Timothy Preston

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Sport: Boy's Baseball
HS Grad Year: 2021
Recruitment Status:
Position 1: Catcher
Position 2:
Ht. / Wt.: 5' 9'' / 165 lbs.
School Jersey #:
Club Jersey #: 16
School: St Eugene College
Location: Burpengary,
Club Team: Windsor Royals
Other Sports: Soccer
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I have very strong personal ethics that include, being a team player, always being prepared by training at least 4 days per week, maintaining physical strength and mental resilience. I thrive on high pressure situations in the quest to achieve success.


Greg Morriss
Title: Professional Scout for three Major League Org
Email: baseballgreg14@gmail.com
Recommendation: It is with great pleasure that I furnish this reference for Timothy (Tim) Preston, a young man, whom I have known for a number of years through my involvement in all levels of baseball which includes Player Development for 30+ years and 19 years as a Professional Scout for three Major League Organizations.
Tim is the ideal young sportsman who relishes opportunities provided him which allows him to compete and achieve as an individual or more importantly, as a team player. Given his young age the opportunities for him in representative competition have been valuable to his development as a player and as a person.
As a baseball player, Tim has always worked hard and this has been a big part of his success to date having represented his Region, State & Country in baseball. In the Representative baseball teams in which I was involved as a selector or coach, and in which Tim was selected, he was always a standout in the drills and skill work because he was always looking for another edge over his opponents. He is always asking questions on ways to improve all facets of his game rather than just working on a couple. In particular he likes to work harder on what he calls his weaknesses whilst at the same time continuing to hone the skills he is good at, which shows him to be a complete student of the game.
For one so young he displays leadership qualities that I don’t see in much older players and I see this as a role he may have bestowed upon him, as he gets older. His kind and respectful persona is a trait sometimes overlooked in players so young, but I feel Tim has been raised very well by his parents to always be this way and always show respect.
I understand that in the future Tim will be seeking a scholarship with a respected College in the USA, which has achieving sports people within its system. I have absolutely no doubt that Tim would be an ideal recruit for any College seeking a talented athlete such as to be a leader and a true team player.
If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to call or email me any time.

David Badke
Title: U16 & U18 Bandits Queensland Head Coach
Organization / School: Baseball Queensland
Email: badger26@bigpond.com
Recommendation: I am writing this letter in recommendation for Tim Preston with his upcoming trip to America with the NextGen team. I have worked with Tim for a number of years and observed the high standards he sets himself and very good work ethics. Tim has demonstrated his commitment to working hard to continually improve his skills and techniques with regularly asking questions and seeking feedback.
Tim is a catcher and a leader behind the plate, he has the ability to manage pitchers and read a game. Tim has solid arm strength and good defensive skills.
Offensively Tim has good rhythm, best swings get to the warning track and generates reasonable bat speed.
Tim is always positive and is well respected within the player group, he will continue developing his skill levels and compete at higher levels which will likely see Tim selected in more representative teams and deserves this opportunity with NextGen.

Neville Brockie
Title: Regional, State, Claxton Shield (ABL) Coach.
Organization / School: Baseball Queensland
Email: lornev55@gmail.com
Recommendation: Tim has great respect for the game, his team mates and all coaching staff.
He is a quiet catcher who plays tough and gets the job done.
Tim has a great attitude, trains hard and is mentally tough for his age.
Also calls and blocks well, and can consistently throw runners out, having a pop-up time of under 2.00 seconds.
He works well with his pitchers and umpires in general.
He is also a strong hitter for his age, knows his zone, hits to both fields, and not afraid to hit from behind in the count when required.
Tim has Regional, State, and International experience, having been selected to represent Australia at the Yomuri Cup in Japan in November 2017.
He is a quality young athlete who has the work ethic and ability to be successful in College in the U.S.A., at a later date.
Having sent around 20 players to Colleges in the U.S.A. since 1990, I believe he will be an asset to any College as an international student, and an asset to their baseball program.