We would like to congratulate Dylan Day on his commitment to the University of Northern Colorado. Here are Dylan’s recruiting story and interview after his commitment. Good luck as a Bear!

1. Share your recruiting story and status.
At first, the recruiting process was overwhelming, but as time went on, I began to narrow down my options and choices. 

2. What school are you going to, and why did you choose them?
I committed to the University of Northern Colorado shortly after my official visit in mid-November. I had several other offers ranging from D1 to NAIA, but ultimately, I chose Northern Colorado because I felt a connection with the players and coaching staff. I know that at the University of Northern Colorado, if I work hard, I can contribute early in my career, and make the development needed to play at the next level. The University of Northern Colorado also offers my specific major, Exercise Science, but I have the opportunity to specialize in Cancer Rehabilitation at the Cancer Rehabilitation Center on campus. 

3. How did SportsForce help in the process?
SportsForce helped me create a recruiting profile with videos the team put together. I was able to get feedback from professional pitching analysis, and they helped me with communication, narrowing my college search and choosing the right events to attend. I feel the phone calls with Andrew and email exchanges were an excellent help for getting help with tough questions and concerns about my recruiting.  SportsForce also helped get me into the Fall Classic and Academic Try-out in my junior and senior years. Ultimately, after playing with California Club Baseball at the Junior Fall Classic, I was invited to continue to play with them through the next Summer and Fall, which greatly enhanced my experience and exposure. In addition, Andrew attended many of the events where I played, which gave him insight into my abilities as a player and helped him connect me with coaches and promote me as a player on social media. 

4. What advice would you give to other players and parents with the recruiting process?
I would advise anyone entering this process to start early and keep an open mind to schools that they may not have considered at first glance. Pay attention to all offers that are made and respond to the coaches if they reach out to you. You may be surprised by the opportunities out there that you may miss if you don’t open communication. Think about whether or not you will actually get to play on the team as well. If you are not playing, you won’t be developing. Also, consider your academic goals and desired course of study. 

5. How excited are you on your future in college?
I am very excited to be playing with the University of Northern Colorado next year and feel my future as a player and student is bright. I love to work hard, and I am looking forward to the challenge of D1 baseball.

6. How much money do you estimate your family saving in college expenses over the entirety of your college career?
My family will save quite a bit over my four years at college with academic and athletic scholarships. Overall, the University of Northern Colorado will be a great value education for me.

7. Would you recommend SportsForce to any other student-athletes? Why?
I would recommend SportsForce to other players looking to play in college. It helps to have a staff of professionals helping to create, assess, and promote your player profile. I don’t think I could have gotten through this process without all of the help and support I got from Andrew and the team. SportsForce made the process more bearable and successful for me and my family.

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