The State Of College Recruiting Frequently Asked Questions

New Questions (April 7th 2020)

Likely effect of expanded eligibility on non-seniors? i.e. will the expanded eligibility be a four year issue until today's college freshman class passes the five year mark?

Yes, in combination with the shortening of MLB’s amateur draft, and the number of minor league affiliates will also play a role. Less eligible Sophomore and Junior draft picks, so less will leave school early which typically opens up opportunities for underclass players. In addition, older players are often better, so some colleges will play the older kid.

Is there a possibility that some baseball programs will grant Seniors an extra year of eligibility but not Juniors/Sophomores/Freshman? ie, can coaches be "selective" with respect to what year they grant an extra year of eligibility to?

No…it is open to all players and they (the player) will have the right to determine what year they are eligibility wise. Coaches can be selective in terms of financial assistance and roster spot granting…and some are already speaking to their players whom they don’t want to return to the roster.

How closely are coaches looking at SAT scores now that we can't take the tests for the time being?

Elite schools such as IVY League have to wait now on their own administration to determine what the ruling on admissions will be. If at all different since some kids may not be able to qualify until Senior Fall. Most schools that have academic assistance opportunities will continue to recruit a player without SAT/ACT scores, but will be unable to project what that player may qualify for $ wise at certain institutions. I do think some HS players that have taken their tests are ahead of the game, but conversely some can be told to be patient until the SAT/ACT problem is resolved. A bit of a Catch 22.

Video/Training Questions

How can we get new videos when we aren’t supposed to leave the house?

If you are in a lockdown quarantine situation then I would not worry about getting new skills video unless you have access to an outdoor hitting cage or throwing area at your home.

Will home videos of hitting, pitching, fielding while in quarantine be helpful?

This can be helpful, but not 100% mandatory. If you have access to a small cage or a net to hit into or throw into then that could be an opportunity, but it’s more important to review the past video and most recent video and stats, and measurables that you have on file.

Where can we go to get updated measurables and get results that can be verified?

Depending on the rules for your county or state it might not be feasible to get together with a few people in an outside environment that’s considered safe. If you can’t get together with others, you can try to do some drills at home, if that’s not possible then just hold tight until the timing makes sense.

Since there are no games going on right now, should we occasionally tweet current training videos?

Yes that is an option I would provide more than just one or two swings or one or two pitches, try to provide a handful. Most importantly look at the existing video that you have on file from the winter or the spring and identify the best clips to consider editing.

It would be great if it could be based off of what colleges/universities expect of their first year athletes so student-athletes know they are doing the things to stay strong and get better prepared for their sport at the next level.

High School/Schedule/Summer Questions

I am currently talking to a coach and don’t know how to send him my schedule since it is likely to change?

At this point I would hold tight and provide the most recent video, statistics, and any measurables you can provide to give them an update. Every college coach realizes that we are currently in a holding pattern in terms of the upcoming schedule for high school or summer.

If this pandemic continues into the summer and fall, in what ways will that affect exposure to college coaches?

If this pandemic continues, recruiting online will become even more important. The components that will matter most will include the following:

  • Quality skills/game video
  • Recent statistics
  • Recent measurables / metrics
  • Objective scouting report
  • Ongoing and proactive marketing outreach to college coaches

What happens if summer events are cancelled?

You will potentially need to dramatically adjust your recruiting efforts, skill and athletic development plan. At this point it’s too early to predict what is going to happen. We recommend staying informed on your current High School academics and athletic program decisions.

Should I consider reclassifying or repeating my current year of High School?

This is ultimately a decision for each family to decide for themselves. There are certainly benefits to it. It’s essentially like redshirting a year in college to take an extra year of development and physical maturation. This could help give a slight advantage over other student-athletes in the same grade. Before you make a decision, remember to weigh all of the ramifications of such a decision.

If my HS season gets completely cancelled, will it be made up at some point? Will high school teams play any extra games next year or anytime to make up any of this season?

