim Tebow is likely out the door?

Jeff Morgan: This will be an interesting scenario that plays out.  Remember, Bronco fans will turn on you in a second, just ask Kyle Orton.  And they didn’t just like Tebow, they practically worshiped they guy.  It will NOT be an easy feat for Peyton to step in and be beloved by Bronco fans, especially if he struggles in the early going.  Ultimately though, while Peyton may not bring the kind of excitement and pizzazz that Tebow did, he will bring more of one thing…wins.  And at the end of the day, that’s all any fan base needs to cheer for.

Dave Vinluan: I truly believe winning cures everything, and if Peyton is winning they won’t care that Tebow is gone. But if that’s not the case there will be those fans in Denver showing up with their #15 “Jesus” jerseys saying “I told you so”. I’m sure fans are stoked to have a proven all time great quarterback under center after so long. But there will be no shortage of Peyton Manning Denver Bronco Jerseys at Mile High Stadium this season.

Taylor Benson: Bronco fans seem ecstatic…I mean any team would be lucky to get Peyton. Where does Tebow go now? He was the Broncos’ savior last season, so will we see Bronco fans wishing him a fond farewell, or mourning his departure? I think any true Bronco fan would be faithful to Tebow, who carried their team so far last season. Even in the post-season, all the talk about Tebow being the starting QB got everyone fired up. However, we’ll see Bronco fans embrace Peyton, as they want a Super Bowl ring.

Evan Rowley: Hopefully by watching a season of Tebow, the fans now realize that Tebow’s best attributes are a will to win and a competitive spirit.  Neither of these need to be done from the QB position to help the team out, and neither of them beat out Peyton Manning for a starting position.

Jason Fawcett: The fan base will definitely embrace him.  Peyton is one of the few quarterbacks that could go to Denver and supplant Tebow without enraging the fan base.  The true Broncos fans will be thrilled to have a future Hall of Famer “prototypical” quarterback.  Tebow was a great story and is an overall great guy.  He was great for the Denver community, but Manning is also a stand up guy.  The Tebow fans will definitely be upset, but they will also follow Tebow wherever he goes…

What happens to Tim Tebow? Where does he land?

Jeff Morgan: I know the popular answer here is Jacksonville given Tebow’s Florida ties, but I’d be real surprised if he ends up in North Florida again.  I think he would actually fit great in Miami, who could get two guys that would run the “wildcat” to it’s full potential (Bush and Tebow).  But he probably ends up in a backup role on a team that isn’t quite content with their starting QB’s.  Look for him to be wined and dined by teams like Cleveland, Tennessee, and Kansas City.  Tebowmania however, is probably dead for good.

Dave Vinluan: Now the curious case of Tim Tebow is a tough one. There are still teams on the hunt for a QB, one that sticks out is Miami after losing out on both Manning and Matt Flynn. There was only one head coach who loved what they saw out of Tebow when they drafted him and that was Josh McDaniels who is now with the New England Patriots. Maybe a draft day deal could be done with New England having a plethora of high draft picks once again. With Tebow struggling to move an offense that was dumbed down to his ability, the interest other teams have in him could be very minimal. But with the McDaniels connection, I could see him in Foxboro.

Taylor Benson: Two weeks ago, I didn’t even envision Peyton joining the Broncos and Tim Tebow being on the trading block! I guess when you get a chance at Peyton, you better take it. Tebow won the hearts of Denver fans last year and was on his way to becoming the starter for the Broncos next season. One thing I know for sure is wherever Tebow ends up, he will not be a starter week one of the 2012 season. I see Jacksonville and Miami as the top 2 front runners for Tebow. Both of these organizations want to win championships and they each need to sell tickets; they need Tebow in order to sell tickets. These two teams should be drooling over the possibility of what could come if Tebow comes to town. Since the Broncos still retain the ability to do whatever they want with Tebow, I would expect them to place Tebow with the team and city that works best for him and the league’s best interests.

Evan Rowley: Tight End for the Dallas Cowboys.  Or possibly even Fullback for somebody.  I mean it’s perfect! He’ll run most of the time, and every ONCE in awhile he could throw the ball! It’s really perfect for him.  I don’t think he will stay in Denver…Wait I got it, fullback for the New England Patriots.  Write that down.

Jason Fawcett: Tim Tebow will land in the AFC East. The Miami Dolphins have had a horrendous offseason.  Not only did they strike out on the Manning sweepstakes, but they also whiffed on the much lesser Matt Flynn sweepstakes.  They also traded away their best offensive weapon in Brandon Marshall.  There are rumblings that this once proud franchise is just a joke now and being ruined by its owner and GM.  One way the Dolphins could excite their restless and disappointed fan base is to bring back hometown hero Tim Tebow.  The Tebow folklore developed from his time at Florida when he was winning two national championships.  They love him in that state and Miami has been a team that is willing to change up their offensive philosophy in the past to help tailor to their strengths.  If he doesn’t end up in Miami then I could see Tebow landing in New England.  Josh McDaniels is their offensive coordinator and was the man who drafted Tim Tebow.  Tebow could sit behind Brady and try to learn the quarterback position.  Bill Belichick is also a genius at working with players and could plug him into all of the right packages.  Bringing Tebow in 3 TE wildcat formation would be awfully tough to defend in the red zone.  If he doesn’t end up with either of those team, both the Jets and Bills could also use a creative backup that brings a change of style to the game.  Both teams could use some competition for their incumbent starters.

