Jarryd Wood

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Sport: Boy's Baseball
HS Grad Year: 2021
Recruitment Status: Undecided
Position 1: Shortstop
Position 2: Pitcher
Ht. / Wt.: 6' / 155 lbs.
School Jersey #:
Club Jersey #: 35
School: Saint Josephs College Geelong
Location: Geelong,
Club Team: Geelong Baycats
Other Sports:
GPA: 3.8
SAT: 1240
Transcript: Yes
I have played baseball since I was 8 years old and I have a passion for all aspects of the game. I come from a baseball family; my Father played for many years in Australia and my Brother attended College in the USA on a baseball scholarship. I have represented Australia on two occasions overseas; at the 13U Cal Ripken World Series in Maryland, USA and in the 15U Yomiuri Cup in Japan. I have also represented my State and Region in Australia on many occasions.


Josh Davies
Title: Geelong Baseball Club Head Coach, Victoria.
Organization / School: Geelong Baycats Baseball Club Australia
Email: josh_davies30@hotmail.com
Recommendation: I have had the pleasure of coaching Jarryd for the last 12 months in the Men’s State League competition. Jarryd comes from an outstanding baseball family. Growing up around the game Jarryd has represented his state and country at various age groups as well as having a brother who has college baseball experience. Jarryd is an exceptional student both in the classroom and on the field. In his schooling he is completing classes above his age group to advance his studies and has no problem juggling his heavy education workload with his many baseball commitments.
On the field he is a an extremely coachable player. Jarryd receives feedback unbelievably well for his age, taking it on board and making the necessary adjustments to improve his game instantly. Jarryd is not a young man I would have to tell twice. Jarryd is an active learner and takes the opportunity to ask questions when with the senior members of the team, further demonstrating his initiative and drive to take his game to the next level.
In the field Jarryd is an impressive and fundamentally sound infielder. Jarryd primarily played short stop and 2nd base throughout the year in both our junior and senior system. Jarryd boasts great anticipation and his first step makes him a quick reacting and ‘rangy’ player, comfortable on both fore and back hand. With an above average and accurate throwing arm Jarryd has no issue making plays of that expected his age group.
At the plate Jarryd has great strike zone awareness and discipline. He is comfortable hitting all speeds to all parts of the field early in the count and is able to protect the zone in a 2 strike situation. Once on-base he shows good awareness and aggression which enables him to take the extra base more often then not.
Jarryd is more than capable on the mound with a strong throwing arm and a very high strike ratio. Jarryd is able to throw 3 pitches for strikes. He demonstrates great poise on the mound and with his infield background, defends the position extremely well.
In my opinion Jarryd will be a great addition to any program. He has very high expectations of himself and is committed to achieving success at all levels. Jarryd has the right attitude, emotional intelligence and respect that will allow him to adapt to any new culture or setting well. I feel Jarryd will only continue to improve dramatically as his body matures.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss Jarryd Wood further, please feel free to contact me directly on the details provided below.
Josh Davies
Club coach
Geelong Baseball Club

David Hargreaves
Title: Victoria Aces Acedemy Elite Development Coach
Organization / School: Baseball Victoria
Email: Dhargreaves22@hotmail.com
Recommendation: July 2018

Baseball Reference – Jarryd Wood

To Whom it may concern,
My name is David Hargreaves and I am the Assistant Baseball Coach of the Victorian State U/18 Baseball Team. A State representative team that selects the top 20 players from across the State, to compete in the Australian National Youth Championships, held annually.
In addition, I am also on the Coaching staff of the Melbourne Aces Professional Baseball Club, U/18 Baseball Academy. The Melbourne Aces compete in the Australian Baseball League and the Academy provides elite players aged 14 to 18 the opportunity to participate in structured training sessions delivered by professional and elite coaches in the Melbourne Aces program. This program is by invitation only.
Whilst fulfilling my duties in these teams, I had the pleasure of coaching and working with Jarryd Wood.
This letter is to serve as a general reference on his behalf.
In all my interactions with Jarryd, I have found him to be of good character and very coachable. He is courteous and humble. Jarryd is a pleasure to work with and displays a great attitude towards the
game, his team mates and coaches. In game situations and at training sessions, Jarryd is seen by his peers as a leader, where he leads by example and is willing to assist junior players with advice and
In a training environment, Jarryd is happy to be uncomfortable during the learning process in order to improve. Rather than resist, he embraces the change or new ideas and is willing to try different ways of executing a skill.
Jarryd’s work ethic is outstanding and he is very determined to succeed. During this off season he has proactively worked on his strength and quickness, showing marked improvement.
Offensively, he has an excellent approach at the plate. He has excellent hand eye co-ordination which makes him a dangerous hitter that will not strike out very often.
Defensively, Jarryd works diligently on his ground ball approach, willing to put in extra work, and as a result, is a very competent middle infielder. I have watched him work persistently to improve any skill that may need further development. Jarryd is a quality asset to have on our team.
I would be happy to discuss any aspect of this reference further, if required. I can be contacted on email Dhargreaves22@hotmail.com
With Kind Regards,

