Jul 18 2017

Choosing the Best Recruiting Websites for Baseball

If your son plays baseball for his junior high or middle school team and demonstrates his talent on the field, it’s never too early to start planning for college. In fact, most colleges select students well before their senior year when it comes to qualifying for scholarships. This why many parents set out to find the best recruiting websites for baseball to maximize the chances of their child getting a scholarship from a college or university.

Recruiting websites are those that offer professional assistance in providing your son the best chances to land a baseball scholarship. They start by having those who have worked within the system, have the right connections, and understand how to properly market your son’s talents so that college and university baseball coaches will take notice.

How to Choose

Of course, finding the right website is another matter since it takes a unique combination of attributes for it to be right for your child’s chances. Here are a few things that you need to look for in finding the best recruiting website.

Evaluation: First and foremost, it’s all about the talents, abilities, and attributes that your child offers in getting on a college baseball team. A proper evaluation will help guide the networking and marketing process so that the focus is on the coaches who will be most interested in having your child on their team.

This might mean a Division I school, but keep in mind that Division II offers considerable possibilities as well. Even Division III schools that have no scholarships may still be good choices because they can offer reductions of their tuition that are similar to getting a scholarship.

Connections: It’s all about who you know when it comes to finding the right website for your needs. They should have as part of the information they provide to you a network of colleges and universities where they can contact those in charge to present the talents of your child. Keep in mind that even with the right connections, this really means just getting a foot in the door. The rest will depend on the talent of your son and the interest coaches have in wanting them for their team.

Marketing: It’s not how many marketing services, but how they are packaged to provide your child the best chance of getting noticed. Today, it’s about short videos that highlight your child’s abilities, putting out their name in the right places, and attending the camps and tournaments that help get them noticed.

Why SportsForce is the Right Choice

At SportsForce, we run the best of all recruiting websites for baseball prospects because we combine an experienced team of professionals with the right connections and methods to maximize the chances of your child getting a scholarship. The experience combined with the knowledge of how to reach the right people means that SportsForce can properly market the talents and abilities of your baseball player so they have the best chance of landing an athletic scholarship.

Considering how competitive the field is when it comes to landing a baseball scholarship, having a guiding hand like SportsForce can make all the difference.

Jun 12 2017

How to Get Recruited for College Baseball – Can Anyone Do It?

For parents of children who have demonstrated real talent in baseball, the time to start thinking about recruitment by colleges or universities starts well before the senior year of high school. In fact, for baseball players the most important year may be their junior and sometimes their sophomore season.

This is because most college and university baseball coaches will have filled their recruiting class early due to the overlap in baseball seasons. It’s also not uncommon for college baseball coaches to get verbal commitments from high school sophomores.

So, your senior year in baseball, barring either a major setback or outstanding play, will have little to no effect on your chances for getting recruited. In fact, most players will have to submit their college applications even before their senior season begins.

How the MLB Draft Affects Recruiting

One issue that college baseball coaches face is the Major League Baseball draft. Because drafting a prospect can change everything in terms of what college baseball coaches where hoping to get, it means that your son will have to demonstrate their talents during their sophomore year in high school.

Otherwise, showing their skills in their junior and especially senior year is probably too late in terms of highly competitive conferences. A wild card in all this is the junior college or JuCo players who may transfer to the four-year schools if their MLB prospects do not work out. However, most baseball prospects will not be drafted by the MLB, it’s just that college baseball coaches have to be prepared.

The key to being recruited by college baseball coaches is getting your name and abilities out there to help them see who you are and what you can do for their team.

How SportsForce Can Help

If you are looking to improve your chances at getting recruited, Sports Force can help as the platform necessary to get you noticed by colleges and universities around the country. We provide several programs to promote your abilities so that baseball coaches take notice.

It all starts with an evaluation of talent, providing video of playing high school games, participating in camps that baseball coaches attend, and proper promotion that puts your name above the rest. For parents who want to give their child the best chance to succeed in getting recruited by good schools, SportsForce offers the means to get them where they belong.

Sports Force can help you create a list of schools to target which is best suited for your child. Then, we focus our efforts to ensure maximum exposure so that your son will have the best chance to live their dream of playing college baseball and getting a scholarship. SportsForce also brings our unique experience that can provide options that you might not have considered such as the types of schools that may be best suited for the talents of your child.

