We’re here again with The Realities of College Recruiting Podcast Episode 5. This week’s episode is titled, “Sport Specialization & Commitment.”

Our 5th episode once again features Ryan Thompson (former college baseball player and MLB Scout) and Andrew Beinbrink (Former All-American & MLB Player) discussing the importance of playing mutliple sports and how to minimize the pressure on your student-athlete…

How much time should you dedicate to your sport on an annual basis?
How can student-athletes prevent a “burn out”?
How can you minimize the pressure on your student-athlete?

Find out all of the answers to these questions in this week’s episode!

This podcast episode will also cover:
– The decrease of student-athletes playing multiple sports
– The importance of certain types of exercises and limitation of constant repetition
– How to manage the student-athlete’s dedication to a particular sport, especially at a young age.

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About the Realities of College Recruiting Podcast:
The Realities of College Recruiting podcast, brought to you by SportsForce, will tackle some of the toughest college recruiting questions. Our college recruiting experts will share their personal expertise and key insights that will help you maximize your college recruiting efforts. This is a weekly podcast that is hosted by former MLB scout for the Cleveland Indians, 2x coach of the year (Junior College) and current recruiting advisor for SportsForce, Ryan Thompson The Realities of College Recruiting podcast will bring you interviews with some of the top college coaches from around the country in order to help make your college goals a reality! Raise your game with SportsForce!

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