Your Complete Custom Highlight Video Solution

Let our experts personally review your video footage and select your top plays to showcase to college coaches.

The Gold Video Package Includes:
  • Custom Edited Highlight Video
    • Our experts review your video footage (Up to 5 games) and pick out the top plays that will showcase your strengths.
    • We know exactly what college coaches are looking for and sequence your video in the order that coaches prefer.
    • We use spot shadow effect to help coaches quickly identify you in the highlights.
    • Watch How our Video Production Process Works
  • Add Game Footage to Your Highlight Video
    • Add up to 60 minutes of video footage to your highlight video. College coaches often request game video after reviewing your highlight video.
    • Allows college coaches to provide a complete evaluation of your athleticism and skills.
  • 10 DVD Copies (Personalized Label)
    • Some coaches prefer a DVD copy of your highlight video. Each DVD includes your highlight video AND full game footage on 1 DVD. We provide you with 10 DVD copies to send out to your top colleges.
    • We print a personalized label on each DVD copy so college coaches have all of your contact information on file.
  • NCAA College Coach Database
    • You get access to a complete up-to-date email and phone database of all the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA college coaches in the country.
    • You'll save an estimated 30+ hours of research time.

All this is included for only $799

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Why Parents Are Raving About Us:
Spencer Zender

Sports Force helped us create a video that got immediate attention from coaches and their staff at our top targeted schools. The video was well edited, and showcased the talent and potential of our son. We received calls shortly after sending out the video via mail and e-mail. Coaches commented during recruiting trips that the video was well done and showcased his abilities. As a result our son is at his target school and on the number 6 ranked team in the NCAA.

Brian Zender (Father of Spencer Zender – Loyola Marymount University)

Spencer Zender

Our family's experience with SportsForce was extremely positive. The professional approach to our son's video, academic and personal profile gave us great confidence that he would be well represented. Changes we requested even after the video was completed were handled immediately with a "no problem" attitude. In the end, our son received numerous DI and DIII lacrosse opportunities based on what coaches saw on his online video. It was certainly a relief to have a comprehensive information packet to send interested coaches with a touch of a button. Sportsforce definitely enhanced the recruiting process for our son and gave us the peace of mind that we did all we could to maximize his exposure to great college lacrosse programs.

Rina Gibbons (Mother of John Gibbons - Lacrosse - 2011 - Saint Ignatius)