The Kicking System (TKS) launched their radio show this past week, and SportsForce CEO, Andrew Beinbrink, was there to kick things off. Andrew and TKS’s John Matich talked college recruiting for kicking and punters and more. John  is a former NFL and NCAA kicker and now owner and director of The Kicking System, which offers Camps & Private Kicking Lessons in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. Visit for top level football kicking videos, recruiting tips, tools and upcoming kicking events. Below is an example of a highlight video of one of John’s kickers.

According to John, “The very first TKS Radio Show was a great success. Andrew Beinbrink stopped by and talked about recruiting. We got some great feedback and provided a ton of information. We also talked abut the seven points of success on becoming a kicker.”  Visit the following link to hear the show at anytime.

During the show, Andrew and John discussed the Seven Points of Success to become a successful kickers or punter. You can find them below.

  • Academics – You must study and achieve the highest grades possible
  • Technique Work – Kicking 2-3x per week working on your skill
  • Physical Conditioning – Working out, specific for kicking (Yoga, functional training, etc)
  • Mental Toughness – Preparing yourself to handle pressure situations, staying calm
  • Nutrition – Having the right fuel in your body to produce the best results
  • Attitude – Connections with your head coach, staff, family is huge when people want to hire you
  • Commitment – Beginning with setting your goals and staying focused on them

You can also visit for all past TKS radio shows.

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