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The world of the NFL offseason has gone crazy once again…Tim Tebow has been traded to the Jets. The Jets sent two picks — a fourth-rounder and sixth-rounder in 2012 — to the Denver Broncos in exchange for a seventh-round selection. It was expected that Tebow would be sent to the trading block when Peyton waltzed into the Mile High City, signing a five-year, $96 million contract. Some thought Tebow would return to Jacksonville as the hometown hero, surely helping the Jaguars with more ticket sales, but the Jets were really the sleeper team here. The first question that comes to mind is why? Some players didn’t even want Tebow to join the organization in the first place. Antonio Cromartie even posted on his Twitter account, “Y bring Tebow in when we need to bring in more Weapons for @Mark Sanchez let’s build the team around him. We already signed to 3 year ext.”

Tebow will be joining a cast of backups behind Mark Sanchez, and I’m betting we see some big QB controversy here. Tebow will either emerge as a change-of-pace QB who doesn’t threaten Sanchez, while excelling in a role that truly shows off his talents, or he could add another dimension of craziness to the Jets drive. I am more excited to see how Tebow fits in with the Jets and New York. We’ve got an outspoken Christian here, playing in a city known for it’s outrageous nightlife, the bachelor lifestyle of Joe Namath — who made the Jets franchise famous, and a coach known for his outspoken attitude and profane speeches. Tebow seems like a humble guy, so we’ll have to wait and see how he handles everything in New York. Another fascinating prospect of this could be the way Tebow is incorporated into the Jets run-oriented offense, which is now being spearheaded by Tony Sparano.

The bottom line here? Get ready to witness an unorthodox quarterback with a sparkling resume, who is about to join a team that loves it’s time in the media spotlight…oh yeah, and a GQ photo-shoot featuring both Sanchez and Tebow can’t be that far behind either.

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Winter break is coming up fast, and many of us need the break from school, work, and even sports. But, breaks and school vacations are also a great time to check in with yourself and your college sports journey and evaluate where you are and where you need to be. Follow our tips below for some guidance during your time off.

Make Decisions

Juniors, winter break is a great chance to take time to make decisions regarding what colleges you are seriously interested. For juniors, this may be the beginning of the process, making a complete list of the colleges and athletic programs you’re interested in, and the likelihood that you will be able to play your sport there. Now is the time to reach out to the coaches of the programs you are interested in to learn more and set up some unofficial visits.

Seniors, your list should be much more refined. You should have a top 3 or top 5 colleges and know where you stand with recruiting with each college program.  You can narrow down your search or add new options based out what you liked about each school and how interested/ how active they are in recruiting you. Now is a great time to take an official visit or set one up if you have not already.

For more information on recruiting time lines download our free recruiting guide HERE

Make a Game Plan for the Rest of the Year

Juniors, be sure you have an online resume and highlight video (like those at SportsForce) that it is up to date. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to register with the NCAA. Something else important to register for is the SAT or ACT. You want to take these tests early to give you ample time to take them again to improve your scores if needed.

Seniors, your SAT/ACTs should be behind you, but now is the time to follow up.  Be sure all the colleges you have applied to have your scores and everything they need to evaluate your application.  For the future, mark down the date after you graduation as a reminder to submit your final transcript to the NCAA.

Maintain Performance

It’s pretty easy to let your performance and training regimen go over winter break. If you’re on a team that breaks over winter just like school does, it’s time to become your own training coach. Many athletes need a bit of a break from training between seasons, and that is definitely a good idea. However, don’t break for too long. A week or two should be a good break to let yourself recharge but not let all of your previous training get erased. If you don’t have a gym membership, running and calisthenics are always a great way to maintain your performance level.  Breaks are also an excellent time to work on weaknesses you may have noticed during the season. Check out our partner SKLZ for some great training work outs that require minimal equipment.

Have Fun

Lastly, have fun over break! Like we said, a break can definitely be good for you and give you some time to recharge. Rest up, enjoy those cookies, but maybe go for a run or do some pushups before lounging in your pajamas eating Christmas left cookie all day so all your hard work doesn’t go to waste!

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This past weekend SportsForce partnered with 16th Annual San Diego Premier Classic . The tournament was held at several different fields throughout San Diego. Over 200 teams turned out for the tournament which offered play for both Boys and Girls U9-19 in Silver and Gold levels.

SportsForce filmed some of the top Mens U18 teams including the Del Mar Sharks 92 Premier, Arsenal FC, PQ Premier Red, SE Cosmos (Texas) and the United FC Black. SportsForce also caught the top action out of the Girls Division, where the SoCal Blues Defeated the San Diego United FC 3-0 in the finals of the U16 Gold Division.

Below is a list of the games we filmed and links to purchase professionally shot and edited games for $30 + tax & S / H.

If you are interested in having SportsForce cover your tournament games please contact us directly here.

