Dylan Day

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Sport: Boy's Baseball
HS Grad Year: 2020
Recruitment Status: Signed
Position 1: Pitcher
Position 2: First Base
Ht. / Wt.: 6' 5'' / 175 lbs.
School Jersey #: 21
Club Jersey #: 14
School: Santa Rosa High School
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Club Team: CCB Elite (2020, 17u summer, CCB Scout Team,
Other Sports: Basketball
GPA: 4.0
Transcript: Yes
I am responsible and hard working on and off the field. I am open minded with a positive attitude. I enjoy learning whether it be related to academics, sports or other life experiences.


Paige Dumont
Title: Head Coach Varsity Baseball
Organization / School: Santa Rosa High School
Phone Number: 7077584786
Email: baseketball21@mail.com
Recommendation: August, 2018
I am writing this letter of recommendation on the behalf of Dylan Day. Dylan has played for my fall and summer baseball programs over last several years. He also plays for me at Santa Rosa High School. I have known and worked with Dylan since he was in little league and I feel very confident that I know Dylan well enough to speak about his strengths and weaknesses on and off the field. When I first met Dylan, I quickly noticed his desire to learn. He also demonstrated a level of work ethic that you don’t see very often at that young of an age.
Dylan can play all positions and swings the bat very well, but his main position is on the mound. Dylan stands around 6’4” and keeps growing. He has recently dedicated more time to the weight room and nutrition as he understands he needs to add 15-20 lbs. As for pitching, he has great downward and side angle, hides the ball well and continues to work on increasing his velocity. This includes a long toss program, increased conditioning, and daily lifting. On the mound Dylan continues to demonstrate an understanding to establish his FB early and the importance of throwing inside. He’s doing a great job learning the concepts of when and where to throw a change up but still needs work on his speed differential and location. Dylan is just now beginning to throw a spike curve that has great bite with late and sharp movement. He still needs some work learning when and where to throw his curve ball.
Off the field Dylan is a coach’s dream. He communicates with his teachers and continues to excel in the classroom. He is beginning to show signs of leadership, more by his actions rather than his words, and always keeps a positive attitude towards life.

Additional Information: Paige Dumont
The Program, Youth Skill Development – Owner
Head Varsity Coach Santa Rosa High School


Blaine Clemmens
Title: Owner of BAWS
Organization / School: Prep Baseball Report
Phone Number: 415-810-0777
Email: clemmens@prepbaseballreport.com
Recommendation: 10/06/19
PBR Norcal Uncommitted Senior Games - Very projectable build at 6-foot-6, 175-pounds with wide shoulders and frame to add weight/strength. Hands stay wide through athletic delivery allowing full arm swing to 3/4 getting extension and having the FB dart through the zone. FB 84-86 life in the zone and spotting gloveside. CHG 76-78 with late bottom; swing and miss Change. CB 68-71 overhand 12/6 flashing bite and feel; able to throw into and out of the zone for strikes. Late life on all pitches, with hitters routinely swinging through and late to the fastball and the CB breaking deep into the zone. He looks to have the ability to put well-above-average spin on the ball. Outstanding projectability with a ceiling that has a chance to significantly high.

8/25/18 - 6-foot-5, 165-pounds, long and lanky, lots of strength to gain, projectable young body. Loose arm works quite easily, overhand slot, deep backside arm action, good delivery rhythm, gets to good extension, cross body stride does make him work around the middle of his body and saps some of the power he could access. Arm speed is there and feel of the ball is there in the event that he gets enough physicality and strength. Maintains good body control during the delivery with a quiet head. Attacking style and puts pressure and controls the tempo. Fastball has some angle at its best and some length through the zone. Big curveball and displayed some feel of the change-up. Good one to see in the spring.

6/2/18 @ BAWS 2018 - Long and lanky, an awful lot of room on his 6-foot-5 165-pound frame. Simple delivery keeping hands at waist. High-3/4 release after using front elbow to hide pitches and create deception. Late quick arm with ability to work quickly and attack the zone. Fastball 78-82 mph showing angle down through the zone; regularly stays on top of the ball to get excellent angle and attack hitters. Looks to attack glove side with pitch and was able to extend zone using pitch. Curveball 63-66 mph 12/6 with tight overhand spin. Limited depth in pitch and slower spin but located well and used in all counts. Change-up 71-72 mph with arm side run. Limited usage in outing but flashed effective. Worked very efficient two innings.
Additional Information: https://www.prepbaseballreport.com/profiles/CA/Dylan-Day-5239461708-0297468135#tab2

Gary Wheelock
Title: Pitching Coach/Mlb Pitcher
Organization / School: Goodwill Series/Seattle Mariners
Phone Number: 623 518-4560
Email: gwheels16@aol.com
I saw Dylan over 12 innings earlier this year. Dylan has a good pitchers frame and body, that has room to grow and get stronger. This type of pitchers body has a good chance to get better year by year, as his velocity should increase, as he grows into his frame. One of his biggest strengths is that he has great downhill plane on his fastball. He can work the bottom of the zone and will also be effective when he elevates his fastball. He changes speeds well and has a good feel for his change-up. He did a nice job of throwing strikes when I saw him and he had an excellent ratio of BB per innings pitched and strikeouts per innings pitched. He did control the strike zone well. These combination of strengths should allow him to be an winning asset to a college baseball program.

Derek Hines
Title: Owner of Premier West Baseball Club
Organization / School: Premier West Baseball
Phone Number: 303-523-6552
Email: premierwestbaseballsoftball@gmail.com
Website link: www.premierwestbaseball.com
Recommendation: Dylan is a very dedicated baseball player and a great competitor. Dylan has the make up to be a quality starter at the next level. He has the ability to control multiple pitches and has a projectable fastball and body for the next level. Dylan would be an asset to any program he is a part of on and off the field and I highly recommend him to your program.

Bob Williams
Title: Founder
Organization / School: Goodwill Series
Phone Number: 707-538-0777
Email: goodwillseries24@gmail.com