Getting recruited for college teams can be a trying time for young high school baseball players. This is true for those who play during the summer under the watchful eyes of college coaches and professional scouts as they only come around during certain times of the year. So, making the most of the moment is crucial to success.

So, how can a young athlete make the most of their opportunity to shine? While it comes down to performance, there are other attributes that need to shine as well so that you boost your chances of making a good impression.

Stay in Shape

Not all your time during the summer will be spent playing. For most players, it will consist of several tournaments with a week or two with downtime in-between. During that downtime, it is important to stay in shape, recover from injuries, and take care of yourself so that you are playing at your best in the tournaments.

This is where a strength training program can help considerably in developing muscles, increasing mobility, and working to make you a better overall player. It not only keeps you in-shape during the summer, but also prepares you to train for the fall and excel next spring when your team needs you.

Be a Team Player

No matter the individual talent, it comes down to the success of the team that makes the difference. The more successful the team, the longer they will play during the summer season which means more opportunities to be seen by coaches and scouts. While it pays to have a great performance, it is better that the performance enhances the team’s chances of moving forward during the season.

It’s still a team game, so play it to promote your team’s efforts to go further and that will help you in getting recruited.

Play Like Everything is On the Line

It may seem like the summer league is a time to relax and enjoy the game more, compared to the spring when championships are on the line. However, nothing could be further from the truth as the preparation and go-for-broke attitude need to be in place as if you were playing for the World Series each and every game. This does not mean that you should take it so seriously that it negatively affects your play, but instead that you should play each game as if it gets you to the championship event.

Be prepared and it will show.  Make sure you run with the same hustle, energy, and enthusiasm you had during the spring games. Scouts and coaches are trained to see the effort even if it doesn’t turn out to be your best game.

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