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SportsForce athlete Oscar Sanay has accepted an athletic scholarship to Cal State Bakersfield to continue his baseball career with them. Oscar, who plays short stop and second base for Bonita Vista High School and club for the Bonita Vista Legends, had a few key factors which helped him decide on CSU Bakersfield.  Oscar was able to secure a scholarship that would allow him to play at CSU and move away from home. Oscar was also equally impressed with the level of education CSU Bakersfield can provide as well as the playing time he will see with their baseball team.

Oscar, who was originally leaning towards attending another university became aware that he would have a better chance to grow as a player at CSU Bakersfield. Oscar shared with SportsForce that what he is most looking forward to in college is a chance be around others who love the game as much as he does well as get a great education for whatever the future may hold.

“The most thing I’m looking forward to in playing at CSU Bakersfield is getting better. Not just getting better about baseball, but being more educated,” Oscar told us.

We wish Oscar the best of luck at CSU Bakersfield and hope to be hearing more great things from him in the future. Visit Oscar’s full SportsForce profile and check him out in action below.

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Nick Melka is a defensive end and tight end out of Lisle, IL. At 6’2” and 242lbs Nick is a force on the field. He is captain of the football team as well as a captain of the boys volleyball team. In his 2008 season, Nick has 51 Tackles, 6 tackles for a loss, 5 ½ sacks and one blocked punt. So far in his 2009 season, Nick has 11 ½ sacks over six games and one blocked extra point.

For Nick’s complete profile, click here.

Sean Callahan is a midfielder for the boys soccer team at the San Diego Jewish Academy. Sean is the leading all-time scorer for San Diego Jewish Academy as well as a varsity letter man as a freshman and named to All-Citrus League Team, scoring 8 goals. Sean was named team captain as a sophomore and Citrus League Player of the Year, scoring 28 goals in 19 games.

For Sean’s complete profile, click here.

Bernadette Butkiewicz plays outfield and 1B/2B for Patrick Henry High School in San Diego, CA. She was named the offensive MVP last season and also plays for the San Diego Chaos. Bernadette defines herself by saying, “I work hard not only in practice and in games, but I do my own personal training at Velocity in Poway and work with hitting Coach Darren Johnson.”

For Bernadette’s complete profile, click here.

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Part I: Questions 1-3

1. Who is Really Recruiting Me?

It is very easy to become enamored with letters, e-mails and general correspondence with colleges, but DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! It is crucial to understand who is really recruiting you. Schools that are truly interested will have established some sort of way to personally contact you. Have you spoken to the recruiter on the phone? (This is legal as long as he arranged for you to call him) If you went to camp, did you have a chance to speak with the head coach? Are you receiving handwritten notes from coaches regularly? Have you been explicitly told where you stand on their recruiting board? If the answer is “NO” to these questions, then you are not being actively recruited.

Most colleges send hundreds of automated letters and e-mails each week. These are meant to keep prospects warm. Do not take this reality check personally, but rather as another insight into the recruiter’s mind.  This brings us to question #2.

2. What should I do to make sure I am being recruited by the school that I want?

First, make sure that your top 5 schools have all of the necessary information to evaluate you: transcripts, film, contact information. Second, know who is in charge of recruiting your area or position, that person should know you and be able to contact you. Third, check recruiting websites to see who has committed to the school. Maybe they are not recruiting anyone at your position. Lastly, send updated film and information after your first few games during your senior year. Make a 10-clip highlight reel and attach two to three games afterward. Send this to your top 5 schools. This leads us to question #3.

3. Who should help me with the process?

The short answer…EVERYONE. But in reality, there are three figures that should be at the forefront of this decision. First, your head coach should have a clear idea about where you want to go and how he or she can help. The most helpful things he can do are talk to college coaches about your game, and ensure that you have an ample amount of game film. However, some coaches do not want to help as much as you’d like, or they do not believe in you. That is where your parents come in. Obviously, they know the game is important to you. They should know exactly what is on your mind regarding your athletic future. If your coach doesn’t provide film for you to give to college recruiters, beg Mom and Dad to film from the stands. (No extreme close-ups. Film the game. Provide coaches with your jersey color and number. They’ll figure the rest out.)

Lastly, the most important person in your athletic future is YOU! Do not leave it up to anyone else to decide where you will go and what you will play. Take charge of the recruiting process. Communicate to coaches and allow them every opportunity to evaluate your game. Take every opportunity to visit schools and be a part of the recruiting process. Most importantly, never lie about offers, commitments and your future. People will never forget how you handled your recruitment.

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