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For many parents, finding the best-recruiting websites for baseball helps to maximize the chances of their child getting an athletic scholarship. However, the challenge is separating all the many recruiting sites and selecting the one that provides the best opportunity for your child.

The value of recruiting sites is that they offer professional guidance in a field which few parents have any personal experience. Basically, recruiting websites are professional organizations that offer their unique skills, experience, and knowledge to help students stand the best chance of getting a scholarship. While many parents may have the time to do the work, they do not have the knowledge necessary to take advantage of the opportunities that are present.

How to Choose the Right Recruiting Site for Baseball?

The first step is separating the contenders from the pretenders in terms of their recruitment services. This means only looking at the recruitment sites that offer the right services for their clients.

Experience: This means more than just the number of years the professionals hired by the company have in helping kids in getting athletic scholarships, but in their success rate as well. While many companies can provide expert advice, it is their percentage of success that really matters. Their experience should be backed by customer testimonials and other means of knowing who does the best work.

Networking: The main application for the services provided by a recruiting site is reaching the right people at colleges and universities with the videos and letters needed to get their attention. Networking is the most vital recruiting service offered since it gets the right people interested in your child’s potential for their team. Too many parents often go to the wrong schools and wind up wasting time where they could’ve been working towards the right ones.

Guidance: Too many recruiting sites fall short when it comes to providing all the information that parents need. This means that they should be guiding both the parents and student in maximizing their chances at getting an athletic scholarship and letting them know about other opportunities such as tuition discounts or other forms of scholarships that can really help.

Of the many recruiting sites on the web, there is one that does have the experience, guidance, and contacts necessary to provide your child the best chance of success, SportsForce.

Why SportsForce Stands Out from the Competition

Of the best-recruiting websites for baseball, SportsForce is the one that is head and shoulders above all others. There are good reasons why, the most important of which is the experience and networking connections, which separates them from everyone else. With over 1,000 successful placements, hiring Sports Force means that your child will have the best chance of getting a baseball scholarship using our resources and guidance.

Get a free evaluation from SportsForce today so that your child can get properly evaluated and put on the right path towards success. While no company can promise an athletic scholarship, your child’s chances improve markedly when you have the knowledge, experience, and resources of SportsForce behind them all the way.


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For kids still in middle school or just entering high school who have a passion for playing baseball, there may be opportunities to get an athletic scholarship if you have the right potential. However, there are many things that can go wrong, which can create missed opportunities in landing an athletic scholarship. This is where professional recruiting sites can help, allowing kids with real potential to get recruited for baseball.

Why Choose a Professional Recruiting Site?

You may feel that professional recruiting sites are a waste of time and money when parents can do the work. However, it’s not just sending out videos or attending certain camps, there is a lot more to providing your child with the best chance to get an athletic scholarship for their baseball talent.

Experience: The people that run the best-recruiting sites have years of experience in evaluating talent and the potential of all athletes. This is vital because many parents make the mistake of aiming their efforts at colleges or universities that have little to no interest while missing opportunities that might get their child an athletic scholarship.

Networking: As in most professions, it’s not just what you know, but who you know that really counts. The best-recruiting sites have solid networking relationships with all colleges and universities so that they can place the right videos and information in the hands of the right people. Having an inside track makes all the difference for making the most of your child’s chances of getting an athletic scholarship.

Opportunities: Keep in mind that even the best efforts of the finest recruiting sites may not get your child an athletic scholarship in baseball. However, there are other opportunities to reduce college tuition that might be offered if you know where to look.

For example, while Division III schools do not offer scholarships, they do offer tuition breaks for many athletes that can really reduce the amount needed to be paid.

Plus, if your child is academically inclined, colleges and universities look favorably on those who might be able to earn a different kind of scholarship for their off-the-field efforts. There are many ways in which college tuition can be reduced and this is where recruiting websites can help. This is why so many parents choose Sports Force to assist their child in the recruiting process.

Why Sports Force?
For those with talent enough to receive an athletic scholarship, the best way to get recruited for baseball is to trust in a company with an outstanding reputation and track record. Utilizing its deep connections and networking ability in the college market, Sports Force has helped over 1,000 student-athletes get scholarships and can ensure that the right coaching staffs see your child’s talents.

