For high school students who play baseball, working towards getting an athletic scholarship or discount on tuition can be difficult unless you know how to reach college coaching staffs. One way to become noticed is through college baseball showcases.

What Are College Baseball Showcases?

A showcase should not be confused with a training camp, which is often run by college coaches. Instead, a baseball showcase is an independently run event that features training sessions and often a game to demonstrate the skills of baseball players in front of college coaches.

Showcases are quite helpful to college baseball coaches who want to see high school players demonstrate their skills. This is because attending actual games may be problematic, so special showcases are set-up for students to be seen and evaluated. Quite often, college coaches determine who to pursue at these events.


The first advantage that such showcases offer is the ability to set a goal and achieve it by the time you attend one or more of these events. You can work on improving your conditioning, raise your grades in school, and learn new skills that can be demonstrated at these events. It’s little wonder why so many high school baseball players love to attend these events.

Full Demonstration of Skills: Unlike a typical baseball game where your skills may not be put on full display, the showcase provides an opportunity to demonstrate just what you can do. For college coaches who attend, it offers the ability to see what players can do at all levels.

Opportunities: While many may not hear about college baseball showcases, most cities and large towns may have one, two, or more each year. This means that you can attend the right showcases and plan ahead to maximize your opportunities.

Access to Coaches: While the college coaches are there to see you, it’s possible to talk to them as they want to know more about you. And while showcases are not designed for formal recruiting, it is possible to make a strong impression with your skills that get a reaction from the coaches.

However, it is important to understand that not all showcases will have the college coaches attending that you want. Plus, the expense of entering the showcase makes attending more than one or two difficult for those on a budget. You’ll need to know which showcases are right for your skill level, which is where SportsForce comes in.

Why SportsForce is the Right Solution

There are many reasons why SportsForce is the ultimate solution in helping high school students achieve their dream of attending college through athletic scholarships. SportsForce consists of a team of knowledgeable, experienced professionals who have spent years working with college coaching staffs and maintains a primary focus on Baseball.

SportsForce understands how college baseball showcases work and which ones may be the best for you. With over 1,000 successful scholarships for its clients, SportsForce can help improve your chances of landing a college athletic scholarship. Get a free evaluation today. Just click HERE.



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