William Schwarick

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Sport: Boy's Baseball
HS Grad Year: 2020
Recruitment Status:
Position 1: Catcher
Position 2: Utility
Ht. / Wt.: 5' 10'' / 190 lbs.
School Jersey #: 9
Club Jersey #: 34, 18
School: Delbarton School
Location: Morristown, NJ
Club Team: NJ Rising Rebels, Tri State Arsenal
Other Sports: Swimming , Basketball
GPA: 3.2
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The most important thing to me is being a student athlete. It is an amazing feeling to be challenged in the classroom and on the baseball diamond. I love being able to represent my school to the highest standards every day. Nothing compares to the way baseball makes me feel and my goal is to play baseball as long as possible.


John Romagna
Organization / School: Delbarton Swimming Coach
Phone Number: 908-507-7061
Email: jaromagna@amgnational.com
Recommendation: To Whom It May Concern,

This is a recommendation for Will Schwarick.

Will is currently a gth grade student at Delbarton School. I coached him this past year in swimming.

Will came out for swimming this year even though he had no previous experience in the sport. For a first year swimmer he did very well in adapting to vigorous exercise in the water, which is not easy to do.
Further, the training for swimming is demanding and can be quite discouraging especially to someone new at the sport, but he was able to work through that as a result of his positive attitude and disciplined, determined work ethic. There is no doubt in my mind that he is an accomplished athlete, but in addition to that he brings personal qualities to the team that are valuable and were very much appreciated by his teammates and coaches.

Will is on time and even early for every practice and is 100% trustworthy. He is a great team member to have because he is reliable, dependable and because he is willing to volunteer for difficult events. For example, as a newcomer he could be expected to have a difficult time with a middle distance event such as the 400 freestyle, yet showed no hesitation to volunteer to do that event early on in our season when we needed someone to fill in. (The 400 freestyle is an event that intimidates many young swimmers.)

A very positive attitude is one of the biggest advantages he brings to an organization or team. Such an attitude is contagious, as many coaches know, and helps create an overall positive team environment . As a young swimmer on a team with a number of older, very accomplished swimmers, he could have been intimidated but was not. He became a regular contributor to our team.

I recommend Will very highly. I have tried to describe above the combination of athletic ability and great attitude that he brings to your team or organization. Add to that the steady motivation to learn and willingness to work hard, and you have the type of person you always want on your team and in your
line up.

Best wishes,

John A. Romagna

Swim Coach, Delbarton School

Andy Vicaro
Organization / School: Mount Olive Middle School Baseball Coach
Phone Number: 973-349-8556
Email: avicaro@mtoliveboe.org
Recommendation: To whom it may concern,

I have known this young man since he was an eight year old, wide-eyed, hopeful baseball player. With a leg kick up to his chin and an insatiable drive to be the best, I knew from this very young age, that Willie was born to be a baseball player. He was always so eager to learn, and even though I was working with high school and college players at the time, I always looked forward to our sessions together. Four years later I became a physical education teacher and a baseball coach at Mt. Olive Middle School where Willie attended. Needless to say, he tried out for and made the team in his 6th grade year, and it was during this time that I got a front row seat to see the transformation into the ballplayer he is today.
During his time on the team, not only was he the best player, but he was also one the best teammates. With a quite confidence, Willie went about his business everyday, even though he was the only 6th grader to start amongst kids who were two to three years older than him. One to always lead by example, without having to remind those around him how good he was, he showed all the signs of a natural born leader. On and off the field, he shown time and time again what it takes to be the best. Almost a man among boys during his 8th grade and final year on the team, players now fight to wear his jersey so they can say "This was Willie Schwarick's". During the summer of his 8th grade year, I invited him to play on a collegiate level team, where I was the oldest and he was the youngest play of the team. When I would watch him interact with these college players on our team and while facing collegiate, ex-collegiate, and ex-professional pitchers, I saw that eight year old player again. I saw a young man eager to learn and driven to be the best.
I write this letter as a person who has seen thousands of baseball players come and go, and have attainted to ability to spot the ones who are special. To be special, you not only need to be good at the game, but you need to eat, live, and breathe the game, knowing that you could always be better. The worst thing you could ever be as a baseball player is content, something that is not in this young man's vocabulary. Fully equipped with drive, hunger, and talent, the sky is the limit for this young man, and anyone who has met him, know this to be true.


Andrew Vicaro