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Sacha Urbach

1. Why did you decide to sign with the University of Massachusetts Boston?

I decided to play at Umass Boston because I wanted to be a four-year starter. Also, I really liked the academic environment of the school and the area of Boston can’t be beaten when it comes to college towns. The money the school is putting into the athletic program was a huge point in the decision-making process.

2. Describe the excitement you feel about becoming a college student-athlete?

I can’t be more excited about playing baseball in college. After excelling in high school, I want to be able to use my talents to play against the best competition in the country.

3. What advice would you give to other athletes looking to get recruited?

The advice I would give a high school athlete who wants to play at the next level is to make sure they gain as much exposure as possible, whether it be through videos sent to coaches or attending showcases, make sure to take advantage of every opportunity you get to show your stuff to college coaches.

4. Who has been the biggest influence in your sports career and why?

The biggest influence in my sports career has been my two coaches who helped me become the player I am today; my high school coach who turned me into a pitcher, and then my pitching coach who perfected my tools as a pitcher.

5. What would you like to accomplish during college sports career?

I want to be able to set school records in pitching categories. I know it might not sound like a realistic goal, but I believe the higher I set my goals, the more room I have to achieve great things. My other goal is to play at the next level after college because it is a game I love and I don’t want to ever have to put my glove down.


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