Jack Solis

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Sport: Boy's Golf
HS Grad Year: 2017
Recruitment Status: Committed
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Ht. / Wt.: 5' 8'' / 127 lbs.
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School: Xavier College Preparatory High School
Location: Palm Desert, CA
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GPA: 3.65
SAT: 1750
ACT: 26
Transcript: Yes
I enjoy being a student-athlete for a few reasons. First being a serious student-athlete drives me to do better in the classroom knowing that there are opportunities out there if I succeed in both the classroom and on the course. Second, it teaches me time management between practice, school, family and free time. Finally in school, it gives me the knowledge that I will need to use throughout my golf career, and more importantly, to impact not only my life, but the lives of others.


Jeffrey Cranford
Title: Golf Coach
Organization / School: Links Players International
Phone Number: 760.835.1056
Email: jlcranny@aol.com
Recommendation: It is my privilege to highly recommend Jack Solis for your consideration as a future college prospect. I have worked with Jack for several years now and each year we have watched him grow in both his technical skills as well as his mental and competitive toughness. It is my firm conviction that Jack has not even scratched the surface on what his upside may truly be.

As a fairly late entrant into the world of junior golf, these last two years have been a real schoolhouse for Jack. As a result, his learning curve has been steep. I told both he and his father that the results would eventually take care of themselves, but that he would need to just dive in. He has certainly done that. Through the process he has, more than anything, learned what it takes to succeed and where his weaknesses are. I am strongly convinced that his technical skills are really something special. I am consistently impressed with where his swing is headed and the positions he hits are really impressive! We are actively engaged in bringing his short game up to speed, and I believe within a few months are going to see some fairly dramatic results in his competitiveness. Jack has also been a fairly late developer and with the fitness program he is engaged in, it’s only a matter of time where he will be able to better support some of the speed that I know he is beginning to generate.

Lastly, and I believe most importantly, Jack is a solid young man. His interpersonal skills and maturity more than make up for any momentary deficits in his progress. Were I building a team, I can assure you that Jack Solis would be on my radar screen. In short, I would highly recommend Jack for your consideration.

Jeff Gove
Title: Golf Professional
Organization / School: Previous PGA Tour Member/Web.com member
Phone Number: (206)295-6046
Email: jeffgove@pgatour.com
Recommendation: I have known Jack for 11 years and have had the pleasure to see him mature both as an athlete and person. Based on my experience as a professional golfer for the past 20 years on the PGA and Web.com tours I really am impressed with many of Jack's abilities. During the past two years I have seen Jack commit to the game of golf with passion and a great desire to learn how to improve his skill every day.

Jack has a number of strengths to offer as a teammate and student. First I know he is a hard worker and when I have had the opportunity to help him he is a good listener. In my experience at Pepperdine during college, it is important to have a team that works well together and I think Jack would be a positive addition to any team.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Jack and think he could really excel and look forward to seeing him reach his potential. If you need any additional information, feel free to contact me at anytime.

Matt Macconnell
Title: Director of Golf Madison Club
Organization / School: Discovery Land
Phone Number: (760)638-1399
Email: matt@madisonclubca.com
Recommendation: I have had the privilege of knowing Jack Solis and his entire family over the past seven years. During that time I have grown to know and appreciate what the entire Solis family is all about. Jack is a young man who took up golf a bit later than most, but he is certainly improving on every level at a rapid pace. Jack relishes the opportunity to compete and test his abilities with others that are trying to be the best that they can be. He has embraced the ups and downs of golf with open arms and always remains steadfast in his goal to be better each and every day. I have seen him stay true to a plan for growth and work that program with all of the details.

I know that as Jack continues to grow and mature as a player he will be able to compete at the highest level. Most importantly I know that Jack will improve as a player, but he will be a remarkable teammate and addition to any college program. Very simple put, Jack consistently shows the commitment, talent, and desire that are necessary to not only be successful, but flourish at the college level.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss what I have seen from Jack on either golf or a personal level. Please fee free to contact myself directly should you need any further qualification or have any questions at all.

Dave Stockton Jr.
Title: Golf Professional
Organization / School: Previous PGA Tour Member/Web.com member
Phone Number: (760)574-9802
Email: davestocktonjr@verizon.net
Recommendation: I've been working with Jack on his golf game for awhile now and he has proved to be a very quick learner and has a great feel for the game. He has continued to improve each year and is very passionate about the game. I know he has the game to play at the highest level in college if he continues on the path he's on. He would be a welcome addition to any team and a consistent performer. His work ethic both on the course and in the classroom will take him far and allow him to excel at whatever he decides to do in life.

Mike Cross
Title: Director of Golf
Organization / School: Del Mar Country Club
Phone Number: (760)285-0430
Recommendation: I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Jack Solis. My name is Mike Cross and I am a PGA Member with over 20 years of Head Golf Professional/Director of Golf experience. I have had the privilege of knowing Jack for 16 years and watching him grow up from an infant to the outstanding young man he is today.

Jack has always been a self-motivated individual. He is an extremely hard worker and a real student of the game of golf. He loves instruction and is very inquisitive; always looking for answers in the endeavors he takes on. He takes constructive criticism well and is more than willing to go the extra mile. Jack can handle himself in any situation and is mature beyond his years.

In looking ahead to Jack’s college years, I am certain that he is ready to tackle the rigorous and challenging schedule of a collegiate athlete. Jack will not take the path of least resistance; he will push himself to continue to grow and develop in all aspects of his life. He will confidently immerse himself in his new community and will share his energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and talents with his peers, coaches, and professors. Jack Solis is an exceptional candidate and it is with the utmost confidence that I recommend him to your university. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Bobby Duvall
Title: TPI Trainer
Organization / School: Director of Health and Fitness Discovery Club
Phone Number: (760)391-2260
Email: rduvall@madisonclubca.com
Recommendation: It is with my immense pleasure to recommend Jack Solis for admission to attend college and play golf. I have known Jack for the past three years, and have been an integral member of his team. He is a very mature young man with a sincere passion to play golf.

Jack is a great student of the game, and has surrounded himself with a great team to help him achieve his goals. He has realized the hard work necessary to improve his game and develop as a player. He has been very fortunate to have an amazing support system, and his passion to develop as a player is unparalleled.

Aside from his abilities of being a fine young player, Jack is very respectable, and simply a nice young man with imbedded values that are truly admirable.

Jack is full of positive energy and strives to assist in any way he can. He exhibits many of the great qualities you would like to see in a prospective student; confidence, ambition to help, supportive, committed, and goal-oriented. He has the tools to become the consummate student-athlete. I spent seven years at the University level in Sports Medicine. I had the pleasure of working with and assisting student athletes on both the academic side and the athletic side. I understand what it takes to have balance in both areas, and to me, Jack exhibits all of those qualities.

It would be of great pleasure for me, and an asset for you to have Jack continue his academic career at your university/college. I strongly recommend him for admission to your most distinguished university, without reservation, and would appreciate your most favorable consideration of his application.

If there are any concerns or questions regarding this reference for Jack, please contact me at any time.

Ted Gleason
Title: President
Organization / School: Road to College Golf
Phone Number: (323)823-4014
Email: ted@roadtocollegegolf.com