Part II: Questions 4-6

4. Does My Senior Year Really Matter?

Yes, yes and yes! While many student-athletes have “committed” to schools, there are plenty of scholarships up for grabs. Often athletes that have committed to colleges play their way OUT of a scholarship. Even if your dream school is done recruiting for the upcoming season, keep recruiting them. If there are changes in their signing class, you may have a chance to slide in. Senior film will make or break a scholarship offer.

5. What happens in September and how important is that month for recruiting?

September 1st is the first day that a college can officially call a senior prospect on the phone. If you get a call at midnight on the first, then that school REALLY wants you! However don’t take it personally if you do not hear from a school immediately. Coaches all have different philosophies when it comes to the September phone call. However if September comes and goes and you have not heard from the recruiter, then it is time to drop that school because you are not part of their future plans. Don’t be shy on these calls. Write down questions that you may have for the coach. Ask him every question you can.

September also marks the beginning of official visits. Schools will begin setting weekend trips for the fall and winter. If the coach is not offering you an official visit, then he doesn’t love you as much as you thought.

6. How do I handle the pressure?

I remember standing on various sidelines watching prospects play in games. I watched how they played when the ball came in their direction, as well when they were not involved in the outcome. I studied how they spoke to teammates and coaches alike. However, nothing is more impressive than production and winning. Do not let a recruiter’s presence change they way you play or act. Recruiters can tell when an athlete is “pressing” to make a play. These coaches liked the way you played enough to come and watch in person. There is no pressure in that situation,  just another face in the crowd. Continue doing what got you this far. Work hard, play fast and ALWAYS show good sportsmanship.

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