James McCallum

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Sport: Boy's Baseball
HS Grad Year: 2016
Recruitment Status: Signed
Position 1: First Base
Position 2: Outfield
Ht. / Wt.: 5' 11'' / 188 lbs.
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School: Oakhill High School
Location: Sydney,
Club Team: New South Wales Under 18's
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I believe I would fit in to your college well as I have a passion and desire to win and I bring a lot of energy and focus to every team I play in. I have a strong background of building and consolidating positive team culture and will lead by example and train with intensity to inspire my team mates. I love the responsibility of leading a team and I will continue to seek improvement in myself and encourage others at all times.


Glenn Williams
Title: Head of High Performance
Organization / School: Baseball Australia
Phone Number: +61 418 318 972
Alternate Phone Number: +612 9675 6872
Email: glenn.williams@baseball.org.au
Recommendation: My name is Glenn Williams and I am the Head of High Performance with Baseball Australia. My role consists of coordinating player development programs for baseball players in the state of NSW and Australia.

These programs consist of teams that compete in National Championships as well as skill development programs that act as preparation for National team camps and International competitions. I am also the hitting coordinator for the Australian National team and scout with the Detroit Tigers.

James McCallum has been a member of my programs from 2010 through to present. He is currently completing his last year of eligibility for our NSW High Performance programs in preparation for our National team selection camp and most likely a place on the Australian 18U team that will compete in the World Cup in Japan.

Throughout his tenure in our programs James has shown enthusiasm, passion and intensity in all that he does. He has shown a tremendous work ethic and attention to detail in his pursuits to become the best player he can be. As a teammate he shows a willingness to win and contribute to the team's success.

He was a member of FIVE consecutive state teams, winning THREE National Championships throughout his time as a member of those teams. This feat is made more impressive considering NSW has the most baseball players of any state in Australia and his birthdate falls ONE day from making him eligible for the younger age group.

Although consistently one of the youngest players on the team he has always been a tremendous contributor to the team. His hitting ability and approach at the plate always results in an intense battle with the opposing pitcher. He is a hard working defender at first base and in the OF and has always given his very best effort.

Balancing schoolwork with baseball pursuits is always a difficult task. As baseball is not played in school in Australia, any baseball activity must be done as extra-curricular activity. The commitment required to prepare for tournaments and National programs is an extremely time consuming one. Many hours are spent at the field in the effort to get the most out of each player’s ability.

James is consistently one of the hardest workers in the program and has shown a tremendous amount of time management and prioritization in order to keep up his scholastic performance throughout his baseball pursuits. James has represented our programs both locally and internationally in the highest order. He has been a great ambassador to our programs, his family and himself throughout his tenure in our programs here in NSW.

It is my very strong belief that James will continue his work ethic, passion for the game and dedication to baseball and his scholastic pursuits if provided an opportunity to be a student athlete in college in the USA. Not only would the school who is fortunate enough to secure him as part of their program receive a worthy baseball addition to their club, they will also be acquiring a quality citizen.

I am more than happy to discuss James as a player and as a person if required.
Additional Information: Glenn was a former MLB player with the Minnesota Twins organisation. He is a current international scout for the Detroit Tigers.

Trent Oeltjen
Title: Ex MLB Player
Organization / School: LA Dodgers (last)
Phone Number: 858-822-8783
Email: olchy@hotmail.com
Recommendation: James McCallum is the type of player that every winning team must have on their roster. He is a great team mate who plays the game hard and the right way day in day out. James has a short powerful stroke from the left side which drives the ball to all fields. He has an advanced idea of the strike zone which leads to a very high rate of being on base. He is a strong defender at first base and all three outfield positions primarily the corners. James also has a great deal of experience at the international level as he has represented Australia at the world championships and other high level tournaments around the world.

Feel free to contact me for any further information as it's been a pleasure to work with James over the years and watch him turn into the solid ball player he is today.


Matt Everingham
Title: Coach and International Scout
Organization / School: Cincinnati Reds
Phone Number: +61 415 484 501
Alternate Phone Number: +61 2 9453 2820
Email: matte05@bigpond.com
Recommendation: I have known James for the past 6 years and watched a young boy grow into a fine young athletic man.

During the past 6 years, James has grown in stature as an individual in his own right. James progression from a young player to his current status of an Australian U18 player is due to his own desire to achieve all he can in baseball and in life.

James has been in the NSW State team for several years now at different age levels and his development as a player continues to show in his day to day baseball and especially the big game occasions.

James was chosen to go to the MLB Academy on the Gold Coast for the past couple of years as a youngster and it is a testament to his ability as a player and his dedication.

In today’s world, it’s hard to find someone who looks and listens to what you’re talking about while looking directly at your face. James is one of those rare people that will listen, learn and put into practice what you endeavour to educate him with.

James' development hasn’t been by luck, it’s been his hard work and dedication to progression in his chosen talent. Do I believe James will be successful in his desires? No doubt in mind he will succeed.

I have a long background in baseball with over 40+ years playing and coaching. I have played minor league baseball for several years and represented my country playing baseball. Over the past 18 years I have been involved with coaching and development of baseball within Australia including a position with the Australian Baseball Federation as a development officer. I have also been a Manager and assistant coach for the NSW teams playing in the National Championships over the previous 9 years along with elite and developmental programs for the State.

I am currently a Global Consultant for the Cincinnati Reds and previously with the Atlanta Braves with over 20 years scouting experience.

In finishing, I believe James will succeed in baseball and academically which is due to his desire to succeed and be the best in everything he attempts. Second place for James isn’t the position he desires in his life and with a chance to push his baseball and schooling further, I feel he will thrive. James leaves the field with a dirty uniform every time he steps on the field.

Should you require any further information from myself, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Additional Information: Matt Everingham is an international scout for the Cincinnati Reds and a former minor league baseball player

Kevin Hooker
Title: Coach and Head International Scout
Organization / School: Detroit Tigers
Phone Number: +61 418 923 692
Email: kevin.g.hooker@gmail.com