David Hargreaves

Jordan Young
Title: Australian Nationals U16 Head Coach
Organization / School: Australian Youth Championships 2018
Email: jordy@ozemail.com.au
Recommendation: Jarryd is an incredibly easy player to coach as he is very coachable as his biggest strength is his love and passion for the game, and is obsessed and extremely determined to get better at every facet of the game, every time he steps on the field. He has an athletic body with the ability to play every single position on the field and play it well. His two strongest tools are his arm strength which allows him to play multiple positions including pitching, and his speed that puts the defence under extreme pressure every time he puts the ball in play and is always looking to take that extra base to give his team the best chance to score runs. He is also a reliable infielder winning the gold glove award at the 2018 U16 Australian National Championships as a short stop. He also has the ability to hit for high average with his ability to square the ball up consistently and hit the ball hard. Jarryd would be an asset to any program with his passion and dedication to the game, as he leaves everything out on the field, takes feedback extremely well, and is always looking for new ways to improve.

Phill Northfield
Title: Geelong Association Tournament Coach
Organization / School: Geelong Baseball Association
Recommendation: Title & Organisation:
Geelong Baseball Association, Head Coach Geelong Baseball Association U18
Geelong Baycats Baseball Club, Head Coach of the Reserves & Assistant Coach to the 1sts.
Email: pnorthfield@aanet.com.au
To whom it may concern,
My name is Phill Northfield, as noted above I am the Geelong Baseball Association U18 Winter Tournament Head Coach, a position I have held for 7 years and I am also the head coach of the Geelong Baycat Reserves (2nd 9) and an assistant to the Division 1 first 9.
First and foremost Jarryd is coachable, respectful and of high character. It has been my absolute pleasure to be able to coach him over the last few years. His desire to improve is only surpassed by his work ethic and his willingness to learn. His game sense and awareness has also improved dramatically over that time.
In the field Jarryd is athletic, he has good speed and is a more than competent in the middle infield where he shows fundamentally sound glove skills, good range and a strong accurate arm.
With the bat Jarryd has an excellent approach and awareness of the strike zone. He has a high contact rate and is able to minimise his strikeouts. His speed makes him a constant threat to beat out infield hits or stretch singles into extra bases constantly putting pressure on the defensive team.
He has is dedicated, passionate and driven with high expectations, Jarryd will be an asset to any team both on and off the field.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspect of this reference further please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Phill Northfield

Keli'i Zablan
Title: Aust Nationals and Vic Aces Academy Coach
Organization / School: Baseball Victoria. Australia
Email: Five.o.academy@gmail.com
Recommendation: To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Jarryd Wood. I have had the privilege of coaching and seeing Jarryd develop as a player and a young man. On the baseball field I have seen him at his best and when he has dealt with failure, and always he has showed resilience to get better and to find ways to succeed. The traits that I have seen displayed on the baseball field, hard working, dedicated, enthusiastic, high motor, competitive and head strong are qualities that I see Jarryd continue to strengthen as he continues his career.
I have had both opportunities of playing along side Jarryd for the Geelong Baycat’s and being his coach at the U16 nationals level in Australia. I have told him many times that he is just a “rock” on the field, which means he is an even keel and his bounce back from adversity is quick. Jarryd always wants the ball, he was recognized for his anticipation and awareness on the field. Jarryd’s consistency to make every play won him the Gold Glove of the entire U16 nationals tournament in Australia.
I have been lucky in my career to be able to have played at numerous levels from division 1 baseball at Southern Utah University to Independent baseball to Double A with the Seattle Mariners. Through my career I have seen what it takes to be successful and to be a student of the game. Having seen a wide variety of players at the elite level I understand the attributes that make players a successful member of a team. How Jarryd goes about his business on and off the field is going to give any coach and university pride in calling him a student athlete in their

Keli’i Zablan
High Performance Baseball Coach