Sierra Michaelsen

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Sport: Girl's Lacrosse
HS Grad Year: 2011
Recruitment Status: Committed
Position 1: Midfield
Position 2: Defense
Ht. / Wt.: 5' 8'' / 130 lbs.
School Jersey #: 23
Club Jersey #: 29
School: Newport Harbor High School
Location: Newport Beach, CA
Club Team: XTeam
Other Sports:
GPA: 3.80
SAT: 1940
ACT: 29
Transcript: Yes
My strengths and weaknesses are what make me as a person. I understand what it takes to be human and I understand what makes us who we are as individuals. I work hard to achieve everything I can possibly accomplish. I believe in timeliness, determination, and sometimes a good laugh when in comes in handy. My imagination runs wild- it creates new plans,solutions, and creations all my own. With it, I can tackle any challenge that I seek, and take it down with ease. With the challenges that I


Christa Samaras
Title: Coach
Organization / School: XTeam
Phone Number: 212.564.1524
Recommendation: Sierra is one-of-a-kind – on the field and off of it. With a natural athleticism and a growing hunger to tighten her skills, Sierra shines everywhere on the field. At the elite level, her specialty is as a change-agent; she makes things happen that disturb the course of the game in our favor. She is able to create offensive plays as a veritable threat to goal, re-defend on the ride to cause a turnover and communicate within a settled defense in such a way that increase the overall strength of the unit. She is a true original, running best at midfield and oftentimes does not take the conventional route. She is practical, committed and absolute in her decision making on the field. But, she has a wide vision of the game as it develops that is much like her personality off the field. She considers different situations, her teammates and what she wants for her future. She wants to play lacrosse and she is equipped to do it well in college.