Custom Edited Video & Recruiting Tools and Resources

  • Custom Edited Video
  • Expert Video Evaluation
  • Online Athlete Profile
  • NCAA Coach Database

The Silver Video Package Includes:
  • Custom Edited Highlight Video
    • Our experts review your video footage and pick out the top plays that will showcase your strengths.
    • We know exactly what college coaches are looking for and sequence your video in the order that coaches prefer.
    • If necessary we will use a spot shadow effect to help coaches quickly identify you in the highlights.
  • NCAA College Coach Database & Search Tool
    • Create your personalized college target list and save over 20 hours of research time.
    • You get access to a complete up-to-date email and phone database of all the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA college coaches in the country.
    • You'll save an estimated 30+ hours of research time.
  • Student-Athlete Profile & Video
    • Organize all of your athletic and academic information in the exact format that college coaches prefer.
    • Showcase your highlight video to your top college choices.

All this is included for only $299

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Why Parents Are Raving About Us:
Marie Bradvica

The educational information SportsForce provides is an essential foundation for any parents of athletes considering college sports. Knowing the game plan before you start makes the recruiting process much easier to understand and navigate. Thanks for your professionalism, your comprehensive services, and your personalized attention.

George Bradvica (Father of Marie Bradvica - Boston College)

Royce York

After receiving the first set of videos from Sportsforce I immediately sent them to five coaches. I had responses from four of them within a couple of days. One of the coaches comments that we met with personally was, " Coaches, referees, spectators all have different perspectives of a soccer game as it is played, but film does not lie". Sportsforce's videos are indeed a very effective way to get college coaches attention. Sportsforce did a super job. The presentation was very professional.

Roger York (Father of Royce York)