Girls Games:

8/16/09 Girls U16 Championship: SC Blues vs. San Diego United

Boys Games:

8/16/09 Boys U18 Semifinals: Del Mar Sharks 92 vs. SEFC Cosmos

8/15/09 Boys U18-S: San Diego United vs. Carlsbad Lightning

8/15/09 Boys U18-G: Del Mar Sharks 92 vs. Arsenal FC

8/15/09 Boys U18-S: Del Mar Sharks 92 vs. PQ Premier Red

8/15/09 Boys U18-G: PQ Premier Red vs. Arsenal FC

8/15/09 Boys U18-G: PQ Premier Red vs. SEFC Cosmos

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College coaches from top programs around the country including Cal, Stanford, Harvard, Florida, and Boston College descended on Del Mar’s Polo Fields this past weekend to witness the top soccer players from around the country and beyond compete in the 2009 Surf Cup. The Surf Cup is the premier location for college soccer recruiting all year.  While coaches aren’t allowed to talk to players or parents at the tournament and vice versa, the athletes do all the talking with their play on the field.

College Coach Communication

It is a standard procedure for athletes who are going to be playing Surf Cup to send an email to their prospective school’s coach ,complete with their Surf Cup schedule, schedule for the remainder of the summer, and a video, if they have one.  The coach is allowed to respond to this initial communication at will, but is banned from talking to the athlete or their parents at the event itself.  If the coach likes what they see, they will follow up with the player.  If the coach views the athlete as a potential recruit, they might ask for transcripts for review, ask for further game video, or ask them to make a visit to the school.  It is important to note that none of the follow up will happen unless the athlete makes the effort to contact those coaches of those schools they are interested in attending.

Coach’s Presence

Everywhere you turned at the 2009 Surf Cup you ran into a different college coach, each one decked out head to toe in their school’s gear.  A stroll in between fields would seem to reveal that there were more coaches than players.  At any one time, there might have been 25 coaches watching one game.  Can you imagine the pressure?  The coach from your dream school sits there scrutinizing your every move.  If you’re not the first one to a loose ball or you miss a pass even by just a couple inches, that coach does not hesitate to furiously write some sort of comment next to your name.

The worst part?  They all sit in a neat little row armed with their easy flip, portable chairs, drawstring backpacks, and yellow notepads.  The Duke coach who is sitting directly adjacent to the Georgia coach is looking very quizzical.   The UCLA coach who sits in between the Michigan and Cal coaches is sneaking a peek of his rival’s notes.  The Syracuse coach is minding her own business but scribing what seems to be a novel on one of her players of interest.  All of this is going on while these 16-18 year old kids are trying to make a play for their team.

While it seems impossible for any one of these players to focus on the field, JP Scatterday of the U19 Mustang Ajax told me that it is easy for him to zone in.  Because the field is so big and the action is so intense, he finds it easy to stay focused and is usually surprised when he finds out the number of coaches that were watching his game.  The amount of composure these teenagers are able to display despite such overwhelming pressure is impressive.

The Action

Accompanying the perennial powerhouse club teams of Southern California (San Diego Surf, So Cal Blues, So Cal Real, West Coast FC, Irvine Strikers, So Cal United, and Slammers FC) were teams from all over the country and all over the world.  Aside from the continued dominance of the Southern California teams across the board, the Northern California teams had the next best showing.  While Southern California teams won 3 of the divisions and had a presence in 8 of the 12 finals, Northern California teams won 4 of the 5 divisions in which they had teams in the finals.  The best international showing goes to the Vancouver Whitecaps of Canada.  Their Girl’s U19 team made it to the finals of the super division while their Men’s U19 team was able to advance to the semifinals.

For more on this weekend’s Surf Cup including results, pictures, articles and more, visit San Diego’s one stop shop for soccer news at  Complete coverage of events, tournaments, and teams from around the San Diego area year round can be found at

SportsForce was able to capture some awesome footage, get plenty of quality interviews, and increase awareness of our brand throughout the soccer community.  All in all it was a great event and one that SportsForce hopes to do more with in the future.

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On July 12, at Poway High School SportsForce was on hand to capture footage from the San Diego High School Baseball Showcase.  The event was put on by the San Diego County Baseball Coaches Association and featured many of the best seniors throughout the county.  In attendance were college coaches (including USD, LMU, University of Oklahoma and Long Beach State) and MLB scouts.  The event was a great opportunity for the athletes to showcase their many skills with the hopes of reaching the next level.

The event consisted of four teams: South County, North County, East County, and a San Diego City team.  During the morning, the North and South teams both ran the “60” (60 yard sprint) with scouts and coaches eagerly timing each player.  After, both teams proceeded to take a 30 minute batting practice session, followed by a ten minute infield/outfield.  The teams then played a nine inning game with slightly different rules.  Each ½ inning consisted of a new pitcher facing a maximum of five batters, with the bases being cleared after three outs.  During the afternoon, the same process was repeated by the East and City teams.

There were many impressive players throughout the day, but there were a few from each team who really stood out.

South County:

Agustin Lopez from Montgomery got the game started off on the right foot by blasting a home run to left field in the 1st inning.  Lopez, a 6’1” RHP / 1B, also pitched a scoreless inning on the mound.  He is coming off a very strong year on the mound where he had a 1.91 ERA and held opponents to a .189 BA.  Hector Montes, an infielder from Bonita Vista, put on a very impressive power display during batting practice, belting numerous homers to left and center field.  At 235 lbs, he was surprisingly fast, running his 60 in 7.47 seconds. Montes was dominant during his high school season batting .429 and hitting 7 home runs.  Robert Lucero, a 6’1” outfielder from Chula Vista, displayed impressive power by hitting a home run during the game.  He ran his 60 in 6.78 seconds which is above average speed for an outfielder.

