Sierra Hamilton

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Sport: Girl's Lacrosse
HS Grad Year: 2018
Recruitment Status: Committed
Position 1: Defense
Position 2: Midfield
Ht. / Wt.: 5' 6'' / 120 lbs.
School Jersey #: 7
Club Jersey #: 120
School: Temecula Valley High School
Location: Temecula, CA
Club Team: West Coast Starz 2018 Gold
Other Sports: Soccer
GPA: 4.6
Transcript: Yes
I love the sport of lacrosse because it allows me to express my competitive spirit and allows me to be a team player along with utilizing my personal skills. I am a quick and eager learner, and I always work on improving my weaknesses. Along with playing lacrosse, I am involved in many extracurricular activities such as ASB, soccer and Mock Trial. I hope to continue my involvement in the sports industry for as long as I can; playing lacrosse and pursuing a career as a sports lawyer.


Andrea Ervay
Title: Head Coach
Organization / School: UCSD
Recommendation: Sierra Hamilton has been a pleasure to work with! I've had the opportunity to coach her one-on-one and she is very coach-able, has strong lax IQ, and has very strong stick skills

Meris Walsh
Title: Head Coach
Organization / School: Mad Dog Lacrosse
Recommendation: I am writing on the behalf of Sierra Hamilton who I have been fortunate enough to coach for the past two years. As a coach, you come across many types of players, some not always being the easiest to manage. I can say with all honesty that this is absolutely not the case with Sierra. She is an all-around great girl, who constantly reminds me of why I love what I do. Coaching a High School team can have its challenges because at that age, not everyone is as passionate as you would like them to be. From playing on the field to working hard in school, it is apparent that Sierra not only loves what she is doing, but puts in 100% effort for everything.

Sierra has many strengths both on and off of the field. On the field, Sierra is always the first one back on the defensive end and the first to go over on the offensive end, if needed. She is loud and communicates effectively to her teammates. It is also very apparent that Sierra is a smart player. She knows exactly where she should be both on offense and defense. Sierra is one of my most solid defenders, I know that when she is in I can trust her to stop anyone in their path.

Off the field, Sierra is always looking for new ways to improve. Whether it is asking questions or listening attentively when I speak, she is extremely coachable which is sometimes hard to find. She is passionate about learning which is apparent through her constant effort in the games and at practice.

I am extremely honored that I coach a girl like Sierra. With her ability to take constructive criticism and put it into play on the field, she makes my job easy. I have no doubt in my mind that Sierra will excel in college. I strongly encourage you to consider Sierra for your program. I am happy to speak more on her behalf if needed. Feel free to give me a call at 410-829-8936.

Katie Williams
Title: Head Coach
Organization / School: TEAM Lacrosse Academy
Recommendation: I am writing on behalf of Sierra Hamilton whom I’ve had the pleasure of coaching over the past few months. She is one of the most coachable athletes I have ever worked with and is always looking to learn more. Sierra truly represents what it means to be a student-athlete. A student first with over a 4.0 grade point average, and a standout athlete second, with an outstanding leadership ability on the field. She is a true impact player and enhances each and every team she is apart of.