We shared La Costa Canyon Lacrosse player, Alex Pardieu’s recruitment journey here. As part of catching up with Alex, SportsForce had a few questions for his coach, LCC boys varsity coach, Dallas Hartley. See what Dallas had to say about Alex, the FSU commit, below.

1.    How would you describe Alex on the field (strengths, playing style, etc.)?

Alex hustles and his game translates well to full field situations.  He can break down a defense and get his hands free for a shot or to get the offense moving.  He plays great team defense on and off the ball.  And he is great in transition where his speed really shows.
2.    How would you describe Alex off the field (academics, leadership, etc.)?

Well mannered and easy going.  Has a lot of friends and surrounds himself with good people who know their academics are the key to their future.

3.    How do you think Alex will help a team at the college level (what should a college coach expect)?

Alex brings a strong work ethic, an infectious good attitude, and he wants to get better.  He is very coachable.
4.    How do you think Alex will develop over the next few years as a lacrosse player?

He has enormous potential.  He will be one of the best players on his team and demand respect.  Speed, team play, and the intangibles translate well to the next level.

5.    Any final thoughts about Alex?
Pleasure to coach a kid who wants to be better every day.

See Alex’s Full SportsForce Profile at: http://www.sportsforceonline.com/athletes/apardieu

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