We would like to congratulate William Sweeney on his commitment to Stanford University! Here are William’s recruiting story and interview after his commitment. Good luck as a Cardinal!

Will Sweeney
 1. Share your recruiting story and status

My recruiting process was difficult and stressful at times, but in the end, it turned out to be a total blast. After having promising sophomore and junior seasons, I initially cast a wide net and contacted schools from the D1 FBS level all the way to the D3 level. I attended camps during the summers, played 7v7 in the off-season, and trained year round. After my junior season, I began heavily contacting Ivy League and highly academic D3 schools, but I always had the dream of playing FBS football in the back of my mind. The recruiting process took a difficult turn when I tore my ACL during the winter of my junior year, but a few schools stood by me despite the injury. On a whim, I also decided to reach out to my dream school, Stanford University, and to my surprise, they responded quickly with interest despite my injury. They were interested in bringing on a preferred walk-on long snapper in my class and liked what they had seen from me in camp and on film. Once I displayed my ability to get into the school on my own with my grades and test scores, they offered me the spot. From then on, it was a waiting game to see if I would get in. I received my admissions offer on December 12th, committed an hour later, and signed my Letter of Intent on National Signing Day.

2. What school are you going to, and why did you choose them?

I chose my dream school Stanford University because it is the only school in the country that offers an elite education and the opportunity to compete for a national championship every season. Also, my mom and uncle are alumni, so I’ve grown up around campus and have always imagined myself there. It has been my goal since I was 7 years old.

3. How did SportsForce help in the process?

SportsForce and Andrew Beinbrink really helped me early on in the process by giving me the organizational tools to communicate with many schools. They showed me how to write effective emails that would give coaches an idea of my skills and who I am as a person. SportsForce really helped me put myself out there, as I was initially a little shy at first. Andrew also explained the NCAA recruiting rules for each level and simplified terms that I wasn’t familiar with, such as the Ivy League Band System. He was a great help to refer to if I was ever confused about something.

4. What advice would you give to other players and parents with the recruiting process?

I would advise that it’s good to start sending out emails early, right when an athlete has varsity film. Also, never be shy about reaching out to coaches. It is their job to find athletes, and you coming to them makes it that much easier for them. They appreciate it. Also, be careful about the number of camps you go to. You want to plan your summers in a way that allows you to recover and get sufficient rest before you see more coaches.

5. How excited are you for your future in college?

I could not be more excited. This is a total dream come true.

6. Would you recommend SportsForce to any other student-athletes? Why?

Yes, I absolutely would. SportsForce was a great asset to me early on in the process, and they supplied me with valuable information. The recruiting process can be tough or confusing sometimes, and it’s great to know you have someone there to answer your questions. SportsForce was there for me.

Over the last five years, SportsForce has helped over 1,000 student-athletes and families successfully navigate the college recruiting and athletic scholarship process while saving families on average $50,000 in college expenses.

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