Brock Wells

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Sport: Boy's Baseball
HS Grad Year: 2019
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Position 1: Infield
Position 2: Pitcher
Ht. / Wt.: 6' 4'' / 182 lbs.
School Jersey #:
Club Jersey #: 64
School: Saint Ignatius College
Location: Geelong,
Club Team: Geelong Baycats (Summer Team)
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Paul Walshe
Title: Administrator & Former Coach
Phone Number: +61 400 315 166
Recommendation: I am a baseball administrator and former representative coach of youth baseball teams within various Baseball Victoria junior programs. I have known Brock for over 10 years and had the pleasure of coaching him in numerous teams since a young age, I have seen him develop into a fine young man and an outstanding baseballer.

Brock’s level of commitment on and off the field to all aspects of his game has seen him perform at the highest level of baseball in Australia and overseas, for almost 10 years. Brock displays a great desire to learn and develop from those around him and requires minimal instruction to embrace new ideas and skills. He leads by example with a strong mental approach and is highly regarded by coaches and team mates for his ability and the way he applies himself well beyond scheduled practice, or minimum requirements set by coaches.

In the field Brock is an asset in the way he reads and executes plays as a highly competent infielder and quality pitcher with a range of options to dominate hitters. In the batter’s box Brock has great situational awareness being able to swing for base hits to all parts of the field as well as immense strength to hit long balls to change the direction of games.

Brock has a proven track record of consistent baseball achievement as well as academic strength, I have no hesitation to support and recommend Brock to any endeavour he pursues in baseball and beyond.

Stuart Anderson
Title: Coach
Recommendation: I've been very fortunate to have the opportunity to coach Brock in baseball. Brock displays very desirable qualities not only as a ball player, but as a person. He is impressive at the strategic thinking of the game. He has a superbly successful swing and is very good defensively as well. Brock has considerable range in the field at numerous positions and is developing consistent velocity in his throw.

Brock exhibits significant leadership qualities, that has developed successful workable relationships with team mates and coaches of all ages. He has also been a vocal contributor in team meetings and scouting meetings. Brock would be a great asset to any team for his batting, his utility skills, and his personality traits.

Josh Davies
Title: Coach
Phone Number: +61 422 158 434
Recommendation: I have been involved in Brock's development over the past 4 years. Coaching him at a junior high performance academy and over the past 12 months coaching him in the state men’s competition.

Brock is a naturally athletic player, predominantly an infielder that can play both middle infield and the corners with ease. With smooth clean hands a strong arm and good range he makes both athletic and routine plays constantly.

Brock is equally at home in the outfield having played in the past, with a great ability to read the ball off the bat and good routes, he is a more than serviceable.
At the plate, Brock is a gap to gap hitter that has showed power over the last couple of years. He knows his strike zone and can handle the bat in a bunting situation.
On the bases Brock gets good reads in the dirt matched with decent speed makes him an asset.

If you would like to discus Brock further please do not hesitate to contact me.
Josh Davies

Stacey Learmonth
Title: Teacher
Phone Number: +61408330946
Recommendation: To Whom It May Concern,

Brock Wells attended Saint Ignatius College from 2013 to 2018. During his secondary school years, Brock has matured into a driven and personable young man. Brock was always well-liked by his peers and he formed excellent relationships with his teachers.

Over the years, Brock has chosen to participate in numerous sporting activities. Brock has been a member of the College Athletics Team where he excelled in the running events. I have coached Brock in Netball for the last three years and he was undoubtedly an integral part of the team. Brock was a pleasure to coach due to his natural sporting ability, his desire to compete and win and his willingness to receive feedback on how to fine tune certain aspects of his game.

Throughout Brock’s time at the College, he has always shown a willingness to achieve in a classroom setting. Brock has always been attentive in class and he completed all the set work required. Due to Brock’s Baseball tournaments, he has been absent for a small number of days, however he always took it upon himself to ensure he caught up with any school work that he may have missed while he was away.

An admirable quality of Brock’s has been his ability to commit to both his studies and his number one priority of Baseball. Brock travelled regularly to Melbourne during the week, he trained and played for his local club and he also trained independently. Although heavily committed to Baseball, Brock always found the time to satisfactorily met all his schooling requirements. Brock’s heavy Baseball commitments, along with his various school commitments, has lead him to acquire excellent organisational and time management skills.

Brock is a very responsible and likeable individual who has always demonstrated a passion to play Baseball at the highest level. He has a positive outlook on life which will put him in good stead for any obstacles he may face in the future.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have Brock attend our College and I know he will succeed in any career path he chooses.

Kind regards,

Ms Stacey Learmonth