Understanding how to get recruited for college baseball starts by first understanding that if you wait until your senior year, you have most likely missed your chance. In most cases, college and university recruiting coaches have already chosen potential scholarship athletes by their sophomore year with only a few left at the junior year.

The variable here is athletes of such high caliber that they are picked up in the MLB Wildcard Draft and forego college to go straight into the pros. For Division I schools, that means a few openings may be available at the senior year, but that only affects a few athletes at best. If you are shooting for Division I and the best programs, then you will need to demonstrate your skills during your sophomore year. Those aiming at other DI or Division II schools will most likely see recruitment in their junior year.

So, to get a phone call after July 1st just before your senior year, you’ll need to do more than just play well during your junior year. You’ll also need to do more than just create a highlight video, although that will help.

Visit Colleges

It’s common for many students to visit colleges during their sophomore year, especially if they are targeting the lower DI and DII schools. You’ll want to check out what they have to offer and know their requirements.


Not enough can be said about keeping your grade point average as high as possible. This is often the difference-maker between otherwise equal players on the baseball field. The higher your GPA and the better you do on college entrance examinations, the more likely you are to receive an athletic scholarship. This is because you have demonstrated the academic skills to do well in college.


You’ll need to stay fit and develop your skills in baseball so you can become more attractive to colleges and universities looking for your talent. The more developed your skills, the more likely you are to be looked at and chosen for an athletic scholarship.

Camps and Tournaments

To be seen, you’ll have to do more than just play for your high school team, you’ll need to attend the right camps and play in tournaments that many college and university coaches attend to see the talent available. The more you play and improve your skills, the more likely you are to garner the right attention.

How SportsForce Can Help

At SportsForce, we offer the right combination of experience, evaluation, marketing, and networking to ensure that you are seen by the right college coaches. We are a professional organization with many years of experience in helping high school students just like you realize their dreams of playing at a higher learning institution by getting an athletic scholarship.

Our experts will provide the right evaluation and direct your efforts at the colleges and universities that provide the best chance of landing an athletic scholarship. While we offer no guarantees, we do have an outstanding record of success in helping students like you realize your dreams. Please contact us today to find out more about how to get recruited for college baseball with a Free Evaluation.

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