You will still need to start early to stand the best chance of being noticed by college baseball coaches, so check out what Sports Force offers and see why they make a big difference in turning prospects into college baseball players.  Get a free evaluation by clicking on the link above.



Jun 08 2017

High School Sports Recruiting Services – How Do You Know Who To Trust?

Unfortunately, the college recruiting process is not a predictable one as many coaches use their own criteria to fill the needs of their team. So, while you may try your best to get your name and abilities out there for the coaches to see, the final decision will rest with them on who they choose to provide scholarships.

For parents and their children looking for the right college or university, it pays to look at the big picture, then narrow down the options over time. Too many will start with a shortsighted perspective and try to expand from there, which normally works against getting a scholarship when the original choices are gone. Putting all your eggs in one basket works against your interests primarily because of the unpredictability of recruiting.

The Unpredictability of Recruiting

Recruiting for colleges is a fluid, ever-changing process that often changes the perspective of how a high school athlete is viewed over the course of two to three years. In addition, coaching changes at universities are frequent as well. This means that an athlete who was highly prized may be forgotten as the new coach takes over.

Another issue is the opinions of those who may be a part of the recruiting process who may advise you and your child that the chances of getting a scholarship are not worth much until the offer is presented. You should never put much faith in what anyone tells you until the scholarship has been offered. Plus, focusing on what one coach says may cause you to miss out on other opportunities that may work out better in the long run.

The unpredictability increases with the lack of knowledge parents and their children have about the colleges and universities themselves. All schools that are worth serious consideration should be thoroughly researched so that their recruiting strategies are understood. For example, a coach will recruit athletes that best fit the system they have created. If your talents are not normally part of that system, then your chances are diminished in terms of getting a scholarship.

How SportsForce Helps You

You can avoid putting all your eggs in one basket by getting SportsForce on your side. We provide the resources you need to help your child get recruited by colleges and universities around the country. In a nutshell we maximize the chances of your son or daughter getting a college scholarship that pays for their higher education.

We help you see the big picture with all the possibilities to consider then narrow down in the right manner. The knowledge, experience, and talents that SportsForce brings to the table means that your child stands the best chance of getting selected by the appropriate college or university.

SportsForce offers a complete line of services designed to get the attention of college coaches so that your child will have their name, abilities, and potential placed front and center for consideration. While there are no guarantees in getting your child a sports scholarship, having SportsForce on your side increases the chances far above the normal recruiting channels that are available.  Get a free evaluation from an expert HERE.

Jun 05 2017

How to Get Recruited in Baseball – Real Tips From Experts

Getting recruited for college teams can be a trying time for young high school baseball players. This is true for those who play during the summer under the watchful eyes of college coaches and professional scouts as they only come around during certain times of the year. So, making the most of the moment is crucial to success.

So, how can a young athlete make the most of their opportunity to shine? While it comes down to performance, there are other attributes that need to shine as well so that you boost your chances of making a good impression.

Stay in Shape

Not all your time during the summer will be spent playing. For most players, it will consist of several tournaments with a week or two with downtime in-between. During that downtime, it is important to stay in shape, recover from injuries, and take care of yourself so that you are playing at your best in the tournaments.

This is where a strength training program can help considerably in developing muscles, increasing mobility, and working to make you a better overall player. It not only keeps you in-shape during the summer, but also prepares you to train for the fall and excel next spring when your team needs you.

Be a Team Player

No matter the individual talent, it comes down to the success of the team that makes the difference. The more successful the team, the longer they will play during the summer season which means more opportunities to be seen by coaches and scouts. While it pays to have a great performance, it is better that the performance enhances the team’s chances of moving forward during the season.

It’s still a team game, so play it to promote your team’s efforts to go further and that will help you in getting recruited.

Play Like Everything is On the Line

It may seem like the summer league is a time to relax and enjoy the game more, compared to the spring when championships are on the line. However, nothing could be further from the truth as the preparation and go-for-broke attitude need to be in place as if you were playing for the World Series each and every game. This does not mean that you should take it so seriously that it negatively affects your play, but instead that you should play each game as if it gets you to the championship event.

