Kylie Steagall

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Sport: Girl's Softball
HS Grad Year: 2013
Recruitment Status: Committed
Position 1: Pitcher
Position 2: Third Base
Ht. / Wt.: 5' 4'' / 160 lbs.
School Jersey #: 11
Club Jersey #: 11
School: Steele Canyon High School
Location: Spring Valley, CA
Club Team: Batbusters 18U Gold (Fox/Tillet)
Other Sports:
GPA: 3.6
SAT: 1430
ACT: 21
Transcript: N/A
I am a hard worker and play to win. I do well under pressure and tend to play better as the pressure becomes more intense. Offense is my favorite part of the game. I am a good pitcher, but feel that I am just as good at third base. Softball is more than just a game to me, it is a part of who I am.


Cordell Hipolito
Title: Owner/Director
Organization / School: Golden State Sports Training
Website link:
Recommendation: Playing Ability

I am most familiar with Kylie's hitting ability. She has above average bat speed and displays homerun power to center and right center. She has improved to become a highly disciplined hitter that can make the proper adjustments to whatever an opposing pitcher has to offer. Her statistics in club ball and high school softball reflect her ability. Kylie is an enthusiastic and very competitive athlete. She has high expectations of herself and her work ethic is consistent with her expectations. She has the maturity to understand that she needs to continually work for improvement in order to reach her athletic goals. This combination of coachability and work ethic make Kylie a coach's dream.


Kylie makes her teammates better. She is fun loving and enthusiastic, but also one of the more talented players. When your best players are also your hardest workers, then a team will have great leadership. Kylie is a great leader. Her team can count on her athletic talent, and more importantly count on her EFFORT, that she will do all she can to succeed and help her team succeed.

Stan Hunt
Title: Softball Pitching Coach
Organization / School: Gold State Stars (Softball)
Website link:
Recommendation: Playing Ability

I have worked with Kylie on her pitching skills since she was 14 years old, and during this whole time she has exceeded my expectations. Her work ethic is unquestionable along with her desire to excel as a pitcher. As a pitcher Kylie has good control and is able to move the ball effectively in and out of the strike zone. She understands the necessity of throwing non strikes and getting outs. Being able to understand how to handle the non controllables during game situations is excellent. Specifically, her change is consistently slow and can be thrown any time in the count. She sells her change up very well. Drop ball is thrown with excellent down spin and does get a lot of ground balls. Her curve breaks very well and can be thrown in and out of the strike zone. Screwball breaks into right handed batters cutting ino their hands not allowing them to get around the pitch. And finally the rise ball does induce pop ups and routine fly balls. If I were still the pitching coach for UCSD I would rate Kylie as a top prospective student athlete. I believe that recruiting and finally getting Kylie to commit to any unversity would be a very wise choice.


Kylie has a very out-going personality who is easy going until you put a softball in her hands. Then she changes into a very good athlete who has a desire to be the best of the best. She is open minded to changes and works tirelessly to achieve or exceed goals. She has a great sense of humor and has good horse sense. She would be a great team mate for any college softball team.

Mark Potter
Title: Head Softball Coach
Organization / School: Serra High School
Phone Number: (619) 249-2291
Recommendation: Playing Ability

Kylie is a very coachable player. She takes direction well and applies it well. She is adept at converting direction into action. Kylie also gives great feedback on how things work or do not work for the team.


Kylie has a great and quirky personality. She is not afraid of speaking her mind or asking questions for the benefit of the team. Kylie would be a great addition to any team. She is a smart baserunner and a strong hitter. She is a very capable and compentent pitcher. As a pitcher she is a spin/location pitcher. She is a plus 3rd baseman. She would make any team better. I would recommend her to your program. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call me...Mark Potter (619) 249-2291
Additional Information: Asst coach Power Surge 18U- Vincent