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Yeah it’s crazy to think Peyton Manning will be wearing another NFL team’s jersey. To many experts, he’s arguable the greatest QB of all time. Last year he showed why he’s a 4-time MVP winner. Without Peyton on the field the Colts were an embarrassing 2 – 14 and they were painful to watch with their QB by committee approach.  Bringing Collins off the couch and out of retirement to play for the team was a desperation hail mary that wobbled out the Colts hands and fell about 30 yards short of the nearest receiver…it never had a chance of being complete.

Even with all that said I still don’t blame Jim Irsay for not resigning him at all. Remember people, the NFL is a business first and foremost! It’s a business that happens to play a sport not a sport that happens to be a business. The NFL is more then a just an ordinary flourishing business it’s an exploding sports oligopoly, yeah look up oligopoly it’s like a legal cash cow monopoly. I pulled that one out of a spelling bee I watched on ESPN! Okay back to my point. Imagine you were the owner of the Colts and you had to commit $XX million dollars and likely a multi-year contract with XX millions guaranteed to a XX year old player that’s had 3 serious neck surgeries (to manage his degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine) in the last 16 months and your team is about to draft the first can’t miss quarterback prospect since John Elway.

From a pure numbers game, this is as smart a business decision as it gets. This is a QB league with superstar rookie QB’s making more of an impact then ever before (Cam Newton, Andy Dalton) and players like Andrew Luck only come around every 10 or 20 years. Heck, even the Colts fans have been quietly wishing for the next Peyton behind the scenes and that might just be how their Luck goes come April!

You get the point! C’mon what would you do?

I know you might be saying “If I was the owner” I would sign Peyton for two years and have him groom Luck like the Favre-Rogers scenario in Green Bay. Yeah in an ideal world where money didn’t matter and Peyton wasn’t dealing with a potentially career ending disease of the spine and Andrew Luck actually needed two years of learning and purple horseshoes and green leprechauns existed that would all make sense.

That’s not the case here. So I’m 100% in support of the Colts decision and I hope Peyton returns, is 100% healthy and has a hell of year for a new team. I’ll leave you with one final picture to think about. Can you see it now…Peyton playing for the Redskins with Shannahan; or with Rex running the D and Peyton running the O with Jets; or how bout with Regis Philbin…er, Joe Philbin with the Dolphins.

Wherever Peyton ends up, one thing is for sure.  Stories and drama like this is why we love the NFL; the storylines never take an off-season!

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Headhunting: Acts of violence; the custom of cutting off and preserving the heads of enemies as trophies. But, headhunting in professional football?What has recently been revealed about the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal may not have come as a surprise to many, but I find it extremely disappointing and just plain wrong, in a league where players are already paid millions to assault each other every Sunday. I love watching the Saints; they are an incredible team with exceptional players. And Drew Brees? An amazing quarterback. So why the bounty scandal? It really gives the Saints organization and the NFL a black eye.

This is a huge misstep for the Saints organization. It’s shocking to me, since I cannot believe the amount of money and bonuses NFL players are being paid to lay the pain on unsuspecting victims. Now all of the sudden, after finding out that the bounty program has been going on for three years, some incidents that once seemed like normal football plays, now look a lot more like a mob boss placing a hit on one of his rivals. Here’s a few that come to mind: the 2010 NFC Championship game where Brett Favre took a beating when he was already hurting. It seemed like the Saints were trying to take him down and end his career that night; Favre hasn’t been the same since. However, the biggest incident was the monster hit on Peyton Manning that more than likely precipitated his neck injury, when he played against a Redskins defense coached by Gregg Williams. Think about this for a second: this bounty program could have effectively ended the career of a man who was on pace to break every single quarterback record in the books!

At the center of all this mess lies Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams. Williams has seemingly instituted his bounty rules at every stop he’s made, including his prior stint with the Redskins, until he got caught; he’s presently the Rams Defensive Coordinator. Williams met with the NFL Monday to discuss his side of the story, and things don’t look good. Former and current players under Williams are coming out in droves, even Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma has been associated with the program, to have allegedly offered cash “prizes” to his teammates for executing a bounty. This would take the scandal to a whole new level if both coaches and players are giving out cash for injury-inducing hits. What’s possible now? Anything, it seems, if coaches and players were to continue to get away with incidents such as these.

In a time where the NFL rules have changed and blows to the head are deemed much more dangerous than they used to be, this bounty scandal has taken things too far. We’re now in a time where it’s a distinct and tangible possibility that an NFL player could literally die right there on the field. Players are faster, stronger, and quicker than ever before, and with this new bounty scandal, it may just simply be a matter of time.

So, where does that leave the Saints? They are disheveled right now; they are in the process of signing Drew Brees and have been exposed as not playing football according to the rules of the game. The Saints spent so much time re-building the New Orleans community after Hurricane Katrina, and re-invigorating a once dormant fan-base.  It’s a shame to think all of that progress could be lost because of one man’s decision to take headhunting out of the Amazon, and bring it to professional football.

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