Jim Priscaro

College Baseball Advisor

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Career Highlights

  • 2x All Little East Conference player as 3rd Baseman
  • Top ten in hitting in the Little East Conference two times
  • Team MVP 2001 at Umass-Boston
  • Helped lead Westmont High School/Leland High School to the CCS playoffs in 2006/2007
  • Won three Conference Championships at West Valley College
  • One Final Four appearance at West Valley College
  • 100% transfer rate while at West Valley College
  • Coached 8 draft picks from 2005-2014

Career Bio

Jim Priscaro began his college career playing at De Anza Junior College and then transferred to the University of Massachusetts-Boston where he was twice an all-league player as a 3rd baseman. During his 3 years at UMASS-Boston he was in the top ten in hitting in the Little East Conference twice, elected captain for three years, and was named the Team MVP in 2001. He then continued playing ball in the Boston Park League in 2001 where he made the All Star team as a shortstop and was fifth in hitting in the league that year (.373).

His coaching experience began at Cupertino High School as a head coach for two years starting in 2004. His next stop was Westmont High School as an assistant coach, where he helped lead the warriors to the CCS playoffs. In 2007 he was an assistant at Leland High School, a team that took 2nd in the league and made the first round of the CCS playoffs. In the fall of 2007 he was invited to coach as an assistant for West Valley College. They won three conference championships and had one Final Four appearance. Jim stayed at West Valley for 7 years before moving to Menlo College as an assistant in 2013 where the team reached the regional tournament for the NAIA.

Jim holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts-Boston and completed a Masters in Kinesiology – Physical Education/Coaching from Fresno Pacific University. He currently resides in Santa Clara, CA.

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