For parents of children who have demonstrated real talent in baseball, the time to start thinking about recruitment by colleges or universities starts well before the senior year of high school. In fact, for baseball players the most important year may be their junior and sometimes their sophomore season.

This is because most college and university baseball coaches will have filled their recruiting class early due to the overlap in baseball seasons. It’s also not uncommon for college baseball coaches to get verbal commitments from high school sophomores.

So, your senior year in baseball, barring either a major setback or outstanding play, will have little to no effect on your chances for getting recruited. In fact, most players will have to submit their college applications even before their senior season begins.

How the MLB Draft Affects Recruiting

One issue that college baseball coaches face is the Major League Baseball draft. Because drafting a prospect can change everything in terms of what college baseball coaches where hoping to get, it means that your son will have to demonstrate their talents during their sophomore year in high school.

Otherwise, showing their skills in their junior and especially senior year is probably too late in terms of highly competitive conferences. A wild card in all this is the junior college or JuCo players who may transfer to the four-year schools if their MLB prospects do not work out. However, most baseball prospects will not be drafted by the MLB, it’s just that college baseball coaches have to be prepared.

The key to being recruited by college baseball coaches is getting your name and abilities out there to help them see who you are and what you can do for their team.

How SportsForce Can Help

If you are looking to improve your chances at getting recruited, Sports Force can help as the platform necessary to get you noticed by colleges and universities around the country. We provide several programs to promote your abilities so that baseball coaches take notice.

It all starts with an evaluation of talent, providing video of playing high school games, participating in camps that baseball coaches attend, and proper promotion that puts your name above the rest. For parents who want to give their child the best chance to succeed in getting recruited by good schools, SportsForce offers the means to get them where they belong.

Sports Force can help you create a list of schools to target which is best suited for your child. Then, we focus our efforts to ensure maximum exposure so that your son will have the best chance to live their dream of playing college baseball and getting a scholarship. SportsForce also brings our unique experience that can provide options that you might not have considered such as the types of schools that may be best suited for the talents of your child.

You will still need to start early to stand the best chance of being noticed by college baseball coaches, so check out what Sports Force offers and see why they make a big difference in turning prospects into college baseball players.  Get a free evaluation by clicking on the link above.



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