For high school students and parents who are seeking out athletic scholarships, finding out just how highly competitive it is can be a shock. This is because there are only a fraction of available scholarships compared to the number of student athletes who seek them out. And while the top recruits may seemingly have an easy path to success, for most students they will need assistance to have the best chance of landing an athletic scholarship.

This is where college athletic recruiting services can help you to succeed. These independent services are designed to help students and their parents better navigate the complicated issues of getting the right scholarship or tuition discount. While there are no guarantees, such recruiting services offer an edge that might make the difference.

What are College Athletic Recruiting Services?

These are independent companies that are mostly made up of former athletes and coaches and university recruiting staffs. This means that the best ones have the knowledge and experience to navigate the highly competitive process of scholarship acquisition. Their services consist of the following;

  • Evaluation
  • Training
  • Planning
  • Promotion

Each of these areas are essential if a high school student wants the best shot at landing an athletic scholarship. The evaluation is the most crucial part of the services, providing an unbiased opinion of the capabilities of a student athlete and at which level they are most likely to get an athletic scholarship.   Keep in mind most services will not give you an unbiased opinion as their primary agenda is to get you as a client and take your money.

Arguably the biggest mistake that students and their parents make is aiming too high in terms of the available schools. There are Division II, NAIA, and Junior College that offer athletic scholarships or tuition discounts where many students stand a better chance of succeeding. Also, Division III offers competitive baseball and can often put together great academic and financial aid packages.   

Training consists of laying out a regimen where the student athlete can focus on areas that need improving while getting into better physical condition. Being ready for college play is a big part of landing an athletic scholarship. The recruiting services will then plan out appearance at camps and showcases which are excellent for learning new skills and getting noticed by college and university coaching staffs.

Finally, in the promotional phase you’ll be assisted in the creation of a highlight video and sending it to the right people. This is where the networking aspect of recruiting services can be invaluable. Of course, to fully succeed, you’ll need to hire the best in the business and this is where SportsForce can help.

Why SportsForce is Your Choice

With so many college athletic recruiting services out there to help you, SportsForce has proven to be one of the best because we specialize in baseball. By offering exceptional evaluation, planning, and promotion services for baseball athletes, SportsForce has a track record of success with over 1,000 student athletes. This means SportsForce has the knowledge, experience, skills, and networking capabilities to get your talents in front of the right people.

With so many students competing for so few college athletic scholarships, SportsForce offers what you need to get the competitive edge. Contact us today for a free no BS evaluation.

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