For many high school student-athletes who play baseball and their parents, the goal of obtaining an athletic scholarship is a dream that not all will achieve. This is because the number of scholarships available is a fraction compared to the student-athletes who are pursuing them. However, you can maximize your chances to get recruited for college baseball if you plan accordingly and have the right team working for you.

How to Maximize Your Chances for Success

The first piece of advice is that you need to start early. This is because Major League Baseball (MLB) can draft athletes out of high school. While this may or may not affect you directly, it does generally push up the timetable the college coaches work in recruiting athletes for their programs.

This means that student-athletes are competing for the top baseball programs in Division I, so you better plan on being ready by your sophomore year. For Division II and Division III level, it’s quite possible to be recruited in your junior year. This means that for you to maximize your chances of success, you’ll have to get the attention of college baseball coaches well before your senior year begins. This generally requires the following;

  • Understanding Your Talent
  • Improving Skills through Practice
  • Keeping Your Grades Up
  • Attending Camps & Showcases
  • Creating Promotional Material for College Coaches

You should get evaluated by your freshman year to see about where your talent level falls for baseball. This will help guide you in finding the right colleges and universities to seek out. Continued practice will help boost your skill level and address any weaknesses in your game.

Keeping your grades up is important because it can help you land a scholarship and demonstrate you are serious about completing college. You will need to attend camps and a few showcases to learn new skills and demonstrate your talents first-hand to college coaching staffs looking to fill their rosters. Finally, promotional materials such as video highlights provide coaches with a way to see what you can do, even if they have yet to visit you personally.

It’s not easy to do all of this on your own. For many high school students and their parents, the determination to get the attention of college coaches may be there, but the knowledge and ability to do so is often not. This is where you need the right team of professionals by your side providing the guidance needed to succeed.

Why SportsForce is the Right Choice

To get recruited for college baseball, you’ll need a proven reputable company like SportsForce by your side. Over the years, SportsForce has demonstrated their ability to help high school baseball players realize their dream of playing college baseball. They help student-athletes obtain athletic scholarships and have helped reduce college expenses for over 1,000 of their clients.

From evaluation to planning, training, attending camps and showcases, to creating video highlights and more, SportsForce has put together the right people with proven methods of success that has helped student-athletes realize their dream of playing college sports. For high school baseball players who show promise on the field, contact the experts at SportsForce today and get a Free Evaluation.


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