Be prepared and it will show.  Make sure you run with the same hustle, energy, and enthusiasm you had during the spring games. Scouts and coaches are trained to see the effort even if it doesn’t turn out to be your best game.

Why SportsForce is the Right Choice

To maximize your chances of being recruited by college and university baseball coaches, you will need the knowledge, talents, and skills of SportsForce by your side. SportsForce can maximize your opportunities to get recruited thanks to their unique programs, which help you create an effective tournament schedule, provide guidance in what to expect, and bolster your name and abilities so that scouts and college coaches take notice.  Get a free evaluation by a professional recruiting advisor by clicking this link Here.


May 29 2017

Recruiting Sites for High School Athletes – Does Social Media Matter?

While the basic approach college coaches and scouts use to recruit high school athletes have remained the same, one of the more notable changes is the use of social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are just a few of the social media sites that allow people to stay connected  and enhance the recruiting process.

Combined with the advent of the smartphone, social media has changed the way people stay in touch and has become a method for high school athletes to reach out to colleges and universities.

With colleges reaching out to their fan bases using social media, it’s no surprise that coaches also use it as part of their recruiting efforts. This has created both positive and negative aspects for athletes in terms of how it can affect their chances at being recruited. In fact, there are several cases in which a promising high school talent cost themselves a chance for a scholarship because of their misuse of social media.

How You Can Use Social Media to Your Advantage

For high school students who are looking to get scholarship opportunities from colleges, here are a few tips that will help improve your chances.

Presentation: How you are portrayed on social media is how people like college coaches and recruiters will see you. So, while your friends and family may know one side of you, those who are considering you for their team do not unless that is portrayed on your social media. Keep in mind that this does not mean staying away from subjects like racism, sexual orientation, or political points of view. Rather, it is the use of coarse language, unsettling photos, and vulgarity that will have a negative effect.

Photographs: All it takes is one image of something controversial such as weapons, nudity, or drugs to pull you from consideration. You can use your privacy settings to ensure that your photos are protected and to ensure that you are not tagged in a photo by someone else that is controversial in nature.

Language: If you post something that will have your mother or grandmother disapproving, then you shouldn’t post it. This is mostly about keeping your language in check because the use of profanity is the most eye-catching of all ways to have college coaches lose interest in recruiting you for their team. Go over your posts and tweets over the past several months and remove or at least clean-up those that have profanity.

Keep in mind that your social media presence should still represent who you are, but it needs to be presentable to anyone who views it.

Why SportsForce is the Ultimate Solution

To make the most of your efforts  in getting recruited, SportsForce provides proven solutions to help in the preparation and marketing of your abilities. In addition to the many services SportsForce provides, one of them is  to advise you on your social media accounts so they are more presentable to college coaches.

This does not mean changing who you are, but simply presenting yourself on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts as your best self. Let SportsForce show you how to reach college coaches to help achieve your goals.  Sign up for a free evaluation Here.




May 25 2017

Connor Bullion Feature Athlete Interview – Committed to Cabrillo College

We would like to congratulate Connor Bullion on his commitment to Cabrillo College! Here are Connor’s recruiting story and interview after his commitment. Good luck as a Seahawk!

Connor Bullion

 1. Share your recruiting story and status

I got serious about the recruiting process just before my junior season.  It was a long, often times, tedious but rewarding process.  The hardest part was figuring out where I landed versus other players my age.  Getting and accepting an honest evaluation of my abilities really helped out because it allowed me to reevaluate my target schools list and narrow it down to realistic places I could play.

2.What school are you going to and why did you choose them?

I chose Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, CA.  I chose them for several reasons.  When I reached out to the coach he immediately responded to me and we were able to set up a visit within a week.   Once I met him and learned about his program and his philosophy, I felt very comfortable there.  I also felt that the junior college level fit me perfectly not only in baseball but in school.  I could get most of my general education classes done before going to a university.  I hope to play well enough to be able to continue at a university in a couple years.

