With many thousands of talented teens playing basketball in junior high, middle school, and high school around the country, the chances of landing an athletic scholarship at a Division 1 school may seem far-fetched. However, there is a process that improves the chances of getting a Division 1 basketball scholarship so that your son or daughter can attend the college or university that best suits their needs.

Tips for Improving Scholarship Chances

Do the Basics: This means keeping up with schoolwork, staying in shape, and beginning the process of contacting Division 1 schools for information about how to get athletic scholarships. You will need to start this process as soon as possible, preferably before your child enters high school. The longer you wait, the less their chances will be of nabbing an athletic scholarship. By the time they become seniors, college and university recruiters will have already made their decisions.

Improve Skills: Every day that is spent improving the skills of the child is another day they increase their chances of landing an important scholarship. Raw talent is simply not enough in today’s competitive world, so a little time each day dedicated to improving different aspects of their game will be of immense help.

This means staying in shape, learning new aspects of the game, and improving skills every day. The practices can be short so your child does not lose interest, but they do need to be focused so they are learning more about the game.

Summer Basketball: Perhaps the biggest change in recruiting over the past two decades is the rise of summer basketball camps. This allows the best from around the country to gather together and learn new techniques, play in tournaments, and most importantly get seen by college recruiters. This allows teens to stand out from the rest while learning new skills. By attending camps starting before their high school years, your teen stands the best chance of being noticed.

By being proactive, you can help your child get noticed by recruiters so they can maximize their chances of landing a scholarship. This means going to a professional organization like SportsForce that offers the best assistance for your teen.

How SportsForce Can Help

If you want to know more about how to get a Division 1 basketball scholarship, SportsForce a provides free evaluation for young, talented athletes, which will maximize their chances at landing a scholarship. Too many young athletes miss out on scholarship opportunities because they do not know their full potential, have not prepared in the right manner, or have the contacts necessary to reach those in each institution that improve the chances of landing a scholarship.

If your son or daughter has demonstrated real talent in basketball, then you will need to act quickly so they maximize their chances of landing a scholarship at a prestigious Division 1 school. Sign up for a free evaluation today and see how your teen can improve their chances of going to the university of their choice.

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