At this point I would hold tight and let’s wait for more information from your high school or summer team program. Every college coach realizes that we are in a current holding pattern in terms of the upcoming schedule for high school or summer.

Academic Questions

How will this affect higher academic universities/colleges where students aren’t likely to stay an extra year?

Most likely these higher academic schools will have more seniors that choose to move on and graduate and not look too use another year of Eligibility to play.

ACTs and SATs are all delayed. Have coaches mentioned anything about this requirement for admission?

At this point we have not heard a considerable amount of feedback from college coaches about the SAT or ACT and testing date concerns.

College Recruiting Questions

Should we be actively reaching out to college coaches now?

1) Juniors and Seniors should be reaching out to college coaches at this time, as programs are still recruiting. Freshman and Sophomores, depending on where you’re at in the recruiting process and what your coaches recommend, ask them to see if it makes sense to reach out to college coaches at this time.

2) Create or reevaluate your college target list to make sure it focuses on realistic and reach schools, not dream schools.

3) Get organized

The major components that you can work on organizing includes the following.

  • Quality skills/game video
  • Recent statistics
  • Recent measurables / metrics



Are colleges more likely to offer people they have already seen if they aren’t able to go out and recruit this summer?

This is a good question and if that college program is looking to finalize their class and are wanting to make an offer soon for a certain position then yes I would say college coaches will be more interested in a player that they’ve seen in person before extending an offer to someone they’ve only seen on video.

Very interested in understanding the NCAA recruiting impact for bringing players back for another year of eligibility? How will the eligibility waivers and increased roster sizes affect the recruiting opportunities in the coming years?

At this point it’s too early to predict how they are going to handle college roster sizes, scholarships, and the eligibility waiver offer.

Will my scholarship offer and roster spot change at the college (ALL LEVELS) I committed to?

If you are a signed senior and have signed a formal letter of intent then your scholarship should be locked in. At this point it’s too early to predict how they are going to handle your scholarship offer. If you are a junior, sophomore, or freshmen there’s a possibility that based on roster sizes and scholarship totals that your offer might get adjusted, but again we have no idea if that will happen at this point or not.

With roster limitations maybe being relaxed, would a D1 program be more apt to take me in a walk on spot with the extra slots they may have?

We’ve spoken with a number of Division 1 coaches in the last week and it is still too early to determine how recruiting will play out, the total roster sizes, and how that will impact the 2020 recruiting class.

Are all NCAA spring athletes being considered for an extra year, or just seniors?

We know the NCAA is meeting again on March 30th to discuss how they plan on finalizing their eligibility waiver decisions. We will keep you posted as soon as the information is available.

Are college coaches going to be more hesitant about recruiting for the 2020 class if money is locked up in this year’s senior class?

At this point it is too early to tell because we don’t know how programs are going to handle their seniors, how many seniors will come back, how the Major League Baseball draft will affect things, and so on. Stay tuned.

Is it too late for 2020 grads?

It is absolutely not too late for 2020 grads to get recruited, there are plenty of schools still recruiting. However many of the recruiting opportunities are more available for lower-level schools D2, D3, NAIA schools. Some Division 1 and Division 2 programs will use the remainder of the spring and part of the summer to continue to evaluate their final roster spots and potential scholarship opportunities for 2020 graduates.

Miscellaneous Questions

Is there a preference on how to follow up or reach out to coaches... via email, phone call or text message?

As a student-athlete we recommend utilizing a combination of:

  • Personalized email outreach directly to college coaches on your target list
  • Posting on Twitter to help with generating more exposure
  • Following college coaches on Twitter and DMing them if the school is a realistic or reach fit
  • You can also make a phone call to college coaches.

We provide support and training for all of these important steps.

Can you provide more information on how the NCAA transfer portal works?

The Transfer Portal was created as a compliance tool to systematically manage the transfer process from start to finish, add more transparency to the process among schools and empower student-athletes to make known their desire to consider other programs.

We highly recommend reviewing the full overview of the NCAA transfer portal below.