3. How did SportsForce help in the process?

SportsForce helped us tremendously with access to coaches at the schools I was interested in and how to put together an email to send them.  They helped us put together a skills video and gave us great tips on how to make it professional looking.  SportsForce provided essential resources on which coaches were interested in recruiting me.  The phone calls added good advice to make sure I was doing what I needed to be doing and going to camps I should be going to.  Also, the academic advisor was extremely helpful to me while I was writing several essays for college and scholarship applications.

4. What advice would you give to other players and parents with the recruiting process? 

My advice would be to start the process early, get honest, unbiased evaluations of your ability and be PERSISTENT.  Many of us may not be DI talent so try not to waste a lot of time reaching higher than you should.  Focus your efforts on programs you can realistically play for and continue reaching out to coaches by email and phone.  It may take several messages to a coach before he responds to you.  Don’t feel bad about bugging coaches.  There is a place for everyone to play, you just have to find it because most are not going to come looking for you.

5. How excited are you for your future in college?

I am extremely excited, and a little nervous, to go to college and play baseball. I’m looking forward to playing with other players who are all trying to move on to a four-year program and learning how to balance a very demanding schedule on my own.

6. Would you recommend SportsForce to any other student-athletes? Why?

Yes, I would recommend SportsForce to other student-athletes because of all of the help they give you getting the recruiting process started.  SportsForce provides you with excellent ways to contact coaches, reply to coaches, and determining what schools are truly interested in you.  Also, the academic advisor they have is extremely helpful with college applications and essays.

Over the last six years, SportsForce has helped over 1,000 student-athletes and families successfully navigate the college recruiting and athletic scholarship process while saving families on average $50,000 in college expenses.

May 23 2017

How Lacrosse Recruiting Websites Work for You

For high school athletes who excel at lacrosse, you may have noticed some legitimate and not so legitimate lacrosse recruiting websites for colleges and universities. Just like many other sports, there are now specific websites designed to attract high school athletes to colleges, which increases their recruiting potential.

Although many things have changed in terms of recruiting, the basics of having excellent grades and considerable talent remain the same. Armed with those two attributes and you or your child will have an excellent chance of being recruited by many different universities. However, even the best athletes with the highest grades may be overlooked by some colleges because of the sheer number of talented students available.

Steps to Get Recruited

To maximize the chances of being recruited, it is important that you follow the right steps so that your talents are known to as many colleges as possible.

Evaluation: A proper evaluation of the talent present is the first step to know where you stand in terms of what colleges may be interested in you. A fair assessment means that you can create guidelines of what is obtainable without ruling out other choices. For example, lower division NCAA and NAIA schools may offer substantial scholarships for your talents and the ability to play if you are not considered among the top recruits.

Expectations: Knowing how your talents are assessed helps in shaping your expectations. Don’t forget the academic aspects of what makes you attractive to colleges. The stronger your academics, the greater the possibilities for obtaining funds for your college experience. Keep in mind that many lower division colleges do not offer full athletic scholarships, but there are academic and community scholarships along with student loans.

Preparation: It’s often the little things that make the difference in getting recruited. This means talking to your high school coach for guidance, attending off-season tournaments, and researching colleges that might have the most interest in your abilities. Other things that can be done include, but are not limited to the following;

Register: You can register  with the NCAA Eligibility Center, which puts you on the list of available athletes.

Contact the College: Make them aware that you are available and where they can find more information. Quite often, a short, initial contact makes all the difference in getting them to look at you.

Short Video: A short, three-minute video demonstrating the skills playing lacrosse may provide the impact needed to get their interest. Be sure to post the video to YouTube or another popular site and put in contact information. You should also create a DVD with a full game along with the highlights and send to those who ask for it.

Why SportsForce Can Help You

When viewing the many lacrosse recruiting websites,  SportsForce has helped over 1,000 athletes and can help maximize your chances of being recruited by the college or university that best suits your needs. For lacrosse players, getting your name out there is vital towards obtaining a scholarship from the college that will help you succeed in achieving your dreams.

If you are looking to maximize your chances of getting a scholarship to a college that offers the opportunities that you want, then SportsForce provides you with the tools needed to succeed. Sign up for a free evaluation today by clicking HERE

May 17 2017

How to Get Recruited in Basketball

Basketball is one of the most competitive of all sports when it comes to being recruited by colleges or universities. There are over a million men and women playing high school basketball and many thousands overseas. However, only 50,000 will receive athletic scholarships, which means that you start at a numerical disadvantage.