Not only can SportsForce provide the right path towards obtaining an athletic scholarship, but we can also offer alternative means of reducing tuition costs, which helps a student-athlete in completing their education. Don’t wait, contact SportsForce today and find out how your child can maximize their opportunities for getting a baseball scholarship with a Free Evaluation.

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For students who are just entering high school, the time to start preparing for college is right now. Coaching staffs at colleges and universities start their search for talent at the freshman and sophomore levels. By the time a student reaches their senior year, they will most likely have been evaluated many times and their chances at getting an athletic scholarship is set.

Unfortunately, many parents are not aware of the process that college and university coaching staffs use to find the right talent for their programs. This means that for many students who have the right potential, they are not finding the places where they have the best chances of landing an athletic scholarship.

What Parents Do Not Know

Because there are relatively few athletes who excel so well they seemed destined for scholarships, many parents believe the same is true for all those who show talent in their field. Unfortunately, that is not the case as so many are simply not seen because they are not in the right place.

Talent: Every parent sees the best in their child in every endeavor. Unfortunately, many of them do not compare what they see to the competition that is out there for athletic scholarships. So many parents push for Division I schools that they overlook the opportunities at lower level programs where landing a scholarship is easier. This means that loads of kids are missing out on valuable opportunities because they are aiming at the wrong places.

Starting at the Right Time: College and university coaches start their search for talent when students enter high school. Basically, to maximize the chances for success, students must not only excel in their sport, but also participate in tournaments, camps, and sessions where coaches are present. For those who wait until their senior year, it’s usually too late, which means that they have missed out on the opportunities available to excel when they were freshmen and sophomores.

Marketing: It takes more than just playing well on the field or court, your child must be seen by the right people for them to stand a chance at landing a scholarship. Today, thanks to the internet, social media, and the many connections they provide, marketing your child’s abilities is easier than ever, but still, most get lost because they are never seen by those who make the decisions.

Why Choose SportsForce?

At Sports Force, we have proven ourselves to be one of the best college athletic recruiting websites by helping over 1,000 kids get scholarships. Our professionals have many years of experience in evaluating, promoting, marketing, and building networks so that students stand the best chance of landing an athletic scholarship. This is why SportsForce has become one of the premiere recruiting sites that helps high school athletes realize their dream of playing at the college level.

If you have a son or daughter entering high school with a talent for a specific sport, we can help them in their quest to play at a higher level. Let us help you make the most of your child’s chances of getting an athletic scholarship by applying for a free evaluation here.

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The two most important measures of whether your child can earn an athletic scholarship are having superb talent and superior grades. However, as important as those two measures are, they are often not enough for many students to get a scholarship because they have not been seen by the right coaching staff. This is where sports recruiting websites can help your child get seen by the proper people to maximize their chances of success.


The first step when joining a sports recruiting website is the assessment of your child’s talent. This will help determine at which level they are best suited to excel. There are many opportunities at Division II and even Division III level to play along with the NAIA. By understanding their potential, a recruiting website can aim their efforts at the right schools.


Once the target has been set, the next step is being seen by the right coaching staff. Filling out the profile on the right sports recruiting websites is a good start, but more will have to be done to ensure maximum exposure. This includes:

  • Advice from high school coaching staff
  • Participating in off-season tournaments, combines, and camps
  • Creating a short, powerful highlight video
  • Contacting the right schools
  • Registering at NCAA Eligibility Center

All these steps will help in getting your child noticed by the right people. Keep in mind that there are many factors which help coaching staffs decide on which athletes are right for their program. This means that some may show interest, but they may have other players in mind. In this regard, the right recruiting websites will keep expectations realistic. This can be crucial as many parents have given up once some colleges passed up their children while overlooking other institutions that still had a strong interest.

This is where the knowledge and experience of a professional sports recruiting site can be most helpful. They will take every opportunity to help you stay in touch with the colleges or universities that have shown interest so that you never get discouraged.

Keep in mind that being strong academically has a powerful influence on coaching staffs that are looking for the right talent for their teams. This opens the door to academic scholarships and other financial support that can really help, especially at Division III level where financial opportunities can help pay a significant portion of the tuition. Plus, the better they do academically, the more likely they are to succeed in school which is what college and university coaches want.

Why SportsForce is Your Best Choice

At Sports Force, we have the knowledge, experience, and connections to provide your child with the best chance of landing an athletic scholarship. SportsForce takes the complete approach in helping your child improve their skills and get seen by the right people. If your child has demonstrated their skills on the field or court, you should take every step to see if they can earn an athletic scholarship by working with a reputable sports recruiting website like SportsForce.  For a free evaluation just click HERE.

