Evan Torris

Profile Views: 182
Sport: Boy's Lacrosse
HS Grad Year: 2017
Recruitment Status: Undecided
Position 1: Midfielder
Position 2: Attackman
Ht. / Wt.: 5' 10'' / 150 lbs.
School Jersey #: 5
Club Jersey #: 60
School: Starr's Mill High School
Location: Fayetteville, GA
Club Team: LB3 Atlanta 2017 Orange
Other Sports: Cross Country
GPA: 4.1 weighted/4.0 unweigh
Transcript: Yes
Win with honor and dignity.

Describe Your Playing Style?: I play a very fast game of lacrosse. I always look for the next pass, and I hustle to outrun the opposing team to cause fast breaks or pick up a ground ball. I scan the field for the best offensive pass or if the top of the box is open for a dodge, I will take the opportunity. I can dodge to my right or left hand based on what is given to me.
Personal Statement: Win with honor and dignity.
Favorite Athlete(s) and why?: An athlete I looked up to as a child was Jerome Bettis. Living in PA for most of my elementary years I loved to watch Steelers football. The first time I watched Jerome in a game I was astounded. He always played his hardest and did his best to get as far as he could on the field. He put the team first. I took that to heart and now every game I try as hard as I can to hustle to every ball and every cut to make the best play for my team.
Other activites and interests: Other than lacrosse, a big interest in my life is exercise. I enjoy working out in the summer with my school team and lifting weights at my house before school. Exercise is a good way to build character through discipline. I like to push myself to the max and follow through with my actions. Some other interests I have are reading, spending time with my friends, being outside, and playing other competitive sports.
Who's been the biggest influence on my sports career and why?: My father has been the biggest influence on my sports career. Even though my father and I play different sports his advice has always helped me through any dilemmas I've had. He played soccer for OSU (The Ohio State University) as a defenseman and he taught me the proper footwork for successful defense. His philosophy on sports is work hard and be competitive without cheating. He fought for every ball and taught me to do the same. He helped me develop a strong work ethic and is by far the biggest influence on my sports career.
About Me: I think of myself as a generous and all-around nice person. People turn to me for help because they know I will help them. I always try to help someone even if it interrupts my current plans. I try my hardest in school to be able to achieve great grades and to provide for my future family one day. People tell me I have a great work ethic. I like to prove it by helping my community through Beta Club. In public I am respectful and display manners and etiquette. I am dedicated to my work and see it through to the end.