We would like to congratulate Austin Mowrey on his commitment to Columbia University! Here is Austin’s recruiting story and interview after his commitment. Good luck as a Lion!

Austin Mowrey
1. Share your recruiting story and status.

A majority of my recruiting began during my sophomore season and the summer before my junior year. I ended up committing in December of my junior year.

2. What school are you going to, and why did you choose them?

I committed to Columbia University because it had always been my dream to play at a prestigious academic institution with a successful baseball program. As an Ivy League school, who had dominated in baseball during recent years, Columbia was the fit I was looking for.

3. How did SportsForce help in the process?

SportsForce helped my recruiting process by setting up a profile on their website with a recruiting video. They also had several connections to coaches and colleges around the country.

4. What advice would you give to other players and parents with the recruiting process (ex. start early, get a highlight video)?

Some advice I would give to parents and players would be to make a recruiting video. This allows coaches to see you early on in high school and evaluate your talent before they see you play. Also, [for baseball] I would recommend attending Perfect Game events and the Arizona Fall Classic. Both of these events have a large variety of scouts.

5. How excited are you on your future in college?

I am very excited about my opportunities at Columbia and my future in New York City.

6. Would you recommend SportsForce to any other student-athletes? Why?

I would recommend SportsForce to other student-athletes because of the work they do for you. They provide all student athletes with the chance to continue their education and athletic careers.

Over the last five years SportsForce has helped over 1,000 student-athletes and families successfully navigate the college recruiting and athletic scholarship process while saving families on average $50,000 in college expenses.

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