Today, there are many great student athletes in basketball who fail to get noticed or receive scholarship opportunities from schools that they never considered. This is why so many fall by the wayside and by their senior year it is basically too late. Understanding how to get recruited in basketball starts by assessing your talents so you know where you stand.

Basic Requirements

To provide yourself with the best chance to get noticed by college coaches and recruiters, it all starts early when your talent is beginning to emerge. In fact, the recruiting process often begins in 9th grade as talented athletes are spotted and watched through their high school career. So, it’s best to start planning even before high school to get properly noticed.

Evaluation: Where you stand in terms of talent offers an excellent starting point for the student and parents to properly prepare. One of the most important considerations is height which may seem arbitrary, but it is one tool that many recruiters will use in determining potential on the court. Being the average or above average height for a specific position helps considerably in getting noticed.

Each division in the NCAA and NAIA will have their own standards for recruiting, but being the right height does play a strong role.

Highlight Video: A short, effective highlight video that demonstrates the jumping, shooting, passing, dribbling, and other essential talents is crucial in getting noticed by college coaches. The video is really designed to wet their appetite to see more of the athlete in play.

Improve Academic Performance: The higher the grades, the better the chances of getting recruited due to qualifications for scholarships outside of athletics. All colleges are looking for students with excellent grade point averages, so boosting academic performance helps considerably.

The overall goal is to have college recruiters taking notice by the beginning of the junior year. This is when most of the recruiting occurs, so it is important to get an early start.

How SportsForce Helps You

You can greatly improve your status in how to get recruited in basketball by having SportsForce provide the right support. From assessing your strengths, going over the requirements, and creating a plan for success, you will maximize your chances at being recruited by colleges when SportsForce is by your side.

SportsForce offers a complete system that will help you get noticed by colleges and universities. SportsForce will also show you other ways that will help increase your chances of being recruited, from assisting with video highlights to emphasizing academics, SportsForce offers complete support so you’ll get noticed by recruiters from around the country.  Sign up for a free evaluation today by clicking on the “Blue” button in the upper righthand corner of the website.

Apr 17 2017

Ethan Wookey Feature Athlete Interview – Committed to Whittier College

We would like to congratulate Ethan Wookey on his commitment to Whittier College! Here are Ethan’s recruiting story and interview after his commitment. Good luck as a Poet!

Ethan Wookey

 1. Share your recruiting story and status

I started my recruiting process back in my sophomore-junior year during the summer when I started attending big tournaments and showcases on the west coast.  These were great for exposure and it began a long and challenging recruiting process.  My junior year season my dad took video of me playing to create a highlight video.  My junior-senior year summer was the biggest for me as I attended the headfirst camp in Long Island, New York.  Along with that showcase, I played in a number of tournaments and showcases in Los Angeles as well.  Lastly, I attended 3 different school recruiting camps.  None of which I ended up committing to.  I decided after my third one I wouldn’t go to anymore and I also decided that I was going to stay on the west coast.  This cut off a lot of potential offers, but it worked out for the best.  I then came down to the decision in March between Whittier and another school, and I ultimately chose Whittier.  I went to both schools, talked to both coaches in person and made my final decision.

2. What school are you going to, and why did you choose them?

I will be playing at Whittier College next year in Los Angeles.  I chose this college due to location, coaching staff, and most importantly the academics.

3. How did SportsForce help in the process?

SportsForce helped immensely in this process as they helped with contacting different coaches, recommended different showcases for maximum exposure, and edited my highlight video to show to colleges.  Ryan Thompson (my recruiting advisor) was also a big help, as he gave me great advice as I traveled through the summer and through my senior year.