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Understanding how to get recruited for college baseball starts by first understanding that if you wait until your senior year, you have most likely missed your chance. In most cases, college and university recruiting coaches have already chosen potential scholarship athletes by their sophomore year with only a few left at the junior year.

The variable here is athletes of such high caliber that they are picked up in the MLB Wildcard Draft and forego college to go straight into the pros. For Division I schools, that means a few openings may be available at the senior year, but that only affects a few athletes at best. If you are shooting for Division I and the best programs, then you will need to demonstrate your skills during your sophomore year. Those aiming at other DI or Division II schools will most likely see recruitment in their junior year.

So, to get a phone call after July 1st just before your senior year, you’ll need to do more than just play well during your junior year. You’ll also need to do more than just create a highlight video, although that will help.

Visit Colleges

It’s common for many students to visit colleges during their sophomore year, especially if they are targeting the lower DI and DII schools. You’ll want to check out what they have to offer and know their requirements.


Not enough can be said about keeping your grade point average as high as possible. This is often the difference-maker between otherwise equal players on the baseball field. The higher your GPA and the better you do on college entrance examinations, the more likely you are to receive an athletic scholarship. This is because you have demonstrated the academic skills to do well in college.


You’ll need to stay fit and develop your skills in baseball so you can become more attractive to colleges and universities looking for your talent. The more developed your skills, the more likely you are to be looked at and chosen for an athletic scholarship.

Camps and Tournaments

To be seen, you’ll have to do more than just play for your high school team, you’ll need to attend the right camps and play in tournaments that many college and university coaches attend to see the talent available. The more you play and improve your skills, the more likely you are to garner the right attention.

How SportsForce Can Help

At SportsForce, we offer the right combination of experience, evaluation, marketing, and networking to ensure that you are seen by the right college coaches. We are a professional organization with many years of experience in helping high school students just like you realize their dreams of playing at a higher learning institution by getting an athletic scholarship.

Our experts will provide the right evaluation and direct your efforts at the colleges and universities that provide the best chance of landing an athletic scholarship. While we offer no guarantees, we do have an outstanding record of success in helping students like you realize your dreams. Please contact us today to find out more about how to get recruited for college baseball with a Free Evaluation.

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With many thousands of talented teens playing basketball in junior high, middle school, and high school around the country, the chances of landing an athletic scholarship at a Division 1 school may seem far-fetched. However, there is a process that improves the chances of getting a Division 1 basketball scholarship so that your son or daughter can attend the college or university that best suits their needs.

Tips for Improving Scholarship Chances

Do the Basics: This means keeping up with schoolwork, staying in shape, and beginning the process of contacting Division 1 schools for information about how to get athletic scholarships. You will need to start this process as soon as possible, preferably before your child enters high school. The longer you wait, the less their chances will be of nabbing an athletic scholarship. By the time they become seniors, college and university recruiters will have already made their decisions.

Improve Skills: Every day that is spent improving the skills of the child is another day they increase their chances of landing an important scholarship. Raw talent is simply not enough in today’s competitive world, so a little time each day dedicated to improving different aspects of their game will be of immense help.

This means staying in shape, learning new aspects of the game, and improving skills every day. The practices can be short so your child does not lose interest, but they do need to be focused so they are learning more about the game.

Summer Basketball: Perhaps the biggest change in recruiting over the past two decades is the rise of summer basketball camps. This allows the best from around the country to gather together and learn new techniques, play in tournaments, and most importantly get seen by college recruiters. This allows teens to stand out from the rest while learning new skills. By attending camps starting before their high school years, your teen stands the best chance of being noticed.

By being proactive, you can help your child get noticed by recruiters so they can maximize their chances of landing a scholarship. This means going to a professional organization like SportsForce that offers the best assistance for your teen.

How SportsForce Can Help

If you want to know more about how to get a Division 1 basketball scholarship, SportsForce a provides free evaluation for young, talented athletes, which will maximize their chances at landing a scholarship. Too many young athletes miss out on scholarship opportunities because they do not know their full potential, have not prepared in the right manner, or have the contacts necessary to reach those in each institution that improve the chances of landing a scholarship.

