Devon Kraus

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Sport: Girl's Lacrosse
HS Grad Year: 2011
Recruitment Status:
Position 1: Defense
Position 2:
Ht. / Wt.:
School Jersey #: 45
Club Jersey #: 22
School: Rye Country Day School
Location: Rye, NY
Club Team: XTeam
Other Sports: Soccer
Transcript: Yes
I love being a student-athlete because after a rigorous day of school (which usually includes an AP United States History test) I get to spend two hours playing lacrosse before I begin my tremendous amount of homework. After being stuck in a classroom all I day, I love being able to change into my work out clothing, go outside, and work up a sweat. As well, being a student-athlete allows me to have a family outside my classroom. My teammates and I all have about the same amount of stress and fo