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With summer tournaments, showcases and camps happening nearly everyday of the week in California, SportsForce has been all over the place getting footage and meeting with coaches, athletes, parents and teams.

19th Annual Alex Spanos All-Star Football Classic

SportsForce was meeting with coaches and filming at the 19th Annual Alex Spanos All-Star Football Classic where some of San Diego’s best graduating senior football players are showcased before heading off to play college football. Many of the players at the showcase have signed with college programs including SportsForce alum, La Jolla’s Robbie Beathard who will be playing at the University of San Diego. Jerik Davis of Mira Mesa who will be playing at New Mexico State and Robbie Rouse of Madison High School who is signed with Fresno State.

San Diego High School Baseball Showcase

The San Diego Showcase sponsored by the San Diego County Baseball Coaches Association was held July 12 at Poway High School. The event showcased top baseball players from around the county who are entering their senior year. Over 20 college coaches (including USD, Long Beach State, Univ. of Oklahoma, LMU and more) and MLB scouts were at the event while SportsForce filmed the entire pro-style workout and games.

Champions Cup Softball 16U Tournament

SportsForce was able to see top softball players at the Champions Cup Softball 16U Tournament in Irvine, CA this weekend as well. Over 50 college coaches attended the event, which was the first of a two-weekend tournament. The 18U Tournament will be held next weekend.

Top Soccer Tournament – Albion Cup

SportsForce is partnered with the Albion Cup for this weekend’s National Soccer Showcase. The tournament offers college exposure showcasing the top teams in the country. The Showcase is open for teams to play in either the Top Showcase Group or the Cup Group and is for Boys and Girls U8-U19.

The Showcase is an amazing opportunity for the athletes and teams that attend and Puma is helping to make one level even more competitive. Puma is putting on a special Puma V Elite Bracket for U14 and U15 teams, including special invitations sent out to Puma clubs from around the country. Noah Gins, Technical Director/ Director of Coaching for the Albion Peninsula Soccer league commented on the company’s involvement. “They’ve brought all the bells and whistles for this including banners, retail stores and tents, and a lounge for kids to hang out in. We had (former women’s national team player) Leslie Osborne here last year,” he said. “We’re at a point now where we want the best teams in the country and that’s what we’re after.” Follow up with us next week for a full recap of the Albion Cup National Soccer Showcase.

New Additions

SportsForce has added a new member to our Street Team, Katherine Salter. Katherine was a former high school volleyball player that was recruited by smaller schools to play college volleyball. Katherine is assisting with our grassroots efforts for Girls and Boys Volleyball.LittleLeague

District Champs

SportsForce partner Dan Plashke’s son Jackie and his little league team won their district this past weekend. The team is now the 9-10 year old District 31 Champions are moving on hoping to win the divisional title this coming weekend. We wish them the best of luck!

The SportsForce team also met with our web development group, Barefoot Solutions ( to discuss the homestretch towards launching the new site. We have a lot of video and content to add to the site as well as some changes to make to ensure the best experience when we launch (hopefully) in early August.

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School’s out for the summer (or almost is)! Now it is time to redirect your focus to life beyond high school (yes, there is life past high school).  But for athletes who are aspiring to play a sport in college, summer is no snooze. It is time to work hard, get seen and see schools. So what do you need to do and when do you need to do it? That what I am here to share.

So you just survived your first and second year of high school (phew) and the thoughts of college are beginning to creep into your head. Where do I want to go? What do I want to study? What classes do I need to get into certain schools? As all of this can be somewhat overwhelming, let’s just focus on one aspect at a time.

Freshman/Sophomore/Junior Summer

This is the best time to really get around and see campuses. Because as you all know from my first blog, really loving the school you go to, regardless of sports, is very important.  So if you are traveling around to play in tournaments, go on vacation, or visiting family and friends, take advantage of the travels to go see the local colleges to check out the campus and area. While there you can take a campus tour and if you have given a heads up to the coach of your sport, you can even go in and meet with them. Remember, they cannot call you or contact you in any way, but you can call whenever you want.  Set up a time to meet with them and they might even take you around the campus themselves! This elimination period will be helpful as you enter your junior summer as that is the time when you need to really narrow down your schools and begin to target your goals. By seeing the campuses alone, you will be able to eliminate many schools, thus leaving you with a more reasonable list to deal with.camps1

Summer camps are also very important. While all of your friends are going to Camp Nowhere for fun and kayaking, you need to be going to sports camps for a school that you are strongly interested in. Not only will five days of camp help improve your skills, but it will give you the most intimate interaction with the college coaches and some of the current players, as they tend to work camps. You will live on campus, interact with and be trained by the coaches, as well as be a part of high intensity competition. It is not only a great way to get to know their style of coaching, but for them to get to know you as a player and whether you will fit in with their program, and vice versa.

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