If your son or daughter has demonstrated real talent in basketball, then you will need to act quickly so they maximize their chances of landing a scholarship at a prestigious Division 1 school. Sign up for a free evaluation today and see how your teen can improve their chances of going to the university of their choice.

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For parents of children who have demonstrated real talent in baseball, the time to start thinking about recruitment by colleges or universities starts well before the senior year of high school. In fact, for baseball players the most important year may be their junior and sometimes their sophomore season.

This is because most college and university baseball coaches will have filled their recruiting class early due to the overlap in baseball seasons. It’s also not uncommon for college baseball coaches to get verbal commitments from high school sophomores.

So, your senior year in baseball, barring either a major setback or outstanding play, will have little to no effect on your chances for getting recruited. In fact, most players will have to submit their college applications even before their senior season begins.

How the MLB Draft Affects Recruiting

One issue that college baseball coaches face is the Major League Baseball draft. Because drafting a prospect can change everything in terms of what college baseball coaches where hoping to get, it means that your son will have to demonstrate their talents during their sophomore year in high school.

Otherwise, showing their skills in their junior and especially senior year is probably too late in terms of highly competitive conferences. A wild card in all this is the junior college or JuCo players who may transfer to the four-year schools if their MLB prospects do not work out. However, most baseball prospects will not be drafted by the MLB, it’s just that college baseball coaches have to be prepared.

The key to being recruited by college baseball coaches is getting your name and abilities out there to help them see who you are and what you can do for their team.

How SportsForce Can Help

If you are looking to improve your chances at getting recruited, Sports Force can help as the platform necessary to get you noticed by colleges and universities around the country. We provide several programs to promote your abilities so that baseball coaches take notice.

It all starts with an evaluation of talent, providing video of playing high school games, participating in camps that baseball coaches attend, and proper promotion that puts your name above the rest. For parents who want to give their child the best chance to succeed in getting recruited by good schools, SportsForce offers the means to get them where they belong.

Sports Force can help you create a list of schools to target which is best suited for your child. Then, we focus our efforts to ensure maximum exposure so that your son will have the best chance to live their dream of playing college baseball and getting a scholarship. SportsForce also brings our unique experience that can provide options that you might not have considered such as the types of schools that may be best suited for the talents of your child.

You will still need to start early to stand the best chance of being noticed by college baseball coaches, so check out what Sports Force offers and see why they make a big difference in turning prospects into college baseball players.  Get a free evaluation by clicking on the link above.



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Unfortunately, the college recruiting process is not a predictable one as many coaches use their own criteria to fill the needs of their team. So, while you may try your best to get your name and abilities out there for the coaches to see, the final decision will rest with them on who they choose to provide scholarships.

For parents and their children looking for the right college or university, it pays to look at the big picture, then narrow down the options over time. Too many will start with a shortsighted perspective and try to expand from there, which normally works against getting a scholarship when the original choices are gone. Putting all your eggs in one basket works against your interests primarily because of the unpredictability of recruiting.

The Unpredictability of Recruiting

Recruiting for colleges is a fluid, ever-changing process that often changes the perspective of how a high school athlete is viewed over the course of two to three years. In addition, coaching changes at universities are frequent as well. This means that an athlete who was highly prized may be forgotten as the new coach takes over.

Another issue is the opinions of those who may be a part of the recruiting process who may advise you and your child that the chances of getting a scholarship are not worth much until the offer is presented. You should never put much faith in what anyone tells you until the scholarship has been offered. Plus, focusing on what one coach says may cause you to miss out on other opportunities that may work out better in the long run.

The unpredictability increases with the lack of knowledge parents and their children have about the colleges and universities themselves. All schools that are worth serious consideration should be thoroughly researched so that their recruiting strategies are understood. For example, a coach will recruit athletes that best fit the system they have created. If your talents are not normally part of that system, then your chances are diminished in terms of getting a scholarship.

How SportsForce Helps You

You can avoid putting all your eggs in one basket by getting SportsForce on your side. We provide the resources you need to help your child get recruited by colleges and universities around the country. In a nutshell we maximize the chances of your son or daughter getting a college scholarship that pays for their higher education.

We help you see the big picture with all the possibilities to consider then narrow down in the right manner. The knowledge, experience, and talents that SportsForce brings to the table means that your child stands the best chance of getting selected by the appropriate college or university.

