We would like to congratulate Tristen Alesi on his commitment to the College of Idaho. Here’s Tristen’s recruiting story and interview after his commitment. Good luck as a Yote!

Tristen Alesi

1. Share your recruiting story and status

The process was pretty easy going. The hardest thing about everything was the waiting game of talking to coaches and seeing if they would reply to you and how long it would take.

2. What school are you going to, and why did you choose them?

I am attending the College of Idaho and I chose them because I like the atmosphere here. The coaches have their head in the right place in changing the program into one of the best NAIA programs in the league.

3. How did SportsForce help in the process?

SportsForce helped me contact lots of colleges in a small amount of time and getting my name out there. Creating my highlight videos and sharing my stats was huge in my recruiting process.

4. What advice would you give to other players and parents with the recruiting process (ex. start early, get a highlight video)?

Start early in the recruiting process. The sooner coaches know your name and you develop a relationship, it puts you in a better place for being recruited and being reached out too.

5. How excited are you for your future in college?

I am very excited for my future in college!

6. How much money do you anticipate your family saving in college expenses because of you being recruited?

I am saving thousands of dollars that otherwise would’ve been spent on college and will not be in debt out of college.

7. Would you recommend SportsForce to any other student-athletes? Why?

Yes, but be aware that the process takes time and since college coaches have restrictions on expressing their direct personal interest in you, you may not have as much personal interaction with a coach right away, but if you trust the process, it will be worth it in the end.

Over the last five years, SportsForce has helped over 1,000 student-athletes and families successfully navigate the college recruiting and athletic scholarship process while saving families on average $50,000 in college expenses.

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