If you are the parent of a student who is entering high school and they have shown some athletic prowess on the field, you may be wondering if they have enough talent and skills to earn an athletic scholarship. Unfortunately, most parents do not have the time, knowledge, or networking skills to maximize the chances of landing a scholarship for their child, so this is where college athletic recruiting sites come into play.

Recruiting sites for college athletics are independent organizations that specialize in helping parents provide their kids the best shot at landing an athletic scholarship. While they operate outside the college system, they do have contacts at virtually all the higher education institutes which means that they have connections that most parents lack.


The first step when contacting a recruiting site will be the evaluation of the student to help define their potential. Here is where the professionals with many years of experience can properly evaluate the athlete to see if they where they stand the best chances for a scholarship. This may mean going to a Division I, II, or III school depending on the potential that they demonstrate. Once the evaluation process is over, a plan of action can be created to get them on the right track.


Talent is not enough to get an athletic scholarship as other skills need to be developed as well. This is where additional practice sessions, off-season leagues, tournaments, and camps come into play to help develop their skills. An additional benefit is that many camps, tournaments, and even off-season leagues are attended by college and university coaches looking to recruit talent for their teams.


While attending tournaments and camps is good, getting a highlight video to the right people is even better. This means creating and sending a short, highlight video along with possibly a full-game recording to the right coaching staffs so they can see the student’s abilities in action. Proper networking is not only knowing where to send material but what type of material that works best. Short highlight videos that are posted on YouTube are perfect for college coaches to get an initial look while longer recordings of full games can be evaluated if there is real interest.

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