Dylan Leach

Profile Views: 405
Sport: Boy's Baseball
HS Grad Year: 2018
Recruitment Status: Committed
Position 1: Middle Infield
Position 2: Pitcher
Ht. / Wt.: 6' 2'' / 190 lbs.
School Jersey #: 19
Club Jersey #: 19
School: Vista Ridge High School
Location: Cedar Park, TX
Club Team: Wilkinson Cardinals
Other Sports: Football
GPA: 5.085
SAT: 1250
ACT: 26
Transcript: Yes
My ability to overcome adversity in games in one of my greatest strengths. Understanding that plays are not always made, and that errors certainly are, I focus on what is next. Whether pitching or playing in the field, I understand this is part of the game and I don't blame my teammates, but instead encourage them. The hopes I have for my college experience are not only limited to the education I will receive, but also introductions to real-life situations, learning to handle those with determination and maturity, and last, but certainly not least, being given the opportunity to continue playing the game that I love.


Rodney Vincent
Title: Athletic Director/Head Coach
Organization / School: Vista Ridge High School
Phone Number: 512-844-9329
Email: rodney.vincent@leanderisd.org
Recommendation: "Dylan Leach was selected as a leader in our football and baseball programs this year. Not only has he been a great leader in both programs, but he also leads our campus academically and in community service. He has worked extremely hard in the classroom and in athletics, juggling multiple AP Classes and being a multi-sport athlete. He will continue to have an impact wherever he chooses to go to school. Thank you.
Coach Vincent"

Brandon Puffer
Title: Pitching Coach
Organization / School: GPS Baseball
Phone Number: 949-813-4091
Email: Bpuffer@gpstexasbaseball.com
Recommendation: "Dylan is a very athletic young man. At over 6ft and 190 lbs. he shows athleticism at the short stop position. He also contributed as a safety on a 6a football team in texas. Dylan is a quiet leader. He is extremely focused and coachable. No matter what is thrown his way he refuses to be out worked. He’s easy going and gets along with all his peers."

Coach Gordon
Title: Hitting Coach
Organization / School: GPS Baseball
Phone Number: 512-636-8476
Email: Bgordon@gpstexasbaseball.com
Recommendation: "Dylan is a strong/smart kid. I’ve been working as his hitting coach on and off for the last 6-8 months. Because I’ve only seen him individually in a cage setting I’m not to sure how he is as a leader on the field and as a team player. Along with being strong he’s a very bright kid. He’s a thinker, and wants to have “it” figured out so bad. If there’s a few things he needs to work on that’s definitely one of them. Sometimes his brain likes to get in the way and it keeps him from feeling a movement/adjustment. At the end of the day he’s respectful, bright and athletic. He’s definitely a ball player you can work with"