Fortunately, there are sports recruiting websites that assist students and their parents in getting a D1 scholarship. Here is what you need to know in getting started.

Perhaps the dream of all high school athletes and their parents is to land a Division 1 athletic scholarship. However, there is a big difference between dreaming about it and understanding how athletes actually get D1 scholarships. For many, years of work may not bear fruits because they never got in front of the right people or didn’t train properly or just didn’t understand what was necessary to land the scholarship.

What It Takes to Land a D1 Scholarship

The first step is evaluating whether the student has the talent and skillset to be a D1 athlete. This will determine if the student is capable of competing at that level. Keep in mind that many students will not make it, at least as part of the evaluation is concerned. For students and parents, it may be a hard pill to swallow, but if the evaluation shows that D1 is not the right level, then at least attention can be paid to the DII and DIII levels to get a scholarship or tuition discount.

Once it has been determined that D1 is the right level, the next step is engaging in an effective training program. This means eating right, exercising, and working out to boost the overall skillset to effectively compete against the stiff competition. This is not about emphasizing the strengths but shoring up any weaknesses that might hold the student back.

Finally, it’s getting the student seen by the D1 coaching staffs. This means playing on the team, but also participating in showcases and in video highlight packages that gets them in front of college or university coaches. Also keep in mind that good grades can do wonders in helping students land a D1 scholarship. Coaches want to see their players excel in the classroom as well as on the field.

It’s going to take more than just personal effort to get a student in front of the right coaches; it’s going to take the assistance of a sports recruiting site to do the job. You will need the best team on your side to ensure that you are prepared for D1 play. Also, this same team of recruiting advisors should be able to get your abilities on display, so that the right coaches can see them. This is where SportsForce comes in.

How SportsForce Can Help

If you are looking for guidance in how to land a D1 scholarship, SportsForce is here for you.  Our professional staff has over 10 years of experience in helping students like you land athletic scholarships and will work hard to give you every advantage possible. Offering the best in evaluation, training, and marketing services, SportsForce stands above the rest thanks to its commitment, dedication, and specialized knowledge in helping students just like you realize their baseball dreams.

While there is no guarantee that you will land a D1 scholarship, you can maximize your chances by relying on the knowledgeable, experienced professionals at SportsForce. Call today and find out more about how SportsForce can help.

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