SportsForce offers a complete line of services designed to get the attention of college coaches so that your child will have their name, abilities, and potential placed front and center for consideration. While there are no guarantees in getting your child a sports scholarship, having SportsForce on your side increases the chances far above the normal recruiting channels that are available.  Get a free evaluation from an expert HERE.

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NCAA Saben Lee

Congratulations to SportsForce client Saben Lee.  Saben is a 2017 Point Guard from Phoenix, AZ.  We began introducing Saben to college basketball coaches in his sophomore year of high school.  Within about the first year of our working together, Saben received more than 20 Division I offers, including Stanford, Nebraska, Louisville, Utah, Pepperdine, Boise State and many others.  His final commitment was made to Coach Bryce Drew at Vanderbilt University of the SEC.

Regardless of your sport, the 5 Critical Elements to Securing Multiple Offers include:

  1. Good Communication: top college recruits understand how to effectively communicate with college coaches by asking strategic questions that uncover a coaches’ true interest in them, while also being uniquely prepared for those questions college coaches will ask of them.
  2. Appropriate Target-Lists: top college recruits focus on proper target-list schools and sports programs that match their athletic and academic skill-set, instead of wasting valuable time and energy on collegiate opportunities that most likely will never be realized.
  3. Take Control: top college recruits avoid the trap of relying solely on external factors to generate offers, such as assistance from high school or club team coaches, and only attending viewing tournaments, or camps in order to be “seen” or evaluated by college coaches.
  4. Stay Disciplined: top college recruits prepare for, and are diligent in the use of appropriate follow-up strategies with college coaches, even when some opportunities appear to be going nowhere. They spend time researching best-fit schools and make it easy for coaches to communicate with them.
  5. Game Plan Execution: top college recruits learn the importance of creating and then executing a well-thought out plan to beat the competition, and the competition is fierce in order to achieve your college recruiting goals. They know the absence of a well-developed plan creates uncertainty, misdirection and lost recruiting opportunities.

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Our partner Matt Hunt from College Hunt helps students successfully navigate the college selection process. In his latest blog post he explains, what steps students need to take throughout high school in order to compete for an admission in the Ivy League.

Ivy League

“Give yourself the opportunity to compete!” The Ivy League consists of eight of the most competitive admissions and desired campuses in the country. Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, U Penn, and Yale are the schools that make up the Ivy League. Each year they receive thousands of applications for not nearly the equivalent of spots.

How does a student give themselves an opportunity to compete for admissions? There is a process to follow, first, it’s important to look at some admissions numbers, and truly understand how extremely competitive it is. Here is a snapshot of admissions applications at three Ivy schools last year, Brown had 28,742 applications and 2,627 accepted= 9.14%, Princeton had 26,641 applications and 1,983 accepted= 7.44%, and Yale had 27,283 and 2,109 accepted. As you can see the competition is steep.

Competition is not a bad thing, and if you’ve decided to apply to one or two of the Ivy Leagues schools great, just understand the best of the best apply every fall and in reality, it’s become a global competition.

Now that we understand the level of competition, what can a student do throughout high school to give themselves the opportunity to apply?

  1. A positive display of well roundness in all aspects of your life.
  2. Must enroll in highest curriculum possible, with continued rigor throughout four years (Honors and AP courses- go with strengths).
  3. Take advantage of the curriculum offered at your high school.
  4. Three or more years of World Language and Science.
  5. Extracurricular activities- 2 with sustained commitment and leadership roles (team captain, treasurer, etc.)
  6. Strong performance on SAT or ACT tests.

The Ivy Leagues schools use what is called a “holistic” approach when reviewing individual applications. A holistic approach is one that allows the admissions officers to dig deep into the application by reading letters of recommendations, multiple essays and short answer questions, and extracurricular activities.

“What separates you from other applicants?” Is a question that plays a major role throughout the holistic admission process and final decision? Did you participate in an internship that matches with your future major and career goals? Have you shown extraordinary initiative or creative thinking in seeking out or designing an opportunity for yourself?  Have you displayed the strength of character in overcoming adversity?

Many of the Ivy League school applications will require an essay and often more than one. This is a tremendous opportunity to express more about yourself, your future goals, a particular strength, or area of growth. Do your research- adding specific information about a major or program reflects well.

The Ivy League schools provide students an outstanding educational opportunity. Once a student understands and accepts the level of competition they should move forward with completing the application and wait for the final decision.

For more information about the college selection process check out his blog!

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