For high school baseball players looking to land an athletic scholarship at a college or university, the challenge is a difficult one. This is because there are only a fraction of athletic scholarships compared to the number of athletes seeking them. To stand out from the rest, you must use every advantage possible.

Beyond participating with your high school team, one popular method is to find ways of demonstrating your talent in front of college coaching and recruiting staffs. This is where college baseball showcases come into play, allowing students with strong potential to demonstrate their abilities in front of college recruiting staffs.

What are College Baseball Showcases?

Unlike a camp where there is training, instruction, or teaching involved, a typical baseball showcase is designed to feature the skills of the participants in front of college coaches. The showcases are generally single-day events, although some may take place over two days, and they are an important part of getting noticed in front of the right coaches.

However, not every showcase is right for you. This is because showcases can be expensive and may not have in attendance the right coaches in terms of your potential. Which ones you attend may be crucial to your success.

List of Coaches: Before making the commitment to go and more importantly, paying the entrance fee, ask to see a list of the college coaches that will be in attendance.

Talent Level: Showcases will provide information about your skills and how you stack up compared to others. This means running times, throwing velocities, or a rundown of beneficial skills that’ll tell you what is needed for you to work on.

Great Experience: It is important that you attend at least one showcase every year, perhaps more depending on the coaches that are present. It’s a great experience and provides a glimpse of the process, which not many people get to see.

Keep in mind that your chances of blowing away the coaches are slim. This is mostly due to the sheer number of participants at a typical college baseball showcase. Instead, you should focus on the coaches who are already aware of your talents.

Other factors to keep in mind are “quiet periods”, which are times when no coach from Division I can be in attendance. If you are focusing on Division I schools, do not attend showcases during quiet periods. Plus, they can be expensive, so you should pick and choose a few to attend.

How SportsForce Can Help

Participating in college baseball showcases takes more than just knowing when they are scheduled, your child will have to be ready to perform at their best to make the right impression. This is where SportsForce steps in to help, providing the guidance needed to ensure that you stand the best chance of landing an athletic scholarship, get a tuition discount, or other benefits that will help you attend a college or university.

Comprised of professionals with many years of experience in the field, SportsForce offers evaluation, planning, and promotional services to ensure that you maximize your chances of success.  Contact us today for a free evaluation.

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