4. What advice would you give to other players and parents with the recruiting process?

I would definitely recommend lots of raw footage of game situations to eventually make into a highlight video.  Also to be open to the process, as college coaches are very busy and aren’t always responsive right away.  There were a lot of the colleges that didn’t express a lot of interest in me because my size, speed, or strength were not aligned with their recruiting needs.  Try not to set your heart on one school too early as that school might not have a need for you.  There may also be schools that you will match up well with, but they may not have a roster spot for you due to previous recruiting years at your position.  For me, going to a school where I will be able to get lots of playing time early was a key.  Don’t be afraid to contact coaches by email or phone call.  Not every coach will respond to emails right away, so if you are interested in going to that school, calling them to tell them about certain tourney’s or showcase’s your attending is important.  Lastly, grades in school are a major key.  I didn’t qualify academically for some schools as my grades were too low to attend them. Having high grades really opens so many more doors.

5. How excited are you about your future in college?

I am very excited to start my college career, as I have been working toward it since I was 4 years old.

6. How much money do you anticipate your family saving in college expenses because of you being recruited?

Because I am going to a D3 school I will not receive any sports scholarships, but I did receive a healthy academic scholarship to cover a lot of the sticker price.

7. Would you recommend SportsForce to any other student-athletes? Why?

I would recommend SportsForce to any student-athlete trying to play sports in college as they give you an upper edge in the world of college coaches.

Over the last six years, SportsForce has helped over 1,000 student-athletes and families successfully navigate the college recruiting and athletic scholarship process while saving families on average $50,000 in college expenses.

Apr 07 2017

William Sweeney Feature Athlete Interview – Committed to Stanford University

We would like to congratulate William Sweeney on his commitment to Stanford University! Here are William’s recruiting story and interview after his commitment. Good luck as a Cardinal!

Will Sweeney
 1. Share your recruiting story and status

My recruiting process was difficult and stressful at times, but in the end, it turned out to be a total blast. After having promising sophomore and junior seasons, I initially cast a wide net and contacted schools from the D1 FBS level all the way to the D3 level. I attended camps during the summers, played 7v7 in the off-season, and trained year round. After my junior season, I began heavily contacting Ivy League and highly academic D3 schools, but I always had the dream of playing FBS football in the back of my mind. The recruiting process took a difficult turn when I tore my ACL during the winter of my junior year, but a few schools stood by me despite the injury. On a whim, I also decided to reach out to my dream school, Stanford University, and to my surprise, they responded quickly with interest despite my injury. They were interested in bringing on a preferred walk-on long snapper in my class and liked what they had seen from me in camp and on film. Once I displayed my ability to get into the school on my own with my grades and test scores, they offered me the spot. From then on, it was a waiting game to see if I would get in. I received my admissions offer on December 12th, committed an hour later, and signed my Letter of Intent on National Signing Day.

2. What school are you going to, and why did you choose them?

I chose my dream school Stanford University because it is the only school in the country that offers an elite education and the opportunity to compete for a national championship every season. Also, my mom and uncle are alumni, so I’ve grown up around campus and have always imagined myself there. It has been my goal since I was 7 years old.

3. How did SportsForce help in the process?

SportsForce and Andrew Beinbrink really helped me early on in the process by giving me the organizational tools to communicate with many schools. They showed me how to write effective emails that would give coaches an idea of my skills and who I am as a person. SportsForce really helped me put myself out there, as I was initially a little shy at first. Andrew also explained the NCAA recruiting rules for each level and simplified terms that I wasn’t familiar with, such as the Ivy League Band System. He was a great help to refer to if I was ever confused about something.

4. What advice would you give to other players and parents with the recruiting process?

I would advise that it’s good to start sending out emails early, right when an athlete has varsity film. Also, never be shy about reaching out to coaches. It is their job to find athletes, and you coming to them makes it that much easier for them. They appreciate it. Also, be careful about the number of camps you go to. You want to plan your summers in a way that allows you to recover and get sufficient rest before you see more coaches.

5. How excited are you for your future in college?

I could not be more excited. This is a total dream come true.

6. Would you recommend SportsForce to any other student-athletes? Why?

Yes, I absolutely would. SportsForce was a great asset to me early on in the process, and they supplied me with valuable information. The recruiting process can be tough or confusing sometimes, and it’s great to know you have someone there to answer your questions. SportsForce was there for me.

Over the last five years, SportsForce has helped over 1,000 student-athletes and families successfully navigate the college recruiting and athletic scholarship process while saving families on average $50,000 in college expenses.

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