This past weekend, top soccer players from around the world from ages 8 to 14 met at the San Diego Polo Fields in Del Mar to compete in the 2009 Surf Cup.  As one of the top tournaments in the country, this year’s Surf Cup selected teams from all over the country to come play. These teams included the Concord Fire of Georgia, Eastside FC out of Washington, and the Texas Fire traveling in from Texas. Not only did the Surf Cup attract top teams from all of the US, but it also hosted teams from around the world including the Universidad Pumas of Mexico and the Calgary Blizzards from Canada.

Despite the stiff national and international competition, Southern California teams had quite the impressive showing, winning every single division except one.  The Dallas Texans proved to be too much for the San Diego Surf Blue in the Girls U12 division, taking the final 2-0.  For a complete list of the winners by division, click here.

Complete coverage of the weekend’s event can be found by visiting San Diego’s “go-to” site for local soccer news,  Complete with pictures of the event, recaps of each division, action shots of most of the players, and more, is your one stop shop for San Diego soccer news.

With youth division play out of the way, another wave of all-star soccer players are set to come to the valley this weekend.  Starting this Saturday, the U16-U19 divisions will feature top talent from around the world.  The incredible level of competition is guaranteed to draw top coaches from all over the country who will look to both further their relationships with players they’ve already been recruiting and to start relationships with the up and coming prospects.  Be sure to check back